Here's my weekend outfit post with my new dark hair. I miss out a post last week and is good to be back on track again I hope. Apparently, there's a lot of deadlines to rush for the month of August. No deadline for this month yet, but there's a lot of Public Holiday to stay home and do nothing! LOL

So yeah in this post I will touch a bit on my hair makeover from my favorite Hair Salon, JeffLee The Hair Company. With my entire outfit are in blue, this new hair color comes in just the perfect timing.

The entire outfit was pretty mixed and match with my old outfit from my wardrobe. Nothing new that I haven't wear before yet. The crop top has been my all time favorite and I got it like 3-4 years ago where I buy it from Jonker with only less than 20. Except for the jeans and mules, which I got it last month that I wear it quite often after I got it.

More details on the Ripped Jeans click here.
More details on the Mules click here.

I can't believe I choose all 3 different filters for the 3 pictures above, haha! Since I will be sitting the whole day in saloon and it was pretty cold for me. The jacket is a must wear and bring piece for me. I love the rose embroidery on the jacket which it was pretty stand out among my blues item that I wear. It was not the comfy and cozy type of jacket, instead is more to a stylish and comfortable piece.

My hair color under Outdoor sunlight! It was a really pretty ashy dark turquoise blue color. As you have noticed my previous hair color was pretty bright and vibrant, consider as warm tone color. Changing from warm tone to a cooler tone shade is never easy, your hair might need a lot of bleaching or coloring to have a tone down color for your hair.

I am lucky enough to give to my trust to JeffLee The Hair Company to make it happen! Now I have a dark and ashy hair color, which I really love it. It has a turquoise hue is because they use green color to actually mix with my red purplish to achieve the hair color shown as above. I was pretty scared because I am definitely not a fan of GREEN lol! 

But the outcome is super damn pretty! With my root are black for now, it will slowly faded to ashy brown tone, and the dark turquoise color will fade to more grayish tone.

Hair color under indoor lighting, the color are more tone down and not as vibrant it was under indoor lighting. I definitely in love on how my hair color transition throughout my journey with JeffLee The Hair Company.

Thanks again to JeffLee The Hair Company for this hair makeover! Really love their services and crew there. If you happen to visit their Uptown Branch you will be enjoying lots of discount and deals for you to grab! 

For all color services, you will be enjoying 20% discount while our signature Korean Hair Spa Treatment will be given 10% discount. Besides of that, whoever that sign up our credit package will be rewarded with free treatment and also products on top too!

For your first time visit, quote my name 'Sharon Lee' to get 10% OFF too!

Outfit Details

Jacket | Dezumundo Online Boutique 
Top | Ownself
Ripped Jeans | Lstudio_ (Instagram)
Mules | Charles and Keith

More details on the Ripped Jeans click here.
More details on the Mules click here.

Till Then

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  1. This is cool & the colours looks good on you :)

  2. so pretty blue hair! I like your outfit and pics taken nicely.
    shopping is always good for woman!

  3. I see more blue in words hehe. Keep it up

  4. I like to wear ripped jeans a lot. But your look so sweet with that roses.

  5. Love the article. Thanks for sharing

  6. Your blue hair is subtle and very pretty, you should try blue eyeliner too, gonna look very outstanding!


  7. Omg Sharon you look so chio!!! I adore your hair and style :) Where did you get your embroidered jacket?

    1. Thanks Blair!! A retail store at Times Square!! You can get it online too!!

  8. I really like your casual look this time. Although the focus is on your hair, I feel like the whole look is very "blue"! Even the photo seems to have a blue tinge.

  9. Love Ur new cool blue style! Very daring and bold! Adventurous tooooo...

  10. wei.. this is so cool!! blue hair..... i never have courage to dye my hair. wanna learn to breakthrough this - racheal

  11. Your style is always on fleek babe...and that blue hair suits you a lot! <3

  12. looking beautiful babe. the color suits u

  13. Oh dear. I always admire your fashion sense. Keep rockin!