Back to my monthly weekend outfit post peeps, I do hope to create one outfit in one post. But with more outfits consolidate in one post, you can see more variants and styles in just one post. So yeah, hopefully sticking to two outfits in one post, I feel like I might adding more outfits in one post in the future. Managing ootd post and even to plan an outfit out, is never easy, although I am still organized in terms of plans and work, but when it comes to the question like, what should I wear? I will have trouble to plan and think about it. It just takes up a lot of time and money too. Hopefully, I can hold on to what I like, and continue to share my passion in my blog!

On the 6th of October, Premier Clinic celebrates Premier Clinic Day at Premier Clinic Bangsar, on this day they are also celebrating their 5th-year anniversary too. Little did I know that Premier Clinic is one of the top 3 aesthetic clinics in the Klang Valley. Premier Clinic is equipped with modern technology, advanced machines and credentialed doctors with specialized knowledge in aesthetic medicine.  They also licensed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health, Premier Clinic offers an extensive range menu of aesthetic treatments to help you attain your desired perfection in beauty and health. 

Hey lovelies, I promise my friend I would blog about our BFF ootd during our Vietnam trip haha! Here's our take during our BFF trip, we plan our outfit during this trip and it was a quite tiring process but still we make it through. All the outfits we wear turns out so nice and cute! Even though we are in Vietnam for just 5 days 4 nights, we change to a total of 9 outfits, and it was the crazy process I would admit. All of our outfits mostly from Taobao, and we spend like 200-300 for all the outfits, include bags, shoes, and accessories too. For me, when it comes to outfitting planning, it is important to have everything plan out, and the venue is also the main contribution too. 

Finally here to blog about my Penang post in my blog, for my first blog is the staycation we had in Eastern Hotel at Penang Georgetown. It is a hotel in the small city area where you can easily access and go to other places around Penang. It is also our first CMNS first staycation together at Penang and It's been a while since I am here at Penang too!