Another BFF outfit series feat my #Swaggers, Nicole and Shin May!! Finally got time to share some of the chio photos we took when we visit to Selfie Museum. We manage to visit there when it is temporary close. We took a lot of photos and having a lot of fun here too. 

Trying out the best Iberico Ribs at The Barn. This is a perfect KL location for you to chill and hang out with a bunch of cool friends. Not only that you can enjoy some really nice food here, try out some of their exquisite wine from the world’s finest, handpicked selection of old and new world wines beautifully paired with exquisite cuisines. Let's bask in the enlivening rhythms of The BAR°N’s seductive ambiance, and let it all ignite the poetry of pleasure in absolutely every visit.

I'm not a contact lens girls but when come to choosing or buying contact lens that is affordable and can last for long is always something that I always aim for. In this post I will share two of the contact lens that I wear.

Back to my Day 3 travel at Korea, not much to actually blog about it but really I just like to document down the photos here for myself. Might as well you can enjoy some nice photos or get inspired to come here to take more chio photos like too! I'm planning for a lookbook post where I put all my outfit details in the post.

Time to back on my weekend outfit on my blog, for today look is this pink and grey coordinate. I recently do wear a lot of this color combination for my outfit. Not the normal color I will choose to wear, but both are my favorite color as a color selection. 

Can't believe after for so long Althea has finally released their own makeup line, which consists of concealer, eyeshadow, eyes glitter, and lip tint. With only these four products, you can create a simple full makeup look. I enjoy playing this entire collection and creates two different eye look too. In this post, I will go through all of the four products on how I feel about this entire collection.


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Time to continue my Korea Day 2 post, on the second day we go to Seoraksan National Park and spend most of my time at Yong Pyeong Ski Resort. The weather while I at Korea is around minus 3 to 6 7 degrees at day time. For my first part of this post, I will post photos I took at Seoraksan National Park.