Hi peeps, I'm back with my weekend outfit post. This is my first time trying white and white outfit. I always have some love for white outfit. I feel that it gives a really artistic, harmony and neat look. Since I having wearing all white for this look, I match it with my white sandals and one color Pantone scarf that I bought it from Japan to create more Casual and Feminine look.

I'm really happy with this outfit although it comes in culottes design but I super love the quality and the cutting of this 2 piece outfit. This is a 2 piece outfit and I find it quite worth the price. I always love to shop for 2 piece because I can buy with 1 price but I can get 2 piece at once. Meaning I can always mix and match with the top and bottom respectively

Love the scarf that seems compliment with my top. I love this scarf alot because of its color match with the color Pantone of this year. I use to see in few Taiwan Fashion Blog but finally I own in now! There are many ways of tying scarf but I just do it in a random way.

I love the cutting of this outfit, super casual and comfy. Not forget to mention, it comes with super thick material which it doesn't see through at all. I have more reason to like this outfit for now!

Closer details of my scarf.

Blending with the behind white walls.

Outfit Details

2 Piece Outfit | Joyce Shop TW
Scarf | Japan
Shoulder Bag | Socaby Daughters(instagram)
White Sandal | Taiwan



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  1. love your style! you rock that white and white look!

    xoxo, Syarah

  2. Oh very great style darling
    Gorgeous pics


  3. very classy, elegant and sophisticated! I love it! I am really loving your short hair too :) xoxoxox