October gonna end soon, feel so sad that time passes so fast and still got a lot of busy workload to do. Since year end is here, my company is getting prepare for the campaign and have to work over time starting next week. Might not able to blog a lot for the coming week. But good news is SALES is coming soon!! It was the best time to shop for new cloths for this coming festive season.

Yeah so I guess I'm gonna shop a lot of make up and cloths, or maybe not in the mean time I need to save a lot of money for travel. I really hope I can control my money usage with all these sales campaign coming.

Back to my post today, gonna update what I wear during the month of September. I know I'm one month late but I hope I can have more time and more hardworking for my blog. I try to do October outfit post for coming week. 

Hi lovelies, if you have been follow me in Instagram you will know that I have a make over just few weeks ago. It happen on the most busy and sad week that I encounter. So I kinda have mix feeling for the day I photo shoot, not sure whether to be happy and sad about it. But the happy things I manage to do it on the Actual Shooting day itself without have to postpone the shooting schedule again just for me.

I will definitely remember that week so well and thanks God for everything that he had plan for me. Another thing that I want to be thankful of is I won the Biotrue® Experience Contest as their 3rd Prize Winner. I did write a post about the event launch and the Contest too previously. 

The day I received the email announced that I have won, I was so excited and feel like I am dreaming. I have win myself 200 Cash Prize + 3 Days 2 Nights Hotel Stay at Alunan Boutique Resort + 2 Months Supply of Biotrue ONEday Lenses worth RM 500 + Aster Spring Facial & Eye Treatement worth RM300.

I am really happy that I was really lucky enough to win all these and specially THANKS to BAUSCH + LOMB once again.

Want to see hows my after make over looks like? Until now we still haven't receive any official photos from BAUSCH + LOMB. But I will just share some of the shooting photos that my boyfriend help me to take.

Hi lovelies! Despite the crazy weather with the super hazey weather that coming all the way from Indonesia. Many people were sick with, cough flu and eczema getting worst. Make sure get yourself hydrated always, rest more and drink more water.

Beside getting yourself hydrated, don't forget about your skin too! Few days before when I read through facebook, I saw that if you do your laundry expose to sun with haze, it will cause itchiness to your body when you wear the cloth. Everyone make sure do your laundry indoor when the haze is really serious. That is why hydrating your skin is really important for this Hazey Season to prevent dryness and itchiness to your skin.

Once again I am always a fan for Natta Cosme. Their product always the best and I have been collaborated with them for few times too. Thanks again for Natta Cosme for introduce such good product for me and my readers!

Have you heard of Einstein which the famous scientist in the world? Now we have a cafe that have the same name of Einstein Cafe! Fred not is not open by Einstein but it was just the same name. It was my first time to this cafe during last 2 month. So you might be wandering about the picture style and watermark was slightly different from my previous post.

This will be a short post of my cafe experience at Einstein Cafe. Although it was not my first top choice cafe in Petaling Street, but once a while you can visit here to enjoy your afternoon coffee or tea time here.

The word for their signature board is full with super bright light bulb.

Hi all today gonna share a good news to all of you, did you guys still remember about BAUSCH + LOMB Biotrue® ONEDay Lenses I blog about last month. In the end of the post, I share a eye exercise video that For every video uploaded during the campaign, BAUSCH + LOMB will make a RM5 donation to the Malaysia Association for the Blind. 

This campaign end on the 30th September 2015 and BAUSCH + LOMB Social Media Campaign Raises RM8,880 of donation for Malaysian Association for the Blind on World Sight Day 2015. 

Although I am not able to presence during the Giving Cheque Ceremony to Malaysia Associations for the Blind. But in my heart I was deeply encourage and moved by this campaign purpose. Although the amount is not important in this campaign, but the purpose and the action that BAUSCH + LOMB did to the Malaysia Associations for the Blind was truly inspiring and encouraging.

A new Japanese dessert shop open in the busy town of SS2 - P.S. Tokyo.

P.S. Tokyo has their opening on the 4th October 2015. I was proud to be invite to their Pre launch on the 3rd October 2015. Maybe you guys will wonder about the name origin. Why P.S. Tokyo? What does the P.S. stands for? According to Patricia the owner of P.S. Tokyo,  P.S. refers to the Latin post scriptum, an expression of “written after”. Be it words, sentence or paragraph, what is usually written after the end is so important that it should not be excluded. This is the type of encarved experience they wanted their customers to have at the end of every visit.

P.S. Tokyo was easy to locate in the busy town at SS2. It was same row with the Police Station and the only upstairs cafe with see through big glass window facing the busy traffic at SS2. 

I love how the see through big glass that stands out among all the building. To give a similar authentic experience, they created an interior resembling a cozy and quiet minimalist cafe facing the busy traffic at Omotesando. Although we might need some time to search for the place, but after knowing where it locate it was actually easy!

P.S. Tokyo is giving a unique Japanese experience on top of serving quality Japanese desserts and drinks.

Ever wanted to be like Korean who have flawless make up on their face or even wonder how Korean maintain their flawless and poreless whenever they go?

The answer is by using LANEIGE All New Mini Pore Range - The Perfect Duo to Complement the BB Cushion Pore Control. 

Today I will be sharing the LANEIGE BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++ and some of the basic make up tools you need for a poreless and flawless make up look. I got to hands on LANEIGE Cushion Highlighter and My first concealer also from LANEIGE as well. Lastly, you'll need a lipstick to give you more energetic and youthful look too!

Hi guys start my second week in October with another shooting post I did in August. How fast the time flies that we left 2 months plus till we end the year of 2015. Last week have been a hectic week for me, as I experience loss of my grandfather, busy schedule with my photo shooting for Bausch & Lombs, my boyfriend's birthday and serving in Church.

I can't imagine how I manage to do all this in just 4 days. Staying night in my grandparents was not easy, not able to rest through out the funeral ceremony, rushing back KL to done all my unfinished things. Plus with my period is starting on the Saturday. Seriously I need rest and more rest after all this. Thank God I some how manage to survive with all these.

Back to my post, just show you guys some of the shooting I done with my boyfriend. I like how we often mingling around the place and shoot according the places we went. We plan to shoot at Merchant Lane but the cafe was close due to Public Holiday. So we choose another cafe to have the shooting.

We are at Einstein Cafe. The interior was really vintage and I love this corner of the place with the wooden furniture and the color as well.
Hi lovelies, finally I have time to blog about my September outfit post. All the while I been busy with other post and with my work life too. I can't wait to share all these 4 outfits I have wear during August and September. 

I don't always wear or make up during weekdays. I put minimal foundation and my casual work outfit and I am good to go for work! I rest my skin along the weekdays. I prefer to do it on weekend as I will have more time for myself. I choose to play around with outfit and make up as well. I think that every girl should try to make some time yourself

So that we could Be pretty and Be confident!

Ever wish to received flower that never dry out but it can keep for years? No worries as today I will blog about a flower that can keep for years and mostly forever too! A little intro about Evermore Flower. Start to curious how was it looks like? Go through my post to saw more of these pretty handmade paper flower by Wai Yan the main people in charge for Evermore Flower. 


Evermore Flower, 100% handmade flower crafted by master florist in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, was established retail handmade flower since 2014. Each of the florist love flowers and beautiful design. Their love to the flower is clearly presented in each of their handmade flower creation.

Evermore Flower product style is in between conventional to modern chic. Every little detail draws to their attention and using their creativity to add some finishing touch to beautify the entire presentation of the design. That's the reason why Evermore Flower creation can be easy distinguished from others. Evermore Flower also make sure that all of their design have to meet certain quality standards before reaching out to customer.

Evermore Flower will also ensure only environmental friendly and non toxic materials are used. At Evermore Flower, every piece is a masterpiece.

Congratulation for Evermore Flower Launch their first retail store at Pivoine Peony Boutiqe.

Is been a while I stop my SkinSoul Journey on my blog. Now I'm back with the final and my favorite product from SkinSoul Cosmetics. This is Natural Volume Attack Mascara from SkinSoul.

This product is one of their Best Selling product in SkinSoul! Wanted to know why, slowly read though my post and you will know WHY. 

Do you wish for a natural grow fuller and longer lashes without any fake lashes or extension lashes to burden your eye? 

 Natural Volume Attack Mascara from SkinSoul.