Back to my short weekend outfit update! I have been wanted to share this outfit through my social media and finally here it is. This entire look is by far my monthly favorite outfit. It comes with all the 90's vintage vibes that I really like. After sharing all the photos in my blog, I will share this look on my social media too. Can you guess where do I shoot this look at?

I'm loving this Sharon ootd that I wore last few weeks ago. It was another style and outfit that I never really try or wear before. It was quite a fun styling with some of the pieces that I really love too. 

Top Tee and Jeans is the common matching outfit that we normally wear. In today outfit, the tee that I wear is a crop fit version. Therefore I match with my favorite black high waisted jeans to complete this outfit. Black and Red is my current new favorite color that I need to add to my outfit. 

This look elongates my entire look with longer legs and a slimmer waist. I am really happy with this look I created although I am not a tall or a slim girl. But wearing the correct proportion outfit can change how you look like. 

For my accessories wise is the red vintage sunglasses that I recently got too. It the best accessories to match with my outfit. I wanted to match this sunglasses with my outfits but I just can't find to match it with any of my outfits. But for today look, is the perfect accessories!

Some of the close shot I shoot with my sunglasses. Isn't it too cute this vintage sunglasses with this outfit? Can't get enough of loving this entire look!

The top I wear is really short! I am not used to wearing this kind of top but I'm glad that I manage to carry this outfit out. The material is still very comfy to wear.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Pants | TheJemLabel
Glasses | Taobao

Till Then.


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  1. I am so envious that you managed to fit into Taobao clothes! I wonder what's the percentage of discards you encounter. For me, I think it's buy 4 pieces, only one fits me, so I gave up. Anyway, where is this location? Looks like cinema corridor. hahaha

    1. Almost all fits me though! Haha is a corner in a mall but not cinema though hehe

  2. Red hot top for a simple and yet appealing outlook. The glasses fits the top perfectly with the matching hues to bring out that vintage lok that you are aiming for. :)

  3. Actually you are getting more and more fabulous is all your ootds. What's your secret babe?