It's been a while I update new post here in my blog due to really busy work schedule and finally, I am back to normal work life. Hope I can continue haha! Back to the post today, I bought this beautiful white dress from Pazzo Taiwan, which is a collaboration with Raine Yang, one of my favorite artist that I really love! When I first heard of this collaboration, I was really excited and really want to bring home some of her design pieces!

When I saw her wearing this dress during her photoshoot with Pazzo, I am really in love with this dress. White is my favorite color and this dress does look really feminine and pretty! When I wear this dress my hubby also compliments me saying that I look like a bride that day.

The material of the dress is quite rough, what I mean is it not a smooth material. I tried to iron to make it looks neat and clean but still, it remain crumple. I guess that's because of the material of the dress itself. It's still comfortable to wear and it does feel warm, preferable to wear it inside ac room. I wear with my thin chiffon white top as an inner, quite similar with Rainie style in her photoshoot. I almost wanted to buy from Pazzo too, but realize I have one similar one! You can also wear this dress as it is or with an inner top.

 For my accessories, I remain as neutral tone as possible. With my recent favorite nude beige bag and my white heels from Charles and Keith. Wearing a pair of high heels help prolong my entire look, and it doesn't look saggy with this long maxi dress. I like how it adds a ribbon tie in the waistline which makes you look more in shape.

This super pretty earring is from Pazzo as well! I rarely wear yellow earrings so I bought this along with the haul. I like the word design as the word 'love' and it looks super dainty when you wear it. My first yellow and word earrings, it was quite soft and easy to get bent if you did not keep it nicely.

That's it for my Weekend Outfit update along with my makeup of the day! Super yellowish photo due to indoor orange-yellow light. But still, I love the entire look I did along with this White Feminine Dress from Pazzo in collaboration with Rainie Yang. Hopefully, she can come back to Malaysia again for the concert, and congrats on her engagement too!

Outfit Details

Dress | Pazzo Taiwan
Earrings | Pazzo Taiwan

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