After a few food post all the way, a fashion post is next! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend as tomorrow is gonna be Monday! I was enjoy my weekend yesterday at Guardian Makeover Nu Sentral. I can't believe the waiting and lining up have to be so long. But luckily the make up and hairdo was a quick one, I love the look and we even did a photo shooting too.

This time I would love to introduce my love to jumper. I always love jumper in denim, whether it is with long or short pant, or even in skirt design. You will find it the jumper was super cute and casual to wear it. The first look I didn't put any make up and I know it might scare you guys off. I have really serious dark eye circle and eye bag. 

First look jumper look with crop tee. I totally forget to take detail of the back of the jumper. It was a 2 denim strap connect to the front button. I prefer long jumper although I know with my height it is better to wear short design of jumper.

Loving this Pink floral bag I got from Kaison.

Black Slip on. Getting tighter because my leg insole is quite wide.

Selfie of my look without make up.

Just got the correct angle and you can have long and slim look.

The second look I was really into flower power look. I always thought crop top is always a perfect match with jumper. But when I try this shirt and I love this style compare to the first look. This look was more comfy and casual for me. I enjoy going playful and fun with this jumper.

Blue flower for my top look and Pink flower for my bag. It was like a gardener look of the day.

I like its pants with a bit ripped design not like totally formal jeans look. Color was more to light denim blue.

Accessories of the day. Going vintage and old charm look. I bought this watch like a very long time ago and finally got to wear it the first time, haha.

I hope I can challenge more jumper look in the future. Maybe can go for jumper in skirt design because never own and wear before. Sometimes as we grow older, we are not into mini skirt or dresses anymore. I am admitting I am getting older and mature.

Hope you guys love my look with my new jumper.


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  1. You are beautiful *-* lovely look!