For the last post of my Korea trip, I visited Whimsical Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village and China Town at Incheon, Korea. We basically stay near to the area for the entire trip and the airport also can be reached around 20 minutes. Since is the last day of our trip, we just visit these two tourist spots at Incheon before we head back to Malaysia. Both of these two places are really nice and I take a lot of photos especially in the Fairy Tale Village. As usual, this post will be a lot of photos I took at Whimsical Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village and China Town.

Congrats on new releases for A'bloom which consist of four types of face mask, black head blaster and also super cute beauty puffs! A'bloom is designed with young, fun and bright color packaging which shout out to those youngsters who wish to gain confidence by having a good skin day every day. The price range of the entire collection is super affordable, lowest can be RM2 to RM16 only. Althea Korea is the one-stop k-beauty online shopping platform for everyone, so be sure to check out all A'bloom products from Althea Korea.

Read here to check out ALTHEA exclusives that I've blogged about. 

Back to my weekend outfit routine, it been a while since I blog about my outfit too. A quick update of my life, still busy as usual and has been growing fat due to stress and work trip. Hopefully, I can be more determined to exercise more before my Vietnam trip! Now that shopping in Taobao, I will tend to look for dress or bottoms that can cover my fats. 

Do you know that now the modern lifestyle habits like late nights, an unhealthy diet and occasional poor life choices, your skin slowly loses its radiance? Not only that, lackluster skin comes with its own set of additional concerns, such as dryness (especially around the nose and mouth) and roughness. If your skin is dehydrated, most of your foundation won't sit well and starts to flake and cake after a few hours

Now THE FACE SHOP proud to introduce its newest extension to the award-winning Ink Lasting Foundation line - Ink Lasting Foundation Glow Fit. Launched in 2018, the Ink Lasting Foundation line is THE FACE SHOP's signature long-lasting base makeup collection.

I received two new skin care products from Althea Korea. Besides always looking for fancy makeup products I also always maintain my day and night skincare routine. Until now Althea Exclusives line skin care products are my favorite skin care products among my skincare stash. In this post, I will blog about these two new products that recently release by Athea Korea.

Continue my Day 4 Korea post where I visit N Seoul Tower where it was one of the To 10 Hallyu Attraction where is the famous spot where My Love from the Star film too. Besides gonna share the photos I took at N Seoul Tower, I got to wear try hanbok at one of the Kimchi Museum as well and also hands-on trying to cook the traditional bibimbap too! Day 4 is a quite full-filling day for us where we get to experience a lot of fun activities and catch up with some shopping at Myeong Dong Street too.