A quick updates on my weekend outfit for last month. Just realised that I owe too much weekend outfits post for my blog. So many outfit I would love to share here. This week basically I will blog as much outfits I could. And my Tokyo Trips is so delayed!!

This is what I wear during CanonXRilakkuma event. I also wear this outfit during my trip to Pulau Perhentian. Basically this is the beach outfit I would definitely wear. Colors of my outfit are quite earthy and natural.

  I wanted wear back the same outfit I wear during my trip. Since I didn't take photo of my outfit too.

Top is green color with white leaves pattern which I feel that was suitable for this beach look. As for my pants I wear my brown suede shorts which I buy for some time before. With my gladiator sandal and tassel bucket bag. This beach outfit just perfect!

Comes in V collar design which I really like, which it was kinda loose and comfy style. If you feel that this was quite sexy and deep V you can always wear a tube bra for the inner top. The material is really comfy and comfortable too. 

As for my shorts, I wear this comfy suede material pants. They have this crochet design which I find it really vintage and cute. Comes in back zipping design and front tie is for styling purpose. 

The color wise is super matching with my tassel bucket bag too. Everytime I go beach for vacation, these pants and bags just match perfectly together.

As for beach look, gladiator sandal is a perfect item to choose too.  I rarely have the chance to wear this gladiator sandal out. Perhaps just the beach only. But it was quite troublesome when you wear it or even take out. Luckily this gladiator sandals comes in zip details which I just zip up and down when I wear.

As for my accessories, I wear my flower crown again and my seashell choker too! Never thought that the choker match this look perfectly too!!

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Pants | Twmall
Tassel Bag | Taobao
Gladiator Sandals | Taobao
Flower Crown | Taobao
Seashell Choker | WEGO Jpn

That's all for my short outfit post. Overall I kinda like this outfit and it was perfect for beach and summer look. Tell me what you think about this look in the comment below.
Till then.

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