A quick weekend outfit post to start my weekend for this week, I will be busy serving on Sunday. Will be attending friend's wedding coming weeks too. I am going to be there for a 3 days 2 nights short trip there too! Kinda excited and start to plan my outfit wear during the wedding already. 

Somehow I find my shopping mood is not that hyper already, not sure why. Maybe because of stressing over work and keep watch drama at home making me no time to go for online shopping. In another way, that is I feel lazy to go out for shopping too. Also when I saw the top that looks quite good for my style, but the mood of feeling to buying it is not that anymore! I feel lost and thinking why is this happened to me. 

I noticed that it's been a while I update my weekend outfit too. Guess I just have to catch up and update with you guys what I wear during the weekend. This choker black flower top, I wear it during my visit to Yankee Candle at Sunway Pyramid.

I pair it with my gradient jeans and my new sandal that I just bought recently. Nothing much special to this outfit basically is my casual daily outfit for work and date.

Feel myself looking so short here.

The material comes in chiffon material which is really comfy and soft. It was quite sheer so make sure you wear a black inner wear. It comes with a tie that you can freely accessorize it. Basically, I just follow and tie it around my neck as a choker.

I love the white flower print on the top too. Same goes to the tying choker there. The white flower pattern stands out more with the black top. The top does not come with any collar design it's best to actually style it around your neck area to avoid looking empty or plain.

My new sandal. It's been a while since I wear a sandal and when I remember that I need to visit Beach and Pool again. I realize that I need a sandal that I can wear it and style it. I love the simple white strap design of the sandal. Looks really feminine and minimalism too.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottom | Tom all
Sandal | DoubleBeauty92(Instagram)

Till Then.



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