ello peeps,as you know I'm a teacher, so basically this celebration is kind of special for me =)
Today Our company Dynabook have invited us to Restaurant Shabu-shabu at Puchong. We will having a small celebration for Teacher's day~~

After Having sports day at My school, I back home nap until 4pm only get ready for dinner. As you guys know Puchong is a place that Jam everytime!! But Biiii say he know one small road to Puchong through Bukit Jalil. So we reach there ard 45minutes. Am so late~ because this dinner start at 5pm =P

Selca at car, wearing this super Jumpsuit from Curve Boutique~ Their quality are superb~ I love it a lot!!

My arrogant pose xD

Couple shot #1

Couple Shot #2

OMG~ Super cute horrrr, love my and sekz you ya my darling~

Ta dang~ Although looks longer than you thought but when you wear, is actually just fit alright =D
Bii say the color a bit striking, haha, and I wear heels too =D

Inside view of the restaurant. If you want me rate this restaurant maybe i will rate 5/10. 
Choices of food
Beef are naiseeee =D
Clean Environment =D

Place limited (maybe because we choose 3rd floor)
Soup tasteless
Washroom are farrr

I actually eat not much, but also full =D We eat for 1 hour plus, lol =D

Present from company =D Pendrive Kingmax 16GB, Thx BOss~

Group photo =D

My gangs of teacher =D Peace for all~ Teach in peace guys =D

This photo is so weird and fun~ Weird part is because the thin have to sit in front; like bride and bridegroom = =. The not so thin stand behind of us~ LOL Fun part is we are happy and enjoy our place for taking photo =D

A last wan=D Super cute head from all of us, of cause not me who take the camera xD Smileee~

After the dinner end around 7pm ++, my darling and I decided to go Times Square. =D Because my darling need to fetch his daddy around 11pm. Now resting at the 恭和堂,eating Black Herbal Jelly  =D My favorite. Black Herbal Jelly actually also known as Tortoise Jelly (though not technically correct) or Turtle Jelly, is a jelly-like Chinese medicine, also sold as a dessert. They are same herbal additives as the medicine and are similarly marketed as being good for skin complexion when ingested.

A last couple shot with my cute darling, looks how cute he is~Melt my heart.

At last, back home around 10:45pm.
Nitesss ~


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