So I have been crazy over off-shoulder recently and I bought 3 off-shoulder top from Taobao too! I have this love-hate relationship with the off-shoulder top. I love it because it shows my most slim part, hate it because it was hard to maintain the off-shoulder top to stays on your shoulder!

I believe every one of us facing this issues when you are wearing off-shoulder top. This year you can find many off-shoulder comes out with tube design top with tube design sleeves too. I find this design rather promising and special too! I bought 1 white and this blue off-shoulder top from same Taobao Shop.

This outfit is really casual and simple. Sometimes when I was lazy to think of what to wear, a top and jeans were basically what I need. I just remember that my previous outfit post was pretty similar with this look!

The color of this outfit is really comfortable and not too sweet looking. Baby Blue for the top and Dark Blue for the bottom.

Wearing my favorite white sandal to create this super casual look! I have a lot of white shoe collection. Black color is just not my color, I always go for white when I am shopping for shoes.

I love the baby blue of this top. It was the Pantone color of the year too! Can't believe we have less than 3 months time to another new year! I wasn't ready to end the year 2016 with my love to Serenity and Rose Quartz. Perhaps you will see more baby blue and pink outfit in the future too.

This top is rather loose than the white off-shoulder top that I bought together. The tube top was fine but the sleeve design was loose showing more of my bare shoulder part. Wearing this top definitely not the comfiest at all since it was quite naked around you neck and shoulder area. But I love that I can easy move around without adjusting the shoulder area.

Bottom Rip Jeans was like my favorite Jeans now. Recently bought a lot of different style bottom to wear. I bought flare bottom jeans last week and can't wait to receive it! 

If you can't think of what to pair or wear, jeans are always the first choice came into my mind! Even weekdays to work, I only wear Jeans to work. It has become part of my clothes essential.

Overall this outfit has it everything, Sexy + Feminine + Casual style. Hope you like it!

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottom | Twmall - Ures
Sandal | DoubleBeauty

Till Then.



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  1. Loving your top!! and your fashion poses are getting more on point.. ^^

  2. The outfit looks lovely on you dear - the choker is a great match to the pastels too.

  3. I see so many people wearing this top.. it is so pretty... I like it also... but I think I am too old for it.. hahaha

  4. nice outfit, the blue top suit you well, so pretty ^^

  5. lovely blue top! You look great in it :)

  6. Off-shoulder seems to be back with a vengeance. I find it difficult to wear and not really practical but if just for photo shooting, I'm OK with that.

    1. I agree on not really pratical part but I just simply love the design =D

  7. Even though just a simple outfit but you do looks sexy on it. Nice outfit.

  8. So lovely and sweet.. You looks fabulous in off shoulder blue top!

  9. such an interesting background! makes your outfit stand out. I love your poses and outfits so much

  10. the choker match your off shoulder top ! I like this simple and young outfit!