Hello Kitty x McDonald

Thursday, May 16, 2013 in
Hey Peeepss 
finally The Hello kitty plushie ended 
I got all four!!!!!!
I think it will last for a week For the last Plushie
But who knows~
So better if you really want to get the last plushie from McDonald
Make sure you be fast!!
Last time I got blog about the 2 plushie that we can get from McDonald 
Hamburglar x Hello Kitty
Grimace x Hello Kitty
You can view it back ^6^
Here I want to continue my post with the another 2 of the plushie as well~ hehe

My Birdie x Hello Kitty 

Ta dang
My cute cute birdie~
Gt a skarf de ler~~
super cutee

with smiley* kitty ^6^
The other side forget took photo~~

The Ronald McDonald x Hello Kitty

cute shirt ler~
become like McDonald uncle cute shirt ~~ ngek ngek *
Hello kitty wear 麦当当 uncle de shirt liao~~

Finally it show a normal and cute expression by Hello Kitty~

The other side and back of the box*
The McDonald become cute version too!!

At last I got all of it~
Every plushie got different version of getting it too~
Feel so happy and this plushie so meaningful for me
Because all my darling bought it all for me
To make me happy 
To sayang me lo
Touching xD LOL
sampat ing~~~

The F4 of My collection~

backside ^6^

4 different expression of Cute Hello Kitty~

The 4 mascot from McDonald ^^

The all four cutie ~~
皆大欢喜 ^0^

Here my selca with all these cuties <3 font="">

Can't be missed~
Lastly wanna say thanks to my darling boiii~
loveee u ohh

our cute photo <3 i="">
15th May 2013


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