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[Fashion] Weekend Outfit #4 October + November

Yeah in the mood of writing back my Weekend Outfit for the month of October and November. Yes and this will be will be last photos of my Outfit with my long bleach hair. Can't believe I start loving my short hair as I always dream about it quite a long while. Just wanted to start grow back my healthy hair with short hair and wanted to change my style as I been in long hairs since after Secondary School.

I been wanted to dye to another new color with my new short bob hair. Any suggestion you will love to propose to me? I wanted to try ash color to become a bit Japanese hairstyle. I can't help myself but seeing myself in the mirror. Outfit is really important too since short hair sometimes will tend to give more mature look. Yeap so the journey of my short bob hair and my outfit begins.

Let's just go through some of the outfit I wear for the month of October and November.

First outfit was somehow near to Pre Christmas outfit. You will only have red and white outfit here but I did added another outer since I am wearing sleeveless top. Will show the outer in the last few pictures of my outfit. Whenever I wear culottes out, others will keep asking me whether I am wearing skirt or pants. But what I am wearing is culottes. A flare pants but comes in straight line design. I like it because it was really comfy to wear, not too tight like jeans and not too airy like skirt. 

Next is the Flats. That I love it really much and it was my first wearing it out! Plan to wear during Christmas time again. There is one time the Tie up flats was really famous. But for me I wanted to look for more special and appealing color. So when I saw this design come in Vibrant Red immediately I wanted to bring home this flats.

Tassel bag! One of the hit design for the fall season. Although in Malaysia there is no four season, but I really like Fall season with all the boots, jackets and coat. Now Tassel is my new love, I even got myself Tassel Bag, Tassel boots and Skirt too! Will slowly share to you all. This bag was really convenient to use as I can just stuff all the things that I usual bring.

White sleeveless top is so easy to match with any bottom. Until now I still love this sleeveless top as it was really versatile and love the material where it is really comfy to wear.

Close look of this outer. I got this outer for almost a year now. Love the green and red checkers that looks perfect for Christmas festive season. Never think that Christmas would suits this outer so much until my friend mention. This will be my favorite outfit for this post!

Outfit 1 

White Sleeveless Top | JustLove Closet
Red Culottes | Tw Mall
Flats | GraceGift
Tassel Bag | Taobao

Outfit 2 will be more cool and stylish style. As it comes in Black cool tone color but spice up with the Brown Tassel Bag. Got this new pants that I really like, with slightly acid wash up grey color. It was in high waist pants and when I first try it on it looks really slim on me. 

Close look of my pants. It was really comfy and nice to wear. Does not feel super tight or super hot after wearing it.

My Tassel bag are from Taobao. Which I find myself now a Taobao Pro Buyer already, haha! Last time when I keep saw my friend shop for Taobao, I always doubt how good was the quality of their item. Which start from this year, I can't stop myself to keep shopping at Taobao. Of cause I will still cautious about the item they sell and I choose things which are cheaper to get compare to Malaysia or Taiwan.

Tassel only appear in the front design. But the behind is just normal plain design. Another Fall season material which I like that is Suede Material. The texture was so smooth and looks surprisingly classy and sophisticate. 

Another Taobao Haul I got with the Tassel Bag is this Tassel Boots! I actually still thinking about which color should I go for but lastly I go for Black Boots as it will be more easy match with any outfit and able to wear it all the season. Product from Taobao definitely will gives some smell when you first get the product. But it doesn't bother me that much, since I just let it be under sun for few hours and the smell will gone.

Outfit Details

Black Top | Forget
Bottom | H&M
Tassel Bag | Taobao
Tassel Boots | Taobao

I wear this lovely gradient dress to my colleague's Malay Wedding. At first you might think is inappropriate but there is no way that I show any sexy part of my body. The front part was cover nicely and the dress was comes in maxi design. It was really comfy to wear with lining inside and hardly to able to see through. But recommend to wear white underwear.

The color comes with my favorite purple color. Love this gradient dress so much as I always love gradient and more over it comes with my favorite color too! 

Close look of my heels and earring of the day. Love both of this item so much!

Outfit 2

Gradient Dress | Twenty3
Heels  | Twenty3

Last outfit was taken inside the Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe which makes my outfit looks even more yellowish. But I still want to share this outfit at least for my last long hair outfit. I decide to go for pastel color since I decide to visit Hello Kitty Gourmet. My make up was a bit heavy for me because went to a Express Make Over at Muse by Watson.

Real color of my top was pale pink color which comes in suede material too! It was really comfy to wear, texture was so cooling and smooth. It was quite warm as well. The cutting of the top was in free size and able to fit S to L size. The sleeve was a bit too long for me hence I folded it a bit.

For my bottom it was a really tricky bottom to be mention. This skort was in Light Blue Denim color, I was looking for a darker blue color. But it was sold out already. It comes in front row button design that looks like a but it was actually in skort design. So I don't have to worry about how short was the skirt might be! Because it was a short after all.

Close look of my Ice Cream bag. It was a really small bag, only manage to stuff my camera and some important ID with me! Matching it just for fun.

Outfit Details

Top | Tw Mall
Ice Cream Bag | Tw Mall

That's all for my for weekend outfit post. Can't believe I manage to do it till 4 post about it already. If you have any question in mind like, What boutique I often shop? How I do shop at Taiwan or Taobao? You are welcome to drop by comment on my post or even can pm me about it too! Happy to be able to catch up before November end. Till then.



  1. Go for ash pink babe!! :D it gonna look superb on you

    1. Thanks for the suggest dear!! Will take in my consideration =P

  2. Very cute OOTDs babe! Looking great and can't wait to see what colour you are going to dye your hair!

  3. The outfits look nice dear. As for colors, I agree with Fish, ash pink would look really good on you :)

    1. Thanks Shivav! Still not so dare to try out Pink though XD

  4. OMG dear!! you seriously into fashion more!! that's why i love to read your blog <3 I love the ice cream bag but then I don't think it suits for me hahahahaha

  5. Love the tassel bag. Wanna see your hair colour next! :)

  6. aww.. love your pics.
    So pretty and many to see. :D
    love your dress and bags, your earrings too.

  7. I really like the first outfit... it really suits the christmas theme! :D

  8. Ash would look nice... else, do not bleach your hair and go for subtle purple,.... like me... hahahah

    1. Aiyo yea lo I also won't go for bleach at this moment too!

  9. Wow!
    You sure know how to dress up and great combinations each time.
    Thumbs up!

  10. I love the vibrant red Tie up flats, ya its in trend and i saw many have the black but the red is more catchy.

  11. Looking great in different looks Sharon! Love it! :D

  12. Your Pre Christmas outfit looks simple and stylish. Wonder got my size or not. Ha ha ha...

  13. oh i love the red and the purple one the most, kinda flowy and elegant

  14. You still look stunning no matter short or long hair.. I love short hair as make us look young. hehe

  15. I love the gradient dress the most! If only it came with sleeves then i don't mind getting one for myself too :)

  16. The ice cream bag so cute! I think you will look good in any colors :)

  17. OMG..that Ice Cream bag is so all ur OOTD :)

  18. very hipster look la, looking good there Sharon!

  19. totally in love with your bags. First the hobo brown bag would be perfect for any festival or concerts and that cupcake bag is just so adorable!

  20. I like your outfit, especially the catchy red color flats, where did you get that ah :)

  21. Looking fab as always dear! I wish I was as rajin as you .. :p


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