A happy + crazy + moody

Friday, April 30, 2010
2day went out have lunch..~
at first I thought go Feeling~
But then Susan change mind want go Wangsa walk..Haiz...
But is ok la~I can cop with it wan..haha..
But I make her wait quite long d==haha
Later when I just sit inside her car..
Started rain already..quite heavy also..==Ah dui~
luckily got keep the cloths..
We eat Little wok at Wangsa walk..hee..
Quite nice~I think nicer than last time I come lor==
Susan very hungry jor tim~
But i quite full geh because eat breakfast at 10:30~Now just 12:30~Hrmmm..
Susan like eat 炒果条 but i like 滑蛋河~
But in english is Fried kuey teow and Cantonese kuey teow..Haha..
Susan eat till quite susah geh==haha..and spicy too..
So me very good change with her lor..
After lunch~Go walk a while...find my 高腰裤 got sell!!OMG..
I wanted to buy..find for it so long le==
And Susan pulak wan sing k~But...I know there sing k not good..But We go sing also~haha..
Fun and tired lorr..haha..
Very fast then sien already..3 hours ler..
Hear some nice song~haha
Notice one thing!
woah~good news==but is TGV wor...haha..NVM geh!!
Next time can come here watch jor..hehe//
LAter went back...
Still keep rain can't stop turn heavily rain also~Scary ya~haha
==Rain 55 stop==haha..

my driving license..it sucks.. I feel kinda bad when people ask about it.. What should I answer...? That I have driving license but scare to drive a manual car? That i am a coward?Feel useless.. Like Nothing In my life I do everything well and sucess.. Friends around drive their own car make me feel more 自卑 and stupid.. I guess nobody know how much I wanted to drive..
You won't understand want lar..Because You didn't drive also...
hurt me lor...haiz..ya i know I am stupid
You dare drive during rain and thunder ma? erm..Not dare or not..I can drive o not..?

OMG..feel stupid and stupider.. College going to start son and I still need to walk and take bus...haiz..... dad struggle from work..I also didn't expect from him geh~ So I am just a loser and USELESS person only

A day out with Hazel

Thursday, April 29, 2010
What I doing this week~
Nearly one time out at least spend Rm3o~
Woah..Now a Week spend jor Rm50~Hermm...

Say wan go sungai wang shopping wan~
I wan go there because wan buy some accessories~
And didn't went there Because Susan late sleep~
Lazy early wake up==Kind of..sweat and 无奈 ing~
Ok..Hazel finally reply me~Yes..
So worry her cuz these few days sms her oso didn't reply geh~
Sure sick jor alway sleep~Pity~
But today she finally reply jorTT
We go out together~
She ask me pei her go college take car sticker~
We go to have lunch sin~At shun shun~
talk crap therre..haha..
Desa setapak==parking are damn shyt~
Later went to college~herm..
notice my english communication damn poor~ai ya~
Bla bla bla...
Fail to help my friend certified the offer letter because they need to c the real copy~
Ma fan lur><
After that went home...
hehe..I continue and edit Hazel leng photo..
If not that I thought today wan go shopping whole day..
I won't go drink coffee and make me cannot sleep in the afternoon~
I took hazel photo and didn't edit before..
The photo I edit now is the photo less upload geh..
I feel quite satisfied seeing my result~
Hazel Damn leng lui~~~
Hee..Proud to have her as my friends..
Hope Friend forever dear~hee
Love ya~

Hazel most like this 2~haha

sexy~feel like wanted to eat her jor..haha

Love snow~that's why i put at least one photo woth the snow effect~

woo..lonely feel~hehe

sweet feel~lovely~


The first photo that we took that day~hehe..

cute lar~dear!fall in love jor..hehe

Not the photo I take..but i like the sexy lok and the color~hehe

JIa Ern's wonderful 19thBirthday

Monday, April 26, 2010
Today is Jia Ern 19th birthday~
haha..I admit..I really 4get is her birthday already==SORRY~~!!
But luckily Lorra remind and we wanted to celebrate her birthday together~!hee..
I kind I of late~Because of the bus==LAla..
MAnage to reach and we bought her present at SnJ..haha
Later we went to secret recipe and..==
Ah dui~Just we 5 people need eat so big geh cake o not..haiz..I just know..
But we just buy ONE slice of cake..
Jia Ern favourite Lemon Cheese cake~haha..
Hee..I think quite weird buy one slice cake for birthday~haha~
Later we let Jia Ern to decide to go where eat..haha..
And We choose Mr tepanyaki~
At there we chat crazy stuff~
Long time didn't see Jia Ern~
The food there are quite delicious~haha..LOVE it~
Later Jia Ern have to leave early~
We four continue and shop~
And I manage to Buy RM 10 sandal~at Vincci~haha~LOVE it~
Happy day for me..Hee..
MAy u happy always~
Friendship forever~
Love you forever~haha

She is reading the birthday card..hee~

The birthday card and our drinks~

The miso soup..nice~

Jia Ern's cake~heehee

She is wishing a wish~..
Wish quite long nia~haha..

Our fork on da cake~haha

Jia Ern eating the 1st spoon~hehe

The cake looks like after we 5 each eat one spoon~haha

Lorra like zhao qien po ler~haha..
Lorra~eating ice cream twist~

My ice-cream twist~susan holding~haha

My birthday is da next

Dad Back>>

Saturday, April 24, 2010
My dad is finally back..
But I know he is going to India after that..haiz..
Last time at Cambodia~
There da work didn't went well..
And now my dad is back to his old road~
Anyway he is going to India not going to work at the same but same company~
I am so happy to see my dad back here again..
Love my dad..
We just meet each other 2-3 months a while..
Dad bought a china hp for me==haha..
Anyway later we went to have dinner together~
What I thought dad say saturday wan..
Suddenly call us and ask for dinner by today..
No choice lor..
Eat quite happy..
Chat a bit..
After dinner take some photos~
Not always can have photo together..ha..
Later we only hugss and say farewell to my dad..
He is going to India by Sunday..
I hope the work at there went well..
And hope dad can really earn lots of money~
I always know my dad regret because he didn't engineering till graduate..
Now what he hope that we can study hard and don't be like him...
Actually I also hope dad if anything happen please tell us and we always welcome you home geh..
I love you, dad
Gonna really really miss you..........


Funny photo i edit till~hee...

sky VIEW

Friday, April 23, 2010
I think i have long time didn't post my view photo already~
this is all taken in march==
Lazy edit and upload here..
But recently I am keen in doing editing and blog already~
here gonna show you guys ~
Although is in small size~
Still I think they are all very beautiful~hehe
Taken all outside my house~haha

Love purple~hehe~

The blueish~hee

The grayish~

Beautiful purple again~


woo..mystery purple~

gonna rain ~!

I just edit the tone only~the original photo is nice already~haha

meaningful movie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Today I went for a movie with Pamela..
Not like other kind movie~
It is ice kacang puppy love~
A Malaysian movie~ by Aniu~

You can go their website to know more about them~yeepee!

I really really really wanted to watch this movie~
It feel great~
I am not sure what is the feeling about but I just I'm gonna watch it~Support it~!
We reach there around 12pm..
At first we thinking watch at time square..
But Pamela went there and found out the cinema didn't released this movie==
Then we decide to went for Pavilion..
Sure it is..
Saw the sky were like going to rain but didn't rain..
Pamela manage to buy 2:00pm ticket~
So happy~
We went to lunch at pepper rice house~
Haha..but soon we found out there a lo of delicous food at the food court and they have more variety~hahaz..
Time pass..
After lunch we went for shop around..
But didn't buy any things==
Guess things there are expensive..
And What can say is the place who have more people is the Food Court==haha..
We went to canon..
I LOVE the clothing there
SO nice~but i have no moneyTTduh!!
X puas lor!!!
Later we went early to the cinema..
And lepak around there..
葉問2 and Ironman2 is going to released NEXT WEEK!!
Can't wait to watch lur~~
BAck to the movie~~!!
What can I say way to superb!!!~~~
It was touching and funny and cute and shy..
Really can feel the old times..the kampung times..
Aniu really present this movie in a way natural way..
And is feel great..The feeling is there..
Cry twice...because of that 2 main character lor..
I mumble there..Cry enough not wor..If like that I don't know when can I stop crying lorr..hee..
Really lar..I try hard not to cry so hard..
But that feeling really touch me..
Especially when A couple that love each other cannot be together have to separate..
Herm..First Love ah..
I think both of them really have feeling wan..
Just they keep it but show it through action already..haha..
Anyway nice movie~ I rank for 100%!hehe
Wish for more Aniu work~
After the movie..
Woosh..my eye ah..haha..
We walk back to klcc to take LRt and back home~
I think is a tiring day and of cause A WONDERFUL and A MEANINGFUL day for me~

Tinkerbell land~hee..cute and pretty~

Love this small cute canon old camera~hehe

Me and pamela~