Finally gonna share my 7 Days 6 Night Itinerary post about my trip to Japan during their sakura period. My Airasia flight was 2:30pm from KLIA 2 to Haneda Airport on the 29th March. We reached there around 10:30pm according to Japan time. Usually is up to you whether you wanted to stay nearby the airport or the capsule they provided for the first night you arrived in Japan. Basically the Day I was on the plane for 7 hours and we rush to our Airbnb Place at Asagaya Station reach there around 12:30am

Remember to booked 6 nights not 5 nights, we making some mistake and luckily the Airbnb host let us to stay another night because we had some miscommunication. Basically I have share my experience about the transportation and accommodation I have stay during my trip. You can refer back to this post here to read again. I kinda not recommend my Airbnb Listing because is better to plan your accommodation near to Tokyo Metro. 

The advantages of my Airbnb Listing is they provided us pocket wifi together and consider cheap during stay period for Sakura Season. Disadvantages is they only reachable by JR Line, if you have plan your Itinerary near to all the Famous Tourist spot in Tokyo, better to find accommodation near to Tokyo Metro Line.

Its been a while since I talk about BB Cushion. It was almost a year ago, not to be say because I don't dare to open a new BB Cushion before I have finish mine previous one. One BB Cushion can holds me for 9 months to 12 months. I always use it only in Weekends only, which mean I use for 2 Days per week. My Skin type was consider Normal to Dry and Skin tone more to yellowish tone. Since I already own a Laneige Bb Cushion previously, I get this same color No.21 Natural Beige for myself.

I have some addiction with this Playnomore blinking eye cartoon. Which totally get me hooked and fall in love with this blinking eye cartoon. When I know that LANEIGE is collaborate with Playnomore, I was so excited and can't wait the real launching date at Malaysia. Not to say I even booked it earlier, so that it won't out of stock by the time I wanted to buy. Nevertheless I am a huge fan of LANEIGE , especially their BB Cushion and Lips product.

Hello guys, today will blog about a really fun and happy event I have join last few weeks. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Canon Imaging Asia organise and invite me to this super fun filling event at Whup Whup Cafe. This time we not only have Canon Malaysia joining us but we have Rilakkuma here as well. 

Now Canon has partnering with the much-loved Rilakkuma and joins the bandwagon by encouraging users to artistically incorporate the ToyTravel trend in their photos and at the same time, inspire creativity among social media users. To kick things off, users can now have Rilakkuma as their next travelling companion with Canon's special edition EOS M10 Box set, bundled with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy

What is actually ToyTravel? Will slowly explain to all of you while I bring back all of you to the event where I get the chance to take photo non stop with Rilakkuma and all my beloved butterflies who attend the event.

Gonna share some good healthy things for all of you. I have not been a really slim girl in all my life, when you see that I always wear outfit that makes me looks slim that is because I tend to know how to cover the fats on my body. I love snack, chocolate and ice cream. When I'm in stress I always go and look for them. Ever since I have been sick, my taste bud was totally tasteless and I always craving for something sweet and salty after my meal. 

Now I have try Centa Svelte that are available from Guardian and Watson Malaysia. Whats so cool about this Centa Svelte Slender Jelly? It helps to make me feel fuller whole day, keep me away from all the snack that makes me fat. How cool was that, I don't have to worry with the craving of eating snack after meal when I start consumer Centa Svelte.

Back to my weekend post I wear last month. This time I have continue my vintage look by wearing this new flare pants I bought few months ago. I didn't really wear it when I got this pants, because I feel that it was long for me since I only like 155cm tall. Plus I don't have certain occasion to actually wear this pants out. 

Finally I decided to wear it to my church service that week with a pair of heels to make my legs looks slimmer and taller. Since the pants color actually quite stand out as well, I decided to go for a really plain white top to match with the vintage flare pants.

Last month, I have the chance to try Mayfair Bodyline service thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia. During this journey with Mayfair, I have try their Body and Face treatment. I got to try their signature Chili Slimming Wrap to help shaping my body shape and R3 Pro Facial for my face. 

Mayfair is located at Pavilion Beauty Hall where it was at the level 7 of Pavilion.

Hi all, finally my last post for my Day 1 visit to Tokyo during Sakura Season. You can read back my previous Japan post by the end of my post ya. Finally I have reach the last post for my Day 1 journey to Tokyo Japan. I can't wait to share for more and show you guys all the photos I take during my trip. Since this is the last post for my Day 1, I will gonna spam a lot of photos as well. Also I realize that I haven't post out my itinerary of my trip. After I compile my Day 1 post, next I will move on to my 6 Days 5 Nights Itinerary Post. 

Guess what Day 2 Post is about Tokyo Disney Sea!! Feeling so excited and can't wait to share with all of you.

After attending the launch preview of Mamonde last month, I couldn't stop loving Mamonde product and been using them since then. This is the first time I heard about Mamonde and grow to learn more of their product. We got to try their Best Seller Mamonde First Energy Essence and Serum as well. I always love scented product which at first not too strong smell for me too. But their product give the just right of the scent that I like whenever I am using their product.

Continue to read why I love this product so much and what's so special about their First Energy Essence and Serum.

Happy Weekends guys! I have not been blogging my outfit post for the past 2 weeks. This time I will blog about my outfit I wear during last month too. Usually I don't really wear jeans during weekend because I have been wearing jeans during weekdays to work. But sometimes when I couldn't find any bottom to match with my top, I will usually just grab my jeans and match with it.

This outfit is the combination of vintage print and casual jeans look. 

The GreyHound Cafe is a new cafe in Kl area. I was quite exciting and can't wait to visit this cafe, I always feel that in KL there are not much new cafe in town. Since I am staying in KL, cafe in KL will be more convenient for me. But sadly most of the Cafes are always located at PJ or Sunway area which is not convenient for me. 

When GreyHound Cafe is finally in KL Town, I decide to pay a visit to this Cafe during weekends. The GreyHound Cafe originality from Bangkok and guess what Bangkok always have a lot of nice ambiance and pretty cafe in town. Its been a while since I visit Bangkok and I been wanted to do a Cafe Hopping trip in Bangkok.  

Yeah finally a beauty post in my blog, this time I will talk about a daily use product of every girl. Lipstick or lipbalm is like a everyday use product for a girl. Even you are going for a daily casual date out or going for work. Lipstick can give you a very good impression when you are going out meeting customer or even friends. It just give your daily look a lift up energy and provide the moisture that your lip needed too.

In the markets now you can find a lot of lipstick or even lip balm that you like, but LipIce being the No. 1 lip care brand in Malaysia introduced the newly upgraded LipIce Sheer Colour. Designed to work like magic on the lips, the color changeable lip balm glides on clear when it is first applied on the lips. In just a few seconds, your lip colour changes to a natural sheer pink unique to the individual that enhances the beauty of your lips. How convenient is it!

Ohai back to my usual Japan post, I always thought of combine all Day 1 photo in just 1 post but I can't decide on which photo I should choose. Plus for my first 2 days travel to Japan I visited 3 places in 1 day, so I decided to separate my post to few separate post. Hope you guys not feeling bored reading my Japan trip post. Because each post, I took quite a lot of photos when I visit to different place at Tokyo. The view is really pretty just the sky are mostly gloomy all the while.

Pretz n' Bean has open a new outlet at Bangsar area. Which I think this was a smart choice because in Bangsar, you can always find all the yummy and nice cafe for a chill out afternoon session. Since Pretz n' Beanz has open a outlet here at Bangsar, it was a good news for all Pretzel lover too! In this new outlet, Pretz n' Bean has come out with few new dishes and they added some fun 3D painting too! You can take photo and pose with their 3D painting and enjoy your pretzel.