Happy weekend to my fellow friends! Finally I have sort out all the beautiful cherry blossom photos that I have took during my Japan Trip. I hope that I can manage to keep track my trip memory and able to share all my wonderful memory I have spend in my Tokyo Trip. If you wish to read more about my Tokyo Trip post you can click here.

Please be prepare as this post will all be all the pink Cherry Blossom flower photos, if you have read my previous post about my experience travel to Japan during Cherry Blossom, you will know what problem I face after I book my flight to Tokyo for Cherry Blossom. Once again, The Cherry Blossom Season is super short period, meaning the life span of the flower last around 1 - 2 weeks. Basically I could say its depends on your luck to able see Cherry Blossom to reach full bloom. Best to do is compare past year Cherry Blossom Period in Tokyo, follow more official Japan guide website and do more research!

I love to explore cafe when I go to a new area. I like the ambiance and the cozy environment of cafe as well. It can make us feel lazy and relax while we enjoy our food. Last few week, I plan to explore Bedrock Cafe since I am around Taipan USJ for hair treatment. Since I has plan some time wander around the Taipan Area, it seems like Bedrock Cafe is the only stand alone cafe at that area. It was located on the second floor of one old restaurant.

Woohoo loving my selfie look after pampering my hair. I'm not that type of girl who always take care my hair or even go for treatment for it. But not to mention that weather in Malaysia and aircond room can always dry up our skin and our hair if we didn't provide moisture to your skin and your hair. Sound bad right. Plus if you blow drying your hair everyday it will cause damage and dryness too.

After since I cut my short hair, I am quite reluctant to take care my hair so it actually quite dry up all the time. Luckily I have the chance to try the new Deep Layer Treatment at PRO Hair Dressing Team at Taipan USJ Branch. Seriously in love with this treatment because it gives back my hair the keratin and moisture that my hair need. I took a lot of selfie when I got back home too.

Hi peeps, I'm back with my weekend outfit post. This is my first time trying white and white outfit. I always have some love for white outfit. I feel that it gives a really artistic, harmony and neat look. Since I having wearing all white for this look, I match it with my white sandals and one color Pantone scarf that I bought it from Japan to create more Casual and Feminine look.

Its been a while since I update foodie post here. Oh yes this time please prepare yourself because there are many yummy food pics for you to enjoy. I been to a Dinner Buffet at TEMPTationS last week. Now TEMPTationS have offer the 3+1=3 deal where diners only pay for 3 persons and the 4th person dines for FREE only. 

Who doesn't love BUFFET, you can grab everything you want to eat and eat non stop as well. Bring 3 more friends with you when you dine in TEMPTationS Dinner Buffet. So that you can enjoy 3 + 1 deal until 31st of May 2016.

Hey all, I am writing another Japan post but this time is my haul post. I will write few of my haul from Japan. I'm still struggling editing photos of my Day 1 Japan Trip haha. Not even started it yet too. Recently feeling not so well, having migraine and sprain my neck while sleeping as well. I gonna write this post short and back to bed soon.

I'm not sure if you guys heard about Tokyo Banana from Japan. It was quite a famous snack in Tokyo. Although I find in Tokyo not many people buy this but when you come travel in Japan, its just hard to resist not buying this home. Guess what I bought all the different taste of Tokyo Banana but I didn't manage to get the Original flavor.

Today I will blog about how can we earn Cash Back by Shopping Online. Interested to know? Since I am quite a fashion shopaholic when you talk with me about Online Shopping. If you will ask me where I bought my cloths or bottom? I will have most of my answer is that I bought from online.

Since I love to shopping online why don't I earn some cash back when I shopping online. But how can I do that? I recently stumble upon on a website that is Shopback, I realise it can helps us earn cash back when we shop at their certain store. Not only that you can earn through shopping online, but for travel and more too!

If you have been following my social media, you will know that I have been to Japan recently. Although I do not visit many places in Tokyo but it has been a fulfilling trip, my dream is to travel at least one time a year. Never been imagine I can visit to Japan so soon because it was quite a expensive trip I could say since I am quite a shopaholic and Japan is a Shopping Palace for me as well! Everything is so cute, so nice, limited edition only at Japan!! It makes me wanted to stay there forever.

Today I will blog about my experience I have in Japan, it was based on my own experience during this 6 days 5 nights stay at Tokyo. There was some happy and sad moments too. Happy was I was able to visit Sakura never I thought I will have the chance to see sakura with my eyes this soon! The view of the sakura is amazing and never will I forget in my life. Sad is I feel that there is not enough time for me to visit more places at Japan, there are so many places to visit but little time I have. Never mind I just have more excuses to travel to Japan again next time!

Hi guys, my first post for Tokyo will be my outfit post! I guess this will be a easy start for me to start my Tokyo post. Its been like a dream while I travelling to Tokyo. The place and sakura everywhere keep me in awe every time I see it. Plus the purpose I wanted to travel to Japan is to see Sakura, that is why I have been to total 3 best hanami spot for sakura viewing in this 6 days trip. Although the crowds is darn crazy, but still it does not stop me taking photos and having the love for all the sakuras.

Happily Ever After Begins here at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. They offer great range of wedding preparation, wedding set, wedding decoration and even PRESIDENTATIAL SUITE for both the bride and bridegroom night party! I get to see so many beautiful wedding decor and dining. Even got to see Kim Tay wedding gown, which are so elegantly design and nicely made for your own special day.

"Whatever your culture, whatever your tradition, whatever your style... You just have to say "I DO", we will do the rest for you - only at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

 Thanks again for Natta Cosme for this super lovely mask. This time the packaging is slight slimmer and is with red color! I love this striking color of the packaging as well. This time I will review the C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Mask that are from Korea. 

What do you mean by enhancing mask? Is it to enhance your skin texture and nourishing your skin as well. Read more to know about the goodness of this enhancing mask sheet.