Hello people, back to my weekend post. Hope you guys have an enjoyable weekend last week. I am quite contented and was having fun in through out the day. Finally I manage to do driving license which I lost it with my IC. Its good to know that nearby my house there's a UTC which I can easily do my IC, Passport and Driving License without any hectic crowds. I hope that everyone here doesn't suffer the long queue for the Passport. I still have one year till my passport expiry~~~

Today outfit will be quite dark and Gothic style. But I'm not the kind of Gothic style of girl but sometimes life is all about trying, so I always love to play around with different make up style and look. I feel quite happy and satisfied after I have try different look. It was really a success make up to try because you know sometimes we need to wow your boyfriend once a while to let him fall in love with you again okay.

It just feel so fun when playing with make up and getting all those look after you done your make up!

If I would match with a black heels will be perfect for this look. But too bad I don't have any black heels at my current house. Not a very tall lookbook I could say, its looks good enough with black flats.

Monochrome is the classic color.

Match with a minimal white crop top, it just looks good with any color of your bottom. Black Leather Jacket to add some wild and black look in this whole outfit. Lips using MisshaXLine series comes in wine red, not too bright but darker cool tone color. Black choker and Watch.

I got this Monochrome Culottes during last year, but never wear it out before. I feel it was quite loose and might not looks good when wearing this culottes. To my surprise I feel that the cutting and design looks really good, I should wear this always!

Outfit Details

Top | My Own
Pants | Twmall
Bag | Socaby Daughters (instagram)
Black Jacket | Blackmagiklvrs
Choker | Taobao
Watch | Zalora
Shoes | Jelly Bunny

Till then for my next weekend outfit!



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