Yoohoo, will be blogging these few days, except for weekend because will be hanging out with friends. Time to relax and have some fun! After Friday, we will have 3 days holidays straight. I haven't plan on where should we go and relax. I hate meeting on the weekend and training during holiday! Not that I really want but due to work and students competition date is near.

Manage to space some time without any training on last Thursday and attend Jack Purcell × Offday Pop Up store collaboration event at Bangsar. I was really happy and exicited when I got invite and I asked my baby to accompany to the event. Back home at 4pm and we leave home at 5pm. No jam and we have a delicious dinner at G3 Kitchen and Bar. I was really nervous since is my first time attend this kind of event. Luckily I have my baby to accompany me and he's my photographer of the day =D

G3 Kitchen & Bar @ Bangsar

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Food post is here before I continue my Jack Purcell post =) Have a little dinner date just beside the Offday Pop up store before the event. We are here really early because we scare we might stucked in the jam. The parking is really limited in Bangsar too! So is better to really came here early lol.

Since we have to attend the event, we decided to choose 1 restaurant or cafe near to the Pop Up store. Here is it G3 Kitchen & Bar just beside the Offday store. Really quite convenient ya. This small little cafe is really quite unique in a way that is actually is a bar and kitchen by the look of the interior design. Let me show you the photos!

Finally after 5 days didn't update my blog and I have whole lots of photos to be edit and post. Recently really busy with work and it's really tiring. Came to think I always feel work is really tiring but without work we don't have money to spend. I can't enjoy online shopping anymore, how torturing is that 囧!! Some how if my work time and work load can be lesser than my life will be really good. Time for some change maybe. Working almost 12 hours per day is really not my cup of tea.

Imma gonna update my blog with many outfit real soon. Start with the outfit I wear it 2 weeks ago. I hope I can have more time to post my blog here. If not I woudn't have been keep delaying my post until this long. After busy this week, I have more things to do too! Never been too easy for me! I hope weekend can come faster and I can really enjoy it! Time to share my outfit post. Recently keep wear nice nice go out and many new clothes still I haven't wear, lol. This post I wear two new outfit that I never wore before, recently came across with this new online boutique, Summerlace. Their cloth line is really sweet and feminine. Plus their price is really reasonable, love it a lot! Since I don't have any daisy outfit, when I saw their daisy romper it was quite a hit and I just bought it home!

Hi peeps, back to food post again! It's been my makan day when came to weekend. During the weekdays, it will be a busy day for both of us. Because I been working for almost 12 hours per day and working is really tiring. After work, I will have to go to church for practice and cg. The time we can spend together is really less and the only day we can spend together is weekend. Where we can watch movie, dating together with love. Although my baby didn't say anything about it, but for me I am really sorry because I have not spend time with him recently. I know he'll be understand me and support me in the ways that I want. I really appreciate his understanding and love. I know love is not something that we give and take but is work for two sides too. I really love him a lot, that's what really matter.

Back to my post, since we are going to 1 Utama so babe ask me to find a nice place for lunch. I search online and saw this cafe at Kota Damansara. At first, I wanted to go Dreamz Bakery but baby say we been there before. First time came to Wood & Steel but this cafe had been open for quite sometime and their review on the food is always very good. When we reach this place, although this place is small but I really love their interior design. Outside seats is been decorate well and so does inside. Let's start with the photo first!

They have many oil paintings in the wall. 

[OOTD] Voyya from TokiChoi

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Hi peeps, today will be writing a post about the shirt I bought from Voyya from TokiChoi. Did I mention that their cloths have the shelf bra in it. When I received their cloths I was so happy and can't wait to wear it out. I will share 2 outfit that I wear Voyya top in this post too! I bought white, pink, grey and purple tank top. The quality is very very nice and comfy too since Voyya is a brand for everyday wear, they make sure you wear their cloths anywhere and anytime you can!

Hihi peeps, finally going to write a beauty scrapping review that I tried last 2 weeks. This is a new experience for me because I never tried to visit any facial center. For more now you can even enjoy it at home ONLY, I a bit shock when I been notice that they will have this Beauty Scrapping at my own house. But after that, I would say that is was a nice and super relaxing experience you enjoy facial Gua Sha at home.

What is Beauty Scrapping Theraphy?
At first, they mention that they will have to Gua Sha at our face. I'm pretty sure that Gua Sha always known as Body Gua Sha but as for Face Gua Sha is a bit challenging and hard to imagine. Body Gua sha is somehow painful if your body is not good and always left red spot on your back, then back to Face Gua Sha will it be painful?? Will it left red spot or scar?

The answer would be NO. Why would I say that? I will show you guys some pictures!

Our appointment time is at 2pm. Yee Mun and Fiona came on time and they were really friendly since our age is the same! We really did chat alot and feel fun because we can share the beauty session together. Both of them are really pretty girls and nice. Fiona share some tips on a normal daily routine for a our SKIN. There are 6 steps daily routines for our skin.

1. Cleansing
2. Exfoliate (Scrub/Mask)
3. Toner
4. Treatment (Serum/Essence)
5. Eye Care
6. Sunblock

How many steps do you actually done each day for our SKIN care daily routine? Mine is just 4 and I miss out scrub and sunblock. Don't ever think that miss 1 step of the skin routine wouldn't make big difference for our skin. But every steps is equally important for a HEALTHY and GLOWING skin. Recently watch a video about the important of putting suncreen or sunblock. How our skin look like when we are expose under UV light? All our ugly spot on our face that are not visible start to show out. It is quite inspiring and alert many of us about the important of sunblock. I actually took a lot of photos but sadly my camera SD was corrupted and I couldn't show you guys the half mask and the half of my face result of the Gua Sha to you guys. But the experience is really relaxing and PAINLESS! 

WonderMama x @ Avenue K

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Hello lovelies, gonna continue my dinner post at Wondermama that are located at Avenue K too! WonderMama is still new at Avenue K and I wanted to try their food since it is open there! After the movie, we went to shopping around Avenue K and found their Cotton on branch is super BIG. They have 2 floors and 1 floor they sell mostly woman and children cloths, and the second floor they sell many shoes, hat, lingerie's and some guys cloths! 

Taste Enclave @ Avenue K

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Hola peeps, just like I say in the previous blog post I have alot of makan post waiting for me. I feel so happy because eating is 1 of my favorite things to do. Although I really gain some weigh recently!!! Kinda piss of but everyday working until 6pm for 12 hours is been a really tough day. So I haven't really got the chance to really exercise and going to gym doesn't seem to be a good place though. I still prefer jogging outdoor for some fresh air and sweat even more. But because of my work I really don't have time jogging!! After working nearly 12 hours per day, you can say that I will be very tired after that. Arghhhh I really need to go for exercise because I really beh tahan my big belly = = 

Please God please help me !!!>.<!!! I swear I am going to start exercise this Friday and please rain go away and come on the next day.

Okay, back to my blog post! Went to Avenue K and KLCC during the week of book fair. But we didn't went to book fair, because after movie is already quite late. So we are having our lunch and dinner at Avenue K. Hence, I will separate my lunch and dinner food post to 2 post because of too many photos. The lunch place we went is to the food court - Taste Enclave at Avenue K. When we first went there, I saw amaze by the design of the foodcourt. It feels like you been into an enchanted forest and rest within the ambiance. Is not like the normal food court you saw in KLCC or Pavilion but is a very classy and super nice design environment! Let me just show you guys some photo of the place =D

The main entrance.
Hola peeps, another food post is up. Sorry guys but recently I have many many food post to post and I don't have many time to write a proper blog post too! So this post is really a quick and short post. I think I am quite a lucky girl because I have chance to taste many many nice foods with friends. I always spend my lunch and dinner with my friends and we always look for good food together. That's why I can share and post it up on my blog. I know many of the food post is been share and post by other blogger but I still wanted to share and let my readers know!

How do I search nice cafes from?
INTERNET!! Internet is the best sources for nice cafes and nice food! But not every online sources is reliable that's why we always search for few websites and confirm the sources. Another thing that we need to take note is that always looks the date of the post, after that search for the cafe main websites to confirm whether the cafe is still open or close. Because some of the online resources they wouldn't always update whether the cafe or restaurant they introduce is still in business also, so it has to depend on us to look for UPDATED information about the certain cafe we want to visit. 

EXPLORE NEW PLACES. Always go to some area which you haven't been before and explore that area. When you saw some new cafe, don't be afraid just went on in and tried their specialties! Every area have their own signature and famous coffee house that many people would love to go. So you can plan to visit new places every weekend and choose 1 famous cafe or restaurant to dine in and enjoy your weekend.

DARE TO TRY. I think is very important because when you are in a new cafes or restaurant you have to dare to try their food. If you really don't have any idea to decide what dish that you wanted to order, never afraid to ask what's is their signature dish and specialties. If not you might miss their delicious and yummy food! Food have different varieties too, such as western food, chinese food, vietnamese food, japanese food and many more. Nowadays, you can enjoy many food from other countries too! I think is a good experience that you can able to enjoy food from other countries while you are in Malaysia!

*This info is based on my own experience to look for nice cafe and restaurant.

Okay, back to my short food post! Firstly be prepare, because you will feel hungry after reading this post =D ENJOY reading~
''Shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses for many small businesses, but resourceful entrepreneurs are finding ways to reduce the sting.'' 
- Jane Porter (Entrepreneur writer & editor)

Shipping costs are one the pains for many small businesses. Most of the shipping couriers charged a parcel based on its size and weight. Therefore, you have to do your best to keep your packaging as light and small as possible in order to save your shipping costs and packaging costs from eating away your margin.

There are 5 ways which can be effective to cut down the businesses' costs:

* Getting the right package size

Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar

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Food post is here! Before we went for our shooting, we went here to have brunch. I always wanted to come here to to try their breakfast. Lately been to many cafes, and I think it's kinda fun because you get to taste nice food and enjoy it! At first I thought will it be crowded since last time my friend went he need to line up lol. But lucky us, and it is still in holiday week, we got a seat when we reach. The place is not a very big space the seats are quite limited. So if you don't want to lined up for your seat, maybe you can choose weekdays or not come early! We are here around 11:30am and is my first time brunch here, can't wait to taste their Big Breakfast, yummy!

I always love coffee shop with all these biscuit jar. taste good with coffee!
Wow la, back to my monthly shooting and #sharonootd post! This shooting was took during the Raya Holiday. Since my holiday was until Wednesday, I plan to have some sweet pak tor time with my babe. This Laman Belakang 3D Art has been here for quite some time. I am a huge fan for 3D street art and I finally space out some time to visit the place!! 

My baby have to go meeting at the morning. We meet for brunch and decided to go Antipodean Cafe. Its been my wanted to go cafe since few months ago. But because of work and busy life, finally we can go during this Raya Holiday. I will write a short post on what I order at Antipodean Cafe. This time I will share many photos that we took during last Wednesday. Mostly I pose at the 3D Art that I heart la, doesn't mean the other is not nice. Every 3D Art brings it own meaning and reflect the artist hardwork. That's why I always love their amazing artwork they can draw out.

When we reach the place it is raining and we have to wait inside car for about 30 minutes. The weather is very gloomy and the rain keep stop for 5 minutes and rain another 5 minutes, lol! At first Baby say why don't we postponed it? But I say since we are here we should just wait for the rain stop. Although is raining, we still saw people coming here too. We start to have our shooting around 3:30pm and you can already saw small crowds of people here at #LamanBelakang. They have this name Shah Alam Laman Seni 7.

We start from the first part left side to the right side part. Love the sky blue backgroun just match with my outfit!
Woolaaa!! Here a short food post that me and church member went last weekend, Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. Its my first time here though. The environment is very comfy and comfortable. Their interior design is very Europe and classic design. I love this place immediately when I saw their design. I keep ask babe we should come here for photo shooting!! Haha! But the crowds who came here to eat is really full.  Levain is build in a nice cozy bungalow with 2 floors and the space is very spacious. It is a warm and lovely French-style bakery and café where you can savour soft, warm and superbly fresh breads and pastries while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Since we have more than 10 of us here, we manage to find 1 seats for us on the second floor. Although the space is limited but still we manage to sit together. They serve soups, spaghetti, pizza, breads and desserts too! When you just step into the cafe, you can smell freshly baked bread on your left side. You need to order and pay your food at the counter downstairs. Don't worry because they will bring your food to you, except of you have your bread in your bread tray. =D

Chicken Karaage Curry Rice RM12.80 Babe order. Since he wanted to have rice for lunch and since their rice is quite limited. Taste okay not very spicy.
Woo la guys! Before I continue my retreat post I wanted to write a few food post that I went last weekend. But My retreat left whole lots of photo to be spam only >>>> Not sure I should post all photos to my facebook since I left photos to be post only. Back to my food post, this place didn't purposely go on that particular day because since it is just the start of holiday. I really feel excited when Raya Holidays is here but think of its gonna end, feel so unwilling to let my holiday pass so fast!!! Last Saturday my baby let me go shopping time my friend. We choose this place for our evening time break and relax moment. 

Another thing is I wanted to go to is Lacelle roadshow at Sg Wang, so basically we just drop by to the Van to join the roadshow. Lacelle is a new brand contact lens at Malaysia, now they are searching for new faces for Lacelle and promoting their new contact lenses too! They will be having this small roadshow until 1st of September. You can just come by to Lacelle #WOW truck for a free pair of colour contact lenses and a free photoshoot session. You can check their roadshow schedule at their websites too!