Yummy food post is on the way. Today will blog about yummy ribs and burgers from Buns & Meat. I bet some of you all might have heard about this cafe. This place was located at Lakefields, Sg Besi. At first I think that it was near to my area, but is not and after exploring the cafe area. Only I realize Sg Besi was a quite big area to explore.

Buns & Meat was really to locate as it was just beside the main road. Just a turn in and you can see their big signboard. In this Foodink gathering at Buns & Meat, we have chance to try few of their signature dish and some of their new menu dish!

Hi all, back to my fashion outfit post. When I was editing the photos I find out that I took quite a lot of my outfit photos for the month of January. It is because I went too many beautiful cafes and can't help myself but to take a lots of photos. I guess this month there will be most probably 1 outfit per post because I got more photos to share with you guys!

This outfit I took is at Lepaq Lepaq Cafe, which they have really pretty and spacious interior. It was a perfect place for OOTD Shot but be aware as there will be many looking eyes on you if you go there on a busy hour.

Posing on the stairs of Lepaq Lepaq.
Hello guys, another awesome product want to introduce to you guys! I been loving this product since I got it from Markets 17 Last Year. It was my first time hear about this product. 

Josh Lee Fragrances is established in late August 2012 at George Town, Penang to fulfill his lifelong dream to have his own fragrance company which offers a variety of premium and niche fragrances as well as other beauty products such as personal care, body care and lifestyle home products later on.

Josh Lee, the Perfume Master, works with World's Leading International Swiss Fragrance House, Firmenichto strictly choose the best natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe and to produce the highest quality of perfume oils which is approved by IFRA (The International Fragrance Association)standard.

The core value of Josh Lee Fragrances is against animal testing and no animal ingredients are used in the fragrance products.

When I first heard Josh Lee is a brand established in Malaysia I was really amaze by the hard work of his own work. From the packaging and fragrance wise, it does looks like a premium and quality brand of a fragrance. The price is really affordable too from price range of RM100 to RM 160.

NYONYA by Josh Lee EDP

Been visit Pretz n' Beanz Cafe last few weeks, been heard many good reviews about their Pretzel. Finally have the chance to try their yummy Pretzel. Pretz n' Beanz Cafe is located at Mont Kiara opposite dr Cafe. The Cafe was easy to locate as it was located the side of the main road at Mont Kiara.

The cafe gives me a really clean and vintage interior. They have red brick wall as their interior design which I really like.  Pretz n' Beanz Cafe also have a really meaningful logo as well. As you can see from image below logo is combine from Half of the Pretzel and Half of Coffee Beans. The middle of the logo is the word of chinese word meaning 人 - humanity. 

Hey peeps just back from a hectic 2 days 1 night team building without any internet connection. Where I suppose to blog this on Sunday night. Opps But never mind I am back now and finally back to Natta Cosme. One of my favorite beauty brand online. 

Big thanks again to Natta Cosme. I got to try Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask. Can't tell you guys how much I love their mask, super moisturizing and super soft skin after using their mask.

Natta Cosme - Be Beautiful, Be Nattalicious!

Morning Peeps, its been a while since I blog in the morning. I visit this cafe during the first day of the new year. Keep been read many reviews and food at Lepaq Lepaq which give me a hint to visit there. Always love cafe hopping and been able to visit some unique cafe house in town with my love is a kind of couple things that I love to do.

Lepaq Lepaq is famous of their Nasi Lemak Cheese Cake and Rainy Day drinks which you must try when you visit the cafe. The cafe was not that hard to locate but it was a really pretty mint building with 2 floor at Jalan Ceylon.

Lepaq Lepaq Cafe at Jalan Ceylon. I love this Newspaper Menu paper on their table. Which was so vintage and old newpapers.

Back to some beauty post for my blog. Today will blog about this pH matchmaker from Physicians Formula. Let's start with some background about Physicians Formula. This was my first encounter with Physicians Formula.

Physicians Formula was created by Dr. Crandall in 1937 out of love for his wife who had sensitive skin. Physicians Formula also a healthy, good for your skin yet glamorous brand from California. Physicians Formula has been the America’s No.1 Brand products are free of the 130+ known irritants found in many brands.

For more can read here.

It was definitely a gift of love which I feel quite admire with guy who loves his wife who had sensitive hence he has create a special brand specially for her. Their product never allow fragrance, PABA, or any of the 130+ known skin irritants. Allergists, dermatologists, ophthalamologists, and plastic surgeons recommend Physicians Formula products too. Which I proudly present and introduce to you guys Physicians Formula.

pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss from Physicians Formula.

Evening Dress is quite a common to wear every special occasion. But it was not easy to get one and some was quite expensive to get one also. It was also important to get the one and only evening dress that you like. Why don't try look some of these in online.

You could find some cheap evening dresses, well-made and top quality evening dress online too. You have to choose your own favorite sexy evening gowns online is. This charming evening dress is unique enough to make you stand out in the crowd, you will become the radiation at those gorgeous dresses here, including plus size and long evening dresses. Here I will blog about this professional evening dresses Australia store - MissyDressesAu.com.

Back to yummy post for the week! This will my first food post for the year. I have the chance to dine at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro with Foodink. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is coming out with their New Menu after Christmas which you can have more new food choice to dine and enjoy at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro.

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is located at Bandar Manjalara Kepong. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is the very new addition café to this neighborhood. But what's so special about Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro, if you plan to visit this cafe you can have the chance to TOUCH or even DRINK on REAL Beaker only at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro. When I mean real, it means the beaker and apparatus are all import and be certified as well.

 In Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro all of their main utensils are also mostly in laboratory equipment as well. You will be served with some imported genuine laboratory beaker, flasks, test tubes and so on. This is all the new catch in Tester Laboratory that makes the place swamped with guests on any other day.

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro at Bandar Manjalara Kepong.

Hopes I am still not too late for my Resolution 2016 post. Happy New Year again all! Can't believe time passes and 2016 is here. Although I have not been travel to other place in 2015 because I plan to go some where more exciting during 2016. Stay tuned in my instagram and facebook.

I went through my 2015 post about my 2015 resolution and guess I didn't write much about just continue to Love Life for 2015. Doing what we like is something really important in life so that you could live your life happier and easier. Although sometimes in life we are force to accept the circumstances in front of our life. 

I did mention about continue my love life in my 2015 resolution with him I guess everything has turns out well. I was really thankful to this and thank God that we have manage to go through the toughest part in 2015. 

2015 surely has been the most down moments in my life besides when my dad leaving us. I can't really imagine how I have been go through that period of my life alone. But all glory to God, I was strong and able to continue my journey with the Love in my life.

Not forget that are actually many Happy things happen in my life too!

Can't believe I have write my weekend outfit till December 2015. When I saw the number #6 I was a bit curious since when I have write this much. But as you guys know time pass so fast and I can't wait for my ootd journey in the year 2016.

Oh ya and this will my first short hair weekend outfit I have write. Can't believe that in the year 2015 I have change quite different hairstyle. From my Mid Bob, to Long Hair and now Short Bob, Short Fringe to Long Fringe. I guess I do change a lot of styles in 2015. Which I feel like a really great achievement in my life.

4 Different weekend outfit for the month of December.