Happy Weekend guys! Outfit post start out slow already because was away during last weekend and was quite contented during weekdays. I sleep very late during the whole week. Now is weekend I will be busy attending #KLFWRTW2016, after this I will have a new challenge on Monday too. Feel very stress out of a sudden and make my period coming late.

Hope that I can over come this challenges and try my best to overcome it! In the mean while enjoy my weekend to the max and submit everything onto God.

Beside I have stripe culottes that I recently wear in my previous outfit, another pattern culottes I have is this Palm Leaf Pattern Culottes. In this year, I haven't got any new culottes for my wardrobe. If you keep seeing me wear any culottes meaning I just wear it over again. Culottes will still my number one favorite of pants, super comfy, cover my big tummy and leg. 

Recently saw one comfy culottes again in one of the Instagram store, thinking should I grab it or not. 

Choker top is never ended for me, I got myself a white one recently. I wanted to get a black one next. White and Black color is the basic color of matching. Having these 2 colors, you can easily mix and match with any bottom and accessories that you like. I thought it might comes in tight and fitting top for me. But it is not, slight loose top and quite comfy for me as well.

Close details of my pants. It comes it really light weight rough chiffon material which it does not cause itchiness at all. The Palm Leaf pattern makes me feel like I am in holiday mood too, that is why I like this culottes pattern a lot.

My favorite heels from Charles Keith. 

Carlo Rino Tote Bag.

In case you wonder how's the behind choker top looks like, it was a T zone design where it connected with the top.

Been loving all these series of photos a lot thanks to my friend Shin May. I am wearing this outfit to the OYO event. A great location for a OOTD shoot too! Hope you like this series of photo as well, Till Then.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottom | Ures (Twmall)
Heels | Charles & Keith
Bag | Carlo Rino



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  1. Oooh I LOVE this outfit!!! The culottes are soo cute! <3



  2. Love your culottes <3