Finally got time to post and share this outfit with you guys. I haven't even share it on my social media too. I guess Instagram will be another platform to share and promote my blog stuff. But if you like to my LIVE updates about my life or what I'm up too. I always do it in Snapchat, feel free to add me sharon_1028

Now Instagram have the same function as Snapchat I wonder will I decide to use it or not. I prefer to stick back old apps and old function, sometimes old is gold and much better than new one. Just my opinion, let me know if you have tried Instagram new feature maybe I can't start playing with it.

Sometimes it feel great to rant in blog where I can rant about my life and what's I'm working on. Sharing and updating weekend outfit is part of my favorite thing in my blog, its like Part of My Life.

Today photo I was all over it, the filter the pose the outfit it just BOOM and match perfectly. Totally in love with these photos vibes. Just let me know if you like it too. Its been my perfect place for my outfit pose. Although most of the time my boy will help me take my outfit photos but if you see the background like this, this will be taken by me and my camera with auto wireless control.

I feel that taking photo alone you can feel more relax and more easy to pose where's nobody is looking at you or even rushing you out.  I can even adjust the pose I want, the pose show my confident and pretty side of me.

Okay my back to my outfit details, this time I am still not over on Serenity color yet. My love for the color is just growing! Both the outfit is not new cloths anymore, I just mix and match some old and not so new clothes together to create this new fresh look. The highlight is on the bag, its been a while I keep it and never really always bring out. Some how it added some blink for my whole outfit too.

Do not always assume wearing LOOSE top should always match with a TIGHT bottom. I mean is not wrong to have LOOSE + TIGHT, but sometime even LOOSE + LOOSE can be style very nice too! I wear my favorite choker top again which comes in my favorite bell sleeve design and my long time serenity culottes I got it since last year.

Close details of my bag.

Close details of my top. White is like the perfect all time color can be match with any color bottom, I mean any kind of bottom you will like to match it. Choker top is like the new design of the top too, so why not.

I am glad I find a perfect length culottes for myself. But its just depends, make sure to look for the measurement of the culotte when you buy from online. I even got another black for this culottes too, the length and cutting of the culottes is PERFECT! By the way I'm just 5 Foot tall.

Make up of the day. Messy eyeliner because using the gel eyeliner brush which I am not really good at it. Trying my best to achieve cat eye liner haha.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Culottes | Twmall
Bag | Taiwan Daigou
Heels | Twenty3

All my Taobao haul are all buy through ezbuy, you can click on here for my referral link.

Till then for my next weekend outfit!



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  1. I love this outfit, it suits perfectly on you <3
    plus light blue is one of my favourite colours ^-^

    Sweety Rainy Days

  2. Love this outfit!!! So sweet and pleasing!