Here's a post where I gather all the must-try and must do things in Hoi An and Danang. I hope that this summary post will be much helpful to you. This post basically does cover all my 5 days 4-nights Itinerary for my Vietnam trip. We spend 2 days 1 night at Hoi An, and the remaining 4 days nights are at Danang. I do already blogged some Vietnam post previously, feel free to check out my other post here too.

1.  Sit on a Coconut Basket boat 椰子船

2. Catching Live Crabs 当场捕抓螃蟹

3. Get to turn around inside a coconut basket boat 在椰子船上被转个头昏

4.  Drink local Vietnam coffee 道地越南咖啡

Basically, all these activities have been covered in my previous blog here. Where we book this special coconut basket boat tour with KKday and get to enjoy catching a live crab, experience on sitting on a basket boat and get spin around. Even though is not my first kind of tour that I would expect, but surprisingly I find this experience is really super fun and need to try out at least once in a lifetime. I would rate 9/10 for this entire experience.


5. Rent Aodai 

We stumble upon the Lalin Design shop, where it offers Aodai rental which has really vintage and modern vibes. But in the end, we still pick those that are traditional Aodai design, because that's the only design that we all three can wear in a similar design. They have branches at Danang and Hoi An.

There are several types of aodai include traditional and modern aodai. The rental fee is 180000Dong/Day (RM32) or you can buy their ao dai at 940000 Dong(~RM167). For deposit, you can choose either cash or left your passport to them.


租费是18000越南币一天,大约32零吉,如果你是想买的也可以,会是94000越南币,大约167零吉。是需要准备给deposit, 你可以选择给钱还是交上护照。

Lalin Design 

6. Visit a rooftop cafe 

There are a few cafes around Hoi An which has a rooftop view for customers to enjoy Hoi An City view while enjoying their coffee. The one we went to is not too crowded but still, you can enjoy some nice Hoi An Town view from the rooftop.

在会安城,你也可以去露天咖啡馆打卡拍照。我们没法去到原本想去的那间,因为太多人了,结果跑来另一间。 人不多,但是也可以好好享受附近的美景。

7. Hire a photographer and take photos in Hoi An old street (Evening to Night) 
跟道地的摄影师拍照留恋 (旁晚至晚上)

It was such a nice decision when it comes to deciding to hire a photographer to take photos when you are traveling. Although it is tiring, when we see the outcome, we feel that it was worth the experience too. Check out my post here for more info.


8. Experience nightlife at Hoi An Old Town (Night) 

 Nighttime experience at Hoi An Town is very pretty too! They have a lot of night bar for you to hang out and enjoy the busiest and fun night at Hoi An Town. We didn't explore the bars at Hoi An Town until late night, due to we are pretty exhausted from the flight, and all the activities for Day 1.


9. Sit on a lantern boat 

There's this lantern boat experience at night at Hoi An Town. There are also a few different types of boats for you to sit on and stroll along the river. You will need to rent a boat if you wish to experience it. The one we rent is pretty basic where else some other boats come in more lantern decor on the boat itself.


10. Eat White Rose and fried wonton 
道地美食 - 越南云吞

After the photoshoot, the photographer brings us to enjoy some of their famous White Rose and fried wonton. The overall taste is really awesome, where it has a lot of texture and flavor in it when you first eat it.


11. Visit Japanese Covered Bridge at Hoi An 

One of the famous spot at Hoi an as well. You will find there's a lot of tourists in this area where they all here to take photos too. Find your own perfect corner to take some nice photos too!


12. Drink coconut ice cream coffee 

Basically, you can order and have a sip of coconut ice cream coffee at any cafe u went to Vietnam! 


13. Visit Sunday Hoi An 
打卡景点 - Sunday Hoi An


Sunday Hoi An is a shop at Hoi An, there are two shops there where you should check out their main branch because there will be more space for you to take some nice photos here. They also sell some cute and vintage items in their shop too which the price is slightly steep compared to other shops.

这家Sunday in Hoi An 在会安也是很出名在会安也有两间,如果想要打卡拍照要选去他们的比较大间的。他们家店也是有卖很多复古小饰品呢,价钱也是相对比较贵。

14. Strolling through Hoi An Old Town (Day) 早安,会安!

Enjoy some sunny day and old building while you scrolling along Hoi An Town in the morning!

早上的会安城也是很热闹和漂亮! 也是有很多漂亮的角落可以拍照留恋。

15. Visit Cho Han market 
峴港Cho Han菜市 

Finally, we are at Danang on the second day of our trip, our first station is visited the Cho Han market. It was quite a pack market with a lot of stores, due to it was quite a small market, but still, it has a lot of local stores and mostly you will only see a lot of tourists come here to shop.

逛完会安后,我们来到大港了。我们到大港的第一站是到了Cho Han菜市。是一间比较小型的菜市但是有很多的小商店。有大部分的都是游客到这里走走逛逛。

16. Shop for Rattan Bag

One of the to-do things when you are at Hoi An and Danang! We didn't really check the price from Hoi An, because mostly there you will see that they are selling in a store and since mostly is in the tourist area. Which you can imagine the price might not be as cheap at Danang, where you can shop at random shop lot or even in their market. But please compare prices with different stores and ask for a discount too, so that you can get the price that you want!


17. Eat-in a Market - Like a Local

I never thought that we can have a simple but yet delicious lunch at their market. It is not that difficult actually to eat here, they have food pictures printed on the menu where you can easily browse through and order. Although the dining area might be not that clean, there's tissue everywhere on the floor but the overall experience here is really fun and unique.

真没想到我们会在菜市体验下当地的午餐体验。他们会把食物图打印出来, 然后可以点你要的食物。虽然环境没有很干净,但是这个体验还是蛮新鲜的。

18. Visit the Danang Pink Cathedral

There is a pink Cathedral in Danang too! To be honest, the crowds and tourist that are here to visit and take photos is way crazy than I thought. It is really hard to take a nice photo without the crowds' photobomb behind you. Preferable to drop by on Weekdays or early Morning!


19. Stay in an infinity rooftop pool hotel

Since Danang is very near to the beach area, you can plan your stay at HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa. They have an infinity pool where you can take some nice photos and even able to view and visit My Khe Beach just across the Hotel. Check my post here about all our stays at Hoi An and Danang.

岘港本身就已经靠近海了。可以到 Haian Beach Hotel and Spa住,在他们的楼顶可以直接欣赏海,感觉特别的心静。如果想知道我在岘港和会安住在哪里可以点这里读我的文章。

20. Visit My Khe beach

Photo Credits from Google

We didn't manage to visit My Khe beach even though it is just across our hotel. Just that the crowds when we saw from the hotel is pretty crazy, and since we are pretty packed with our schedule, therefore, we don't have time to drop by. 


21. Eat local seafood - Like a Local

This is a fun experience for me too because you can order the fresh seafood on the spot and they will cook base on your preference. In the meantime, you can add on order for soup or some other dishes too. Prefer to dine in for 4 people and above, because there will be more choices of cooking preferences if you have more people to dine in, means you can choose more plates of seafood too. We spend almost 300 for the entire sumptuous seafood meal we have at Quan Be Manh.

没想到岘港也是很流行海鲜的,一路上都看到很多的餐馆,但是我们就选了这件比较到底的海鲜餐馆。你可以当场选想要吃的海鲜,然后他们会当场为你所选的口味去烹饪。那如果人比较多,选比较的海鲜,口味的选择会比较多。我们三个也花了300马币吧。我们不小心也点了很多的食物,像是Tom Yam火锅汤,炒饭等其他主食。

22. Visit Dragon Bridge - fire and water show (Only for Weekend) 

You may drop by early for a closer view of the entire show. But I do prefer to stand further so that you can view the entire dragon on the bridge. If you stand closer, you might be splash by water and the heat from the fire show might not be bearable too. The crowds here are way huge too! The show starts at 9pm on the weekend and it takes around 15-20 minutes for the entire show. 


23. Visit a Local Mart

Photo credits from Google

VinMart is their local mart where you can shop for some local snack and souvenir to bring home. As for Lotte Mart, I bet some of you will know Lotte Mart from Korea. To be honest, while I was there at Danang you can easily saw Koreans everywhere you go. To have a Korea mart in Danang is definitely not a strange thing. 

来到这里也可以逛越南超市,可以买些道地的食物带回家里。来到Lotte Mart就是韩国出名的超市,因为岘港真的有很多韩国人爱来这里旅行,所以真的不出奇。

24. Try Local Massage - Salem Spa

We try out their Vietnamese traditional massage for one hour. The experience of the massage is very relaxing and comfortable too. When I come for travel, I will always want to try out their local massage. There is a lot of tourist visit this spa center too. It is advisable to do pre-booking with them due to overwhelmed booking or lack of staff.


25. Visit Bana Hills

If you would like to see my full experience here at Ba Na Hills, do check out my previous blog. The most comfortable weather that we have encountered when we visit Ba Na Hills. Check out my full experience here and what you can do at Ba Na Hills with Kkday!

当然来到岘港就要去Ba Na Hills, 可以到我的部落格去了解更多哦。那里的天气很凉爽也是舒服,因为属于比较高区。

26. Take photos with the Golden Hands Bridge

Nevertheless, the crowds at Ba Na Hills is super crazy! However even the tour telling us that compare to weekend crowds, ours is much better. But still, you can check out the crowds behind us from the photos. The crowds start to be lessened by the time when we are moving down too. I guess the preferable time is either you are the earliest or you stay late here at Ba Na Hills. 

Ba Na Hills的人群夸张多呢,虽然导游说假日比较多人,但是我觉得还是一样很多人。看到我的照片就知道很多人了啦!!虽然我们下山时人群比较少,但是我还是比较建议早上或者你们可以留到比较夜才下山。 

27. Visit night market - Cho Dem Sontra and Cho Dem Helio

I mean what's the best way to mix with locals by visiting their local night market. We manage to check out two-night markets at Danang. The Sontra market is much more localize, where Helio night market is more hipster. But both of the markets serves its purpose, so if you have time, you may check both of the night markets.


28. Eat and Shop in a Night Market

Besides checking out the market, try to eat and dine in there too. We did try out some of their local food, like a fried pancake, popiah, whereas their fried noodle and porridge is as usual.


29. Hai Van Pass and US Amry Bunker - War Remnants

On the day 4 itself, we book a private tour and decide to tour Hai Van Pass. We wanted to check out some other travel websites, but we couldn't find the perfect tour that we want.

This Hai Van Pass is really pretty where you can see Da Nang city from far and the bay across too. Too bad there this tree wig block our view. It could be better if you have a drone to able to have a better view from the top.

到了第四天,我们预约了当地的司机带我们到岘港海湾港,和一些比较出名的景点。 站在海湾港的终点看下去一片海和美景,心情也比较愉快。

30. Lang Co Bay + Lang Co beach

The scenery here is unreal. The perfect color of the blue sky and the sea. Although it was a super sunny day we enjoy this entire tour. We still manage to take a lot of photos on the beach and enjoy the hot sunny day.

这里的海边和天空合二为一真的太漂亮了!! 虽然当天也是很大太阳,但是看到漂亮的美景真的一切也值得了。

31. Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain

Photo credits to Google

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to visit Son Tra Mountain. Due to some fire accidents happening on the road to the mountain, although we plan to wait for a while, it doesn't seem to be very positive about it. But yeah you can visit Son Tra Mountain when you are at  Danang, where they call it Monkey Mountain. From far you can see the full-body view of the statue, and there is also a  huge real life-size Chinese board game as well.


32. Eat at Madam Lan

Madam Lan serves varieties of Vietnamese cuisine. They have a big space in the dining area, which includes outdoor, indoor and you can dine in on the 2nd floor of the restaurant. Surprisingly all the foods serve is all very nice. We order a few dishes and have a really wonderful lunchtime together. You can always ask their staff to suggest some of their signature food from Madam La

来到这里Madam Lan 也有很多越南美食。这间餐馆也是很大,顾客可以在外面用餐,还有二楼的位置呢。我们自己点了几份菜一起吃,全部我们点的食物都很好吃,你们也可以问店员他们的招牌菜哟。

33. Shopping at Vincom Plaza - Like a Local

We do some shopping in Vincom Plaza -Vitcom mart, we bought some instant noodle that is famous in Vietnam and souvenirs back home too. They have a really whole range of local food where you can shop and bring back too. 

我们来到vincom plazamart买了一些道地快餐面,和一些出名的小吃。这里的东西也很道地价钱也比较便宜。

34. Try out Vietnam famous beauty drugstore mask - Vidette

I guess Shin May did her homework, where she found out that this Vidette brand is very famous in Vietnam. They have a range of facial masks, from sheet masks to clay masks as well.


35. Visit Wanderlust Cafe

This cafe has a very clean and minimal design. It was a combination of shops and cafes as well. You can visit their other floors of the cafe, where you can take photos in some of the pretty corners in this cafe.

到最后几天的旅程我们也去了很多咖啡馆呢,这间就是比较清新和简约风格的咖啡馆,一共有三楼,他们店里也有卖一些东西呀,来到岘港的咖啡馆,会看到很多都是有二合一的咖啡馆。Wanderlust 咖啡馆也是有很多漂亮的角落可以好好拍照打卡!

36. Try the banh mi - I love Banh Mi

We can't decide on where to go for dinner and hence we choose this banh mi restaurant just beside the wanderlust cafe. We also try this Saigon Special beer too. I would say the banh mi they serve is really special in terms of the flavor and serving they serve with the Banh Mi.

之后我们也没有好好选要到哪里吃晚餐,刚好Wanderlust咖啡馆隔壁有间I love Banh Mi点,加上我们来到这里也没有好好吃到越南面包Banh Mi。这间店真的爆炸可爱的,有很多可爱图墙,忍不住就会一直拍照打卡。他们家的Banh Mi是蛮好吃的,配搭的料也是蛮特别的。

37. Stay in Santorini vibes hotel - Risemount Premier Resort Da Nang

This Risemount Premier Resort Da Nang is definitely one of the prettiest stays I been at Danang! They have the design of the entire resort in Santorini vibes which is super calm and peaceful. Not forget, you can easily spend the whole morning exploring every corner of this resort because of every corner of this resort is super insta worthy! Check my post here about all our stays at Hoi An and Danang.

Risemount Premier Resort Da Nang

38. Try Pho - Pho 29

Do check out Pho 29 where you can try out some delicious Pho! Definitely, a must-try dish to try when you are in Vietnam.


39. Cong Caphe

An army theme cafe in Danang. I really love their coffee here, and the ambiance here is very comfortable. We sit near the window area, where we can see the view across the cafe. Super relax and interesting cafe to visit!

这是一间以军队主题的咖啡馆,整个装潢和气氛都很棒,而且他们的signature咖啡也太好喝了吧!虽然在这里喝了很多咖啡,但是Cong Caphe的是我喝过最好喝的了。

40. Danang Souvenirs Cafe - Main Branch

Lastly, before we head off to the airport, we visited Danang Souvenirs Cafe - Main Branch which is a very nature-inspired decoration in the cafe. They have huge tree plants in the middle of the cafe. Although we plan to have lunch here, sadly they only serve desserts and drinks.


Finally, I have finished this super overdue Vietnam post! Do drop me a comment if you need more detail info about a certain place I went to. Since I listed 40 things to do, which include some of the must-visit, must-try, must-do things in Hoi An and Danang, this will be a very long and spammy post. Therefore I try to simplify the entire post but I also already included all the places I went when I am at Hoi An and Danang with my BFF!


5 Days 4 Night BFF trip

Day 1: Danang  Lalin Design  Hoi An River Basket Boat Tour  Check-in Airbnb (Ngan Phu Villa)  Hoi An Ancient Town photoshoot  Bong Hong Trang 

Day 2: Japanese Covered Bridge  Hoi An Roastery  Sunday in Hoi An  Back to Danang  Han Market  Check-in Haian Beach & Spa Hotel  Danang Cathedral  Quan Be Man  Dragon Bridge 

Day 3: Ba Na Hills Tour  Check-in Ibasho Coffee & Hostel   Salem Spa Garden  Son Tra Night Market 

Day 4: Hai Van Pass  Lang co Laguna  Lang co beach  Madame Lan  Vincom Plaza  Check-in Risemount Premier Danang Resort  Wonderlust cafe  I love banh mi  Helio Night Market

Day 5: Pho 29  Cong Caphe  Danang Souvenir Cafe  Back to Malaysia

Till Then

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