Hola another weekend outfit update on a weekday! In this post, I will be sharing two outfits which I personally love it during September. If you have followed me for a while, I am adding Quartz Pink and Serenity Blue as my favorite color of the year 2016! 

My love for light pink has slowly faded but now I am looking for blushed pink that look more mature on me. However, for blue color, it still is my favorite color. When I see bag or clothes comes with light blue, I will be all over for it. 

The first dress here is more to salmon pink, it was supposed to be darker compared from the picture. The color looks really sweet and beautiful, it has caught my attention when I saw this dress in the store.

Back Details.

The whole dress design was pretty simple but I love how the dress looks simple but when you wear it you can feel the quality and delicate details of the dress.

First I love the flowy-ness of the dress and Second the cute fishtail design of the dress! The whole dress is really elegant and slim in design.

Halter Neck for slimmer shoulder effects.
A-line and flowy design to create slimmer body effects.

If you don't feel like wearing a tight dress, you can always try to look for this kind of dress. It was perfect for dinner and outings where you don't need to cover up or hold your belly after the meal. I consider myself lucky and manage to find this dress as my belly savior!

For my makeup of the day, is this really pretty salmon pink eye-shadow! I can say I am really impressed with myself with this eyeshadow. Every time I trying out makeup, I always love to experience and play with it. The outcome surprisingly was really pretty and gorgeous! 

Since pink is a very sweet and soft color, I choose black color liner to make my eyes bigger but keep my lips and cheek with Pink blusher and Nude matte lipstick.

As for accessories part, I go for really elegant necklaces and earring. Mainly gold and pearl to create this so-called "Tai Tai" look. Just to try out a more mature yet sweet look. 

Outfit Details

Dress | Love Bonito
Heels | Zalora
Bag | Socaby Daughters

Next, the second outfit will be a slightly opposite style from the first outfit. This is a blue romper that comes in sleeveless kimono-style. I really love this blue color with white horizontal stripes that will make you look slimmer.

This is like a dress coat style wearing, I did wear spaghetti top and short jeans for inner wear. Because it was not really convenient when you sit or kneel down wearing this outfit.

Despite it was not really convenient I still love this outfit and style it brings out. I would definitely try out with a jacket style next time.

The outerwear is secured only by a knot and I love the big collar that comes in Deep V that create an illusion of v-shape my jawline. The stripe was a white faded line across this outfit.

My very simple weekend makeup.

Here with my love at Light Sensation.

With the Colorful Ferris Wheel.

Outfit Details

Romper | Ures (Twmall)
Shoes | Rainbow Shop (Twmall)
Bag | Socaby Daugthers (Instagram)

Till Then.


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  1. pink and light blue are my favourite colours;
    I'm exactly like you I choose everything in light blue x°
    Btw you look so pretty with those dresses! :3
    you and your love are soo cute >33< ❤

    Sweety Rainy Days

    1. Hey thanks sweetheart!! High Five for Light Blue =D

  2. you look good in the pink dress, until i saw the blue one, then I've decided you look good in that too! haha