Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is finally less than a month! I can't wait for Christmas and Holidays. Because I been so freaking busy during this pass months and heck I can't wait for Christmas to come so that I can clear my leaves. Yes, My Leaves for total 12+1 Days pending!

I shall continue my ranting on my next post, today I will share with you this Festive Christmas Buffet I had to enjoy at Big Apple Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL. What can we not miss during Christmas? Turkey? Lamb? Steak? Let's see what this year Christmas Buffet at Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL can offer to all of us during this Christmas Festive!

The ever popular festive celebration is just around the corner and it is time to plan your year-end festival gatherings at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL. The hotel is offering the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner on 24th December 2016, Christmas Hi-Tea Brunch on 25th December 2016 & New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner on 31st December 2016 at Big Apple Restaurant.

Hey pretties, today will blog about a Signature Glow Treatment that I recently try at Aesthetic And Medical Laser Centre by London. I never really try any aesthetic treatment before because I afraid that my skin will have breakouts and the side effects of the treatment. But sometimes beauty is hard to maintain because there are so many unknown factors that will cause our skin aging faster.

Luckily I am introducing with this Signature Glow Treatment. I can gladly say that this treatment causes no pain, no downtime and can see immediate effects after 2 days of the treatment too.

Ohai a short update on my weekend outfit! As promise I been wearing jeans outfit recently and this is the another pair of jeans which I really like. I like how it can prolong my body proportion and it was high waisted too. 

When I first saw the model wear the jeans, I was definitely feeling to own these jeans for myself. But upon receiving this pair of jeans, I was not liking it due to its cutting and make me looks shorter after wearing it. But after I try and create a fun outfit with this jeans. I straight away fall in love with this pair of jeans! Read more to see more outfit details.

Woola I'm back to a travel post after few weeks, left 1 and half day post before I end my Japan Travelogue. During the day 5, we just manage to do some shopping and walking around Shinjuku after sakura viewing at Chidorifugachi. 

Shinjuku was a really big distinct and they have the busiest railway station in Tokyo too! Be sure not to lose your way when you visit Shinjuku. So the first day at Shinjuku was a really tough one but luckily we spend half day here. We have been asking around how to go Isetan from the railway station. Because the Shinjuku station is way too BIG and connected to so many entrances too.

Step up to TEMPTationS from 11th to 30th November 2016 as Delhi-born Chef Himanshu Roye will take your palate on an incredible Indian spice sojourn. Available for dinner only, diners will be able to savor a selection of meticulously crafted Indian dishes prepared with traditional spices masterfully mixed by the maestro himself.

Chef Himanshu's mastery with Indian spices will be demonstrated in the subtle ways he spices his culinary creations such as boneless fish tandoori, chicken tikka and tandoori lamb chops, prepared on a rotation basis during the Taste of India promotion. Diners should also look out for his laudable gulab jamun at the dessert section.

Hey peeps, gonna do a short update on my weekend outfit. I will busy coming Thursday and Friday. But will be only staying home during the weekends due to Bersih happening on this weekend too. I hope that I can manage to blog 2 posts before the weekend. Feeling motivated now again.

Can't wait for the weekend to arrive so that I can rest and spend the rest of my weekend at home.

Time for some foodie update! It's been a busy and pack weekend I had for last week. Recently I just have thought of just throw everything aside despite only to have sleep, rest, and doing nothing whole day. But I'm still holding on until the end of December. So just wish me luck so that I can manage my task in my work and my blog too!

Today will share some yummy Korea BBQ Meal at Damansara Uptown. I always a fan of Korea BBQ, definitely need to fix my craving for it once a month. Being able to enjoy special fruit marinated beef BBQ and octopus in BBQ style was definitely a mouth watering journey I had here.

Hada Labo 'Skin Beauty Confidence'
Date: 29th October 2016
Venue: Watsons Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid

Hada Labo's  'My Skin Beauty Confidence Campaign' which is now entering the second phase since its launch, culminate with its featured celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Chris Tong and Daphne Low reaching out to the public in sharing about the importance of having good skin and how that can increase one's self-confidence.

 The campaign kick-started with a viral video in August 2016 which aims to share the secret to feeling confident about oneself that is by maintaining beautiful skin. 

Hola everybody, this week will be the busiest weeks ever since 11/11 is coming. I will try to update as soon as possible when I have time to do so. Today post will be sharing my another favorite beauty haul from Korea Make Up Artist Pony - Pony Effect Contouring Master Palette. I am a fan of Pony Make Up Artist, her skin is so flawless and she is so pretty. Her makeup is so on-point and inspired a lot of makeup geek like me! When she release this Pony Effet makeup products, I die die also want to try out her Pony Effect makeup product.

I bought one her eye shadow last year December palette from their previous collection with Memebox. This time I manage to buy her contour palette and highlight brush too. Both of my hauls is from Hermo.my.

Who here's are seafood lover? Me! I love prawns, crab and fish! I never get bored of eating seafoods since it was my favorite. But also I never always eat seafood too since there's not much of seafood resaturant that serves great seafoods nearby my house. 

I'm really happy to finally try this hand feast seafood at Vitamin Sea. Well the venue was far from my place but nevertheless it was definitely worth the travel and visit afterall!

What's your plan for coming weekend? Mine was pretty busy and hope I have enough energy to survive the coming campaign from my company. Btw I finally visited the new Ikea just near my house, but I was there for lunch and not enough time really shop and take a photo too. Hope I can visit there again and take some fun outfit shots there.

Here's to another pink weekend outfit post! 

Hey Lovelies, this week will be catching up some weekend outfit post! I will be having a lot of pink theme outfit which I recently bought. Although I did mention before that blue might be my favorite color, somehow blush pink looks really alluring too. I can't really take my eyes away from everything that is blue or pink. Just admit it. LOL

PS: I will have another pink weekend outfit coming up next too.