Return to a normal yet busy life
Is my birthday week
After a sad and rough Sunday night
Cry whole night because of my mum LOL!!!

I having my birthday celebration with a bunch of Best Friend!!!
At Tao- The Japan Buffet at Sunway Giza Mall
We meet there at 11am
But carol came late
We start our buffet at 12pm
The food ahhh
Just okok only
Not that delicious or bad
We ate 3 plate of abalone LOL!!!
The oyster and clamp was nice..
Other than that was still ok
We ate finish around 1pm
We already soo FULL!!!
Later we start to take funny PHOTOs!!!!
Near 2pm we have the cake out
Love it!!!!^____^
But we din eat the cake because we are so full!!!

me and the cake xD

3 leng lui'ss~~

1. me!!!
2.Trista babe
3. Carol dear
4. Xiao Fenf
5.Cute Lien

our ugly pose!!

our close eye pose!!

our act cute pose~!!

our halo pose!!

me and trista babe~~

hear not, speak not, see not xD by us

QIANG BAO!! T____________T

Our next plan is having movie at 1U
Just then when I am in Tris babe car
Her car spoiled!!
We were stucked in the middle of
So pai seh ahhh
The brek of Tris car start to shiver when she step on the brek
Later she keep call
Ah lien and feng arrived after 30 min LOL
We waited for so long and the weather is hot!!!
Ah lien got into Tris car
And the car was able to start!!!
We were like Zha DOu!!
But the car shiver again after ah lien drive a distance
Slowly the car wan back to normal and ah lien was driving fast xD LOL
We decided to watch movie at Mid Valley after tris send her car to the shop
We watch Treasure Inn
So damn NoNSENSe and FuNNY movie LOL
But is nice
Later fetch tris back
Ah lien and feng find their friend at Kuchai Lama and dinner with their friend
I was so gan chong that time
Because at night I got practice to go!!!
My poor birthday cake was ruined after been so long at ah lien's car T___T

I am totally late for that practice
I manage to arrived b4 9pm
And another surprises for me!!!
I had never thought that they are celebrating my birthday today!!
So touch and happy lorr
I got 2 birthday cake in a day
The fuunny part was we were eating my birthday cake at MAMAK!!!
Tired whole day out =)
It's worth after all!! Hahaha
I got non stop of surprises from my beloved friends!!!
Thanks very much!!
I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate all of your blessing and SURPRISES!!!

Oh ya lastly thanks again the 300+ friends at facebook who are wishing me!!!

our funny group photo!!

me and the ladies!!

me and the 2nd cake xD

me biting out the candle wahhh!!!

me with the ladies~~

I scare they will push my face towards the cake~~!!

so hao kam the guyss~~
my poor cake T.T ahahaha

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