Visiting Astaka Morocco during the Public Holiday the start of the month! Finally, I can share all the photos that I did here at Astaka Morocco too. I have cut down to only share some of my favorite ones in this post and in the meantime, I will also update in my social media too. Please stay tuned!

Astaka Morocco has been in Putrajaya for a few years and just recently this place starts to receive a lot of visits and crowded with our locals to come here to take photos! It's basically a hidden gem last time but now everyone come here whenever they are in Putrajaya. When I first reach here, I am really amazed by the decor in this place. I have never been to Morocco before but the vibes here is really amazing and I really enjoy my shoot here with the Morocco Vintage vibes and decor.

Love this one much! Although it is a backlight shot I try my best to adjust the blue sky to stands out more. Do you guys have any APP that can help adjust and recover back blue sky for this kind of picture? 

This is also one of the corners that every Instagrammer must shot corner! This background carry a strong Morocco design when you feel like you are exactly there and not in Malaysia.

Added a little blues in my photos today. I love how blues and vintage Morocco decor in one! The composition is so pretty. That I also shot my bag in this lovely corner too. Do you like this kind of color combination in one pic?

When you head in basically you will see this in front of your eyes. Too bad that you are not allowed to take any photos inside (last time you could still take 2-3 photos inside) now, we can only allow seeing from outside or you pay to go inside for a small walk tour. 

Adding greens and more fun composition in this two photos! Surprisingly it turns out so nice too.

How do you like my bag? It's a rattan bag that I bought from Taobao which less than RM50. Rattan bag is in trend during this summer and I manage to get this one for the summer. For the scarf on the bag itself is my own one that I bought from Bangkok recently. I really love that the workmanship of this bag is not too bad as well. It still comes in good quality and handy where you can put a lot of things inside too.

Literally my FAVORITE photo! Everything is so ON POINT.

This entire white wall is really interesting too. It covers white all the white big tiles, some it looks like marble print too. So this is where the outside looks like on the left! Since we can't go in for a photo might as well we just outside. 

End my post here with a photo taken outside Astaka Morocco. I am really happy that I finally made my trip here. I love love my outfit and accessories that I match it myself too! This dress that I also bought from Taobao comes in a really pretty pink-purple hue. Luckily the color of the dress is slightly darker and match the entire hue of Astaka Morocco. The cutting of the dress is slightly weird as well, where my waist is felt tighter but my bust area is bit loose. Other than that, I love the wrap design and the bottom flowy design.

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Wedges | Twmall

Astaka Morocco
Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya

Open Hours

Closed on Tuesday
Other Days 
Morning 9am to 12pm
Noon 2pm to 5pm

Till Then

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  1. omg the place is really beautiful babe, and ur outfit it perfectly matches with the place ^^ love it

  2. Beautiful dress, matching accessories and exotic background. I was there some years ago, and quite surprised to read from you that it's a hidden gem. Even I know and I am from Ipoh. LOL

  3. I thought you indeed went to Morocco and boy this is impressive. Gorgeous shoot, BTW :)