Have not been active in my blog for the longest time ever! However, I have been super active on my other social media too, feel free to check out my other social media too - Snowman Sharing for Facebook and Instagram. By the end of the post, I will share my Korea Haul Video too. I guess I did not plan to take photos as I don't think I bought a lot in this Korea trip. However in my video, I definitely talk a lot more than talking about my haul, haha!

This year Chinese New Year, unlike my usual style I didn't wear a lot of red color outfit. I guess I wear enough during Christmas and time to back to some neutral color. Not much of outfit idea to share in this post, but would like to jot down what I wear for this year Chinese New Year.

It is important to take care of our feminine hygiene when we hit our puberty. Can't decide on which brand of feminine hygiene to go for? For this Valentine’s Day, Lactacyd, No.1 Feminine wash worldwide, decided to takes a step to beat the norm, encouraging women from all walks of life to love themselves first by making better and healthier choices under the campaign themed ‘Be The Best You on V Day’.

Finally, time to blog about my Korea Day 1 journey. This time we decided to follow a tour to Korea as we plan for Skiing too. Basically, the tour just "baogaliao" and we don't have to plan for any itinerary. Therefore this entire trip is pretty tiring but also a fun and meaningful trip together. Also, Is been a while since we both went for a trip as a couple. We visited Korea on 11th January to 15th January, during that time is winter period it can reach -3 to 0 at night to 1 to 6 degrees in the day time. 

But I would say not only is it winter weather, but also the cold breezing wind at Korea too. Therefore it is best to pack up all your winter outfit, add on the face mask to prevent cold breezing wind on your face.

Last two weeks, I had the honor to attend Neogence Malaysia invite to the official launch of Neogence new series - Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. During the launch of this series, Neogence invites Shu Sen, one of the top Malaysia Youtuber to the launching. She shares her experience using Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask during the event.

Today post I will share one awesome gadget that I been loving to use recently. Do you often feel troublesome to bring too many clothes with you when you travel? No place to wash your dirty clothes? Today I will share about this Washwow Portable Washing Machine that I got from Myfeel Malaysia. Read on how WashWow Portable Washing Machine safe your time and space when you go travel!