One of my favorite post to blog whenever it comes to outfit post. This post I will share all the summer outfit I bought and wear for my Vietnam trip. Although there are also some other outfits that I wear during the trip, I will mainly focus on the summer dresses I wear during the trip. These are also my favorite outfits that I would like to share too. 


The first dress that I wear on the first day of my trip. We caught up with a quite rush schedule and didn't take proper outfit photos. Therefore I did another round of shooting with this dress. It is a pretty mustard yellow dress, its designs as front button design can be wear as off shoulder and normal sleeve too.


The material is really comfortable and not as fitted as I thought will be. All through the front button is kinda annoying especially on the breast part and waist part. But overall I like the cutting and design of this dress. Oops, this dress also comes in pocket design which is also my favorite part of the dress.


Showing off my new hair color as well, although it has the same similar tone I still feel it somehow compliment my dress even more.


Here is one of my photo during my first-day trip. I blogged about my first basket boat tour experience here too.


Outfit Details
黄色露肩裙 Yellow Dress | Taobao

Here to my second summer dress look. Although this dress does look Abit bulky and lengthy, overall I love the entire design and outlook of this dress. It looks really flowy and fairy-like the design.


I won't actually intro this dress for a summer outfit due to the thick rough material. However, if you don't mind to actually to withstand the heat for a few hours under the hot sun, this is still a perfect summer dress. 


Some of my favorite shots! The material is tulle mesh material on the outer, it comes with the spaghetti dress as the inner. There's also some bling glitter on the tulle too which gives a bonus. The quality of the dress is very good too!


Outfit Details
米色亮片网纱连衣裙 Beige Tulle Dress | Taobao
米色高跟 Heels | Taobao
圆藤包包 | Shopee

My most loved outfit on this trip! I really love every detail of this dress, it the perfect summer dress for my size. I do not have the perfect tall and slim body. This dress, however, covers most of my fats and making my look more flattering.


This color is super pretty especially for this kind of summer look. Because red color is a really sharp and bright color, the perfect color for summer!! We wore this dress for the beach and also take some photos at this super aesthetic Airbnb too.

我觉得这次服装配色,我们都选对了~ 我觉得红色真的很适合夏天,颜色很显眼和亮眼,就宛如夏天的颜色。我们穿红色的洋装到海边,还在我们选的民宿拍了很多照片!

A little close look at my accessories details to match this outfit. I major love this hat because this is really huge and cover most of my face and make my face looks sooner! Match with our new rattan earring we bought at Cho Han Market.


About all the details of this dress is, they have a pretty ruffle sleeve to cover my flabby arms, Abit V neck but still cover the breast area, and lastly is the open slot dress with ruffle details. They have all the details everything just I love!!

最后就解释裙子的细节,就是很多的褶边,包括袖子啊,裙摆啊,都有, 然后它的褶边就完美的把我的肥肉遮盖,加上裙摆露脚的部分,就只是把我最瘦的部分露出来而已!它的裙摆是有收缩的细节,是可以自己调的。

Outfit details
复古波点V领露肩红裙 Red Dress | Taobao
网址包包 Net Bag | Taobao
草帽 Hat | Taobao
高跟 Heels | Taobao
耳环 Earrings 
项链 Necklace

This apple green color has been a favorite color recently. It's my new white color in my wardrobe now. Whenever I shop in Taobao, I will always opt for more green color outfit or accessories too.


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to visit Son Tea Mountain. But our driver still drops us on this beach along the roadside, this beach is still very clean and pretty. It has a lot of boat on the beach and from far you can see the city of Danang too.


This dress is a design in the front button as well. I totally forget my yellow dress is the same design too. Too late to realize it after I bought this. Front button design is not my favorite design to choose because of my breast and belly fat area.


This dress got attracted to me is because of the color and the button design that look really Korean style. It gives this feminine classy like. It has the puffy sleeve too which gives more of vintage vibes to it.


Outfit Details
气质收腰显瘦V领单排扣裙 Dress | Taobao
草帽 Hat | Taobao
珍珠包包 Bag | Taobao
凉鞋 Sandal | Taobao

The last summer dress that I wear on my trip. Although I am the big fan for any white top, I realized I do not own a lot of white dress. I also spend more time looking for the perfect white dress that I like too.


It considers quite long because of its knee length for me. The bottom details are quite special as you can see on the first white dress photo. Is still consider pretty flowy and lightweight too!


The back details come in ribbon tie. One of the cons of this dress is the front part is quite loose, where is not fitted on the neck area. Where I pretty confused to wear as off shoulder or as a sleeve.

后面还有附上可以绑的蝴蝶结呢~ 唯一不是很满意的地方就是,前面领口很松,然后害我有些困扰啊,不知道要穿露肩还是当作是袖子穿。

But I still fancy this dress though! It has the small polka dots pattern design also comes in puffy sleeves too. I guess you can guess what type of outfit details I like the most after checking out all my summer outfit preferences.

当然了,我还是很喜欢这件洋装的~ 它是小波点的图案,然后也有点泡泡的袖子。写到这,会不会也知道我自己喜欢在衣服上有什么的细节吗?哈哈

Outfit Details
 白裙 White Dress | Taobao
草帽 Hat | Taobao
项链 Choker | Taobao

During my visit also, Danang and Hoian weather is super hot like every day when we are there. It's not easy to actually shoot and take photos under the hot sun. Thanks to Nicole and Shin May for taking all the nice OOTD shots for me. Should I also write another post for our BFF outfit theme on this trip as well? 


Till Then


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