Hi my all, I will gonna write my blog review about this Mirabella Skincare Set. I been a bit moody and feeling worry about my blog because I have no idea why my blog being locked so sudden during the next day I got my new laptop. But I try to be optimistic and hope Google can review nicely my blog and faster unlock back!!

Thanks Hishop again sponsor this product for me. I always excited about receiving product from them. Because Hishop is a successful online blog shop selling many beauty and wellness product as well. This time I will be reviewing about this skincare set from Mirabella. 

What do you girls think about skin care set? It is convenient to use? For me if you are a a girl who loves travel or often have to stay between hostel and home. Sometimes packing need use up alot of energy and time. As for all the girls, we have to really take good care of our skin that is why we always have to bring our own Skin Care Product everywhere we went. A Skin Care Set is really perfect for travel and even moving around because it was small, well prepared and so convenient!

The front design of the box.
Hi peeps, today gonna finish my Day 1 Bangkok Trip. At first we decide to go to Chocolate Ville on the first day of the night. But turns out we were late and as you guys know Bangkok is having jam everywhere. Since we 630pm only start our teksi journey to Chocolate Ville, the whole road is jam like hell, lol. Plus the teksi driver seem not unsure of the place but still want jia jia si to fetch us go LOL. At last, thanks to my boy he made a good decision that we change our destination to Asiatique, The Riverfront and The Chocolate Ville we choose another day to drop by.

I love Bangkok Public Transport so much, because no jam and fast! So we reach BTS Saphan Tapin around 740pm and by 8pm we reached Asiatique. About the BTS Station Map, I used this version of the map that I google it online. I find it quite helpful and it might help you guys. As Sharing is Caring 

Although the interchange part is a bit confusing and don't miss the interchange because their BTS was quite fast and their station is quite a short distance only. The most important is DON'T AFRAID TO ASK. The Light Green Path is the Sukimvit Line, The Dark Green is Sit Lom Line and The Blue Path is their MRT Line.

 If you are heading to Asiatique, make sure you interchange from Sukimwit Line to Sit Lom Line from BTS SIAM and take the MRT to BTS Saphan Taksin.

[Bangkok.com] Asiatique has successfully combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city: a night bazaar and a mall. Ten minutes downriver from Saphan Taksin BTS station this once-bustling international trade port has been transformed, with over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants housed under a huge replica warehouse complex. Open from 17:00, spending an evening here is no problem: you’ll have good fun browsing the boutiques, picking up gifts or something for yourself; you are guaranteed to find something you would like to eat and if this isn’t enough entertainment, shows are performed nightly: Calypso ladyboy cabaret and soon, a classic Thai puppets performance.
Here's 3 looks of my Valentine's Looks. How do you celebrate you Valentine's Day with your loves one? Valentine's Day is a day of romance, celebration and love. Although Valentine's Day had passed, But if you love and be with the right person in your life, everyday could be just Valentine's! Yeah!? 

Nevertheless, for those who are still single out there. Remember to love and pamper yourself because when you meet the next one in life, you will be prepared for it.

Valentine's is full of pink, red, roses, presents, cards, teddy bears, romantics and many more. Here I am gonna bring put 3 looks for Valentines. I will wear the same red top but with different bottom in this 3 looks.

Start with the first look with my selfie photo. In this 3 looks I have try a new lipstick from Maybeline Color Show. The color is Red My Lips. Is my first red lipstick, at first I was afraid that my skin color does not suit with the lipstick.
Hi my fellow readers, gonna continue my Hello Kitty post about the shop and spa. But the spa is not allowed to take photo if you are not going for their service. I spend more time on taking photo and posing and I don't have time to enjoy their service.

The shop and spa is on their Lower Ground. It was really spacious and I spend like 2 hours there enjoying all the cute design of the place. Okay, and non stop taking photos of the place.

Cute Hello Kitty design.

Hi peeps, today is Chinese New Year's Eve. How's your reunion dinner with family? Since I have no longer dinner with my dad, so we just head back to Melacca today. I have been quite some time didn't meet my grandparents. This is the time for a reunion with someone you have long time no meet.

I hope I can finish my Day 1 Bangkok post by this week. But I just have enough time to finish edit Hello Kitty House photo today and sleep at 3am. Day 1 we are visiting Asiatique at night since we are late to Chocolate Ville. The photos are not many but will gonna write about too.

I will separate my Hello Kitty House post to 2 post, as this post will be about the cafe. The another post will be their shop and merchandise. Don't be surprise because of the photos but I already try my best to collage them together and choose some of the best already. 

I was so excited when we are finally arrived to Hello Kitty House Cafe at Siam Square 1.

Hi peeps, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and my school start holiday tomorrow but I will still keep you guys update on my blog. I got many reviews and really hope I can finish it early. Please bear with me as I will be away for 5 days and hence I will do my update on my dayre.

Finally I have start my Bangkok trip post. I went to Bangkok Last year during December. I don't know where should I start my post first but mainly I will try to cover the food and attraction part at Bangkok. About the accommodation I will still touch a bit about their transport because their MRT and transport is really very convenient. You can always search online for more tips but you guys can always leave comment and I will try my best answer your question.

Our first stop of the trip is Mr Jones Orphanage @ Siam Center. You can simply just stop at Siam station. Head down and you'll see Siam Paragon and Siam Center is just further ahead. Take the escalator up, and you will see Mr Jones Orphanage on your left. 

This is the other branch that are located at Siam Center. The main and bigger branch is at Thong Lor. You can stop at Thong Lor station and take a cab or tuk tuk over.
Hi peeps, Happy Friday and hope you guys are doing fine. I gonna have many review post up on my blog. Stay tuned for more and I hope I can really write my review post often so that I can share with you guys! 

First all, I have to thanks for the sponsor and the love from them. Is really my honor and joy to work together with them. Although I am not a famous blogger or what so ever, but I will try my best to Blog with my heart! 

It was my first blogged about my massage review post, I am really grateful and thankful at the same time because I have the chance to blog about it and hope you guys like my post! Recently just caught up with many things and the massage appointment just come in time.

Outside of Face Factors Clinic. It was really easy to find because their store is just facing the housing area behind Publika. Face Factors have open for the 4th year in 2015.

Padi House @ Sri Petaling

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Hi pees, another food post is here but please bear with me because been moody with some problem and I will then be less blogging already. But nevertheless, I still will update here as I  love to share and if you guys wanted to see more of my feeling or update. I started to Dayre things in my surrounding.

I really wish I could share more but it just doesn't feel right. But let's stop all the ranting before I start to be emotional again.

Padi House was located at Sri Petaling. We went here after the community work although we seem late but is not to late to show love to the community in need, right? haha

Fahrenheit 600 @ Publika

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Finally a food post for the weekend, been to here when my visit to Publika. Fahrenheit 600 is a famous cafe at Publika. When we are here, it was actually quite crowded already but lucky us we still got a table for 3 and lunch.

Super vintage bicycle in the welcome door. Big wheel in front and tiny wheel behind. So cute!


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Hi peeps, is February and Chinese New Year is just around corner. I still remember when I start work I still complaint why this year 2015 CNY is on the mid of February have to work for whole month only we can celebrate this festive. But you know how time pass so fast, then now already February. Hope this year can be a more blessing year to each other and Happy Goat Year!

Not much photo taken since that day mood not very good but I still want to share this outfit. I really love this outfit alot, I love the red skirt a lot because is my first red skirt! At first I thought it will be a tight skirt but turns out to be a normal pencil skirt, cover up all my fats!

1600 Pandas @ Publika

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Hi peeps, how you guys spend the 4 days of holidays? These 4 days I was so busy and not enough time for me to rest but I manage to go for massage yesterday and I can totally feel my body rest and relax after the massage. Because the night before I suffered headache and vomit, I can't really sleep well that night too.

Finally holidays end and it's time to work and BLOGGING! I know this Pandas already back to some one house but I still miss them because they are so cute! 

A briefly description about all these 1600 Pandas.