Hi pretty~ A review post is up, this time is about Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner. This was a new brand of liquid eyeliner in Malaysia under Mee Cosmectic. This new brand is from Thailand but product is made in Korea.  It was a fast selling product in Thailand and Hong Kong. Now Mee Cosmetic is available at Malaysia!

This wonderful eyeliner has even won as CLEO Best Liquid Eyeliner 2014 Award. Is my honor to received this eyeliner and to share this Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner to you guys!

Packaging was a simple design with pink and black theme.
Finally have some time to post my January outfit before January Ends. My first outfit post of the year and January have total 5 weeks of weekend but I just shared out 3 outfits that I wore during Sunday. Hope you guys enjoy my post. I will have 1 more outfit post before February come!

I love all the outfit I wear and it just start with a basic outfit, such ah Basic Color Shirt, Skirt or even Dress. I start to love mix and match simple basic cloths to a everyday cloths. It was really simple by adding some bright and chunky accessories, shoes or even bag!

My 3 January Outfits.
Hi peeps, I know I have been not blogging recently because of sick and busy day. I have been sick for a week, from sore throat, flu and cough. Body feel weak and just feel like doing nothing. But I will try update once I feel better, later I will doze off to sleep after my lunch. 

Today will blog about Tripda.

What is Tripda?

The Good Batch @ Damansara Utama

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I almost forget about this post until when I reorganize photo then I realize I haven't write this food post. Actually just went here during the start of the month, for Allecia farewell to study at Seremban. We'll just came here for gathering and good food.

The Good Batch serve many yummy food with EGG, that's what bring us here. The Good Batch is always pack with customer especially during weekend. We have to line up waiting outside for seats and since not 80% of us are here early, so we waited for 30 minutes.

While waiting here's my #sharonootd of the day. White + Polka Dots.
Heyo, this week will gonna rush my food post that I want to introduce to me fellow readers. I will start with this new restaurant open near Ayer Panas. We found that this place is really 富有人情味, old and nice place for gathering. I love how their design, super got feel and vintage too. We will always get attracted by their red vintage signboard and light each time we pass by. Finally we are here!

Their signboard with the word 湖村饭店. I super love the cute japan light beside.
hi peeps, its weekend again. Finally school starts and been busy everyday and tired. Because still need some time to adjust my sleep time and rest time. Still worry about my work and hope it does went well. So that I can really enjoy my holiday and Chinese New Year. 

Today I will continue my Melacca trip part 2 with this super antique and feel cafe. Although I always went to Jonker Street each time I am at Melacca but I never been to this cafe before.

We didn't drive to Jonker Street instead we just walk there and here's our group photo.
Hi peeps, finally I have some time to update my Melacca trip with my church gang on the December. I will separate to 2 post because went to another cafe that is really well design and nice at Jonker Street as well. The new Upside Down House Gallery just open on November 2014. Although this gallery is still new, but you can see crowd are lining up for their turn to go in. When we reach after our breakfast around 11+am, there are already group of tour group lining up and waited for their turn to go in.

We have no choice, the people in charge told us to either wait or to enjoy Nadeje cake first just near the gallery.

Wolaa peeps, finally school starts and I am going to start my busy working life again. Today post will be about a beauty skin product that is Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream. Beauty Talks offer the most luxurious formulas and it was a famous brand from Taiwan. Nevertheless, this 3D Refining Day Cream has been awarded by many magazine before.

Don't fool by it small bottle but it contains many benefits and minerals that you can ever think of. 

iPrice Online Voucher shop

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Hi peeps, gonna blog about iPrice today and I been delayed their post for like months. I am really sorry because really busy until forgotten about the post. I still have some sponsor post to write too, hope I can get it done by Monday.

What is iPrice shop?
iPrice shop provide product information on all brand and also carry online coupons codes for web stores​ such as ZALORA , Lazada and more. They have coupon page for Singapore and Malaysia too. These online coupon codes help online shoppers get additional discounts on their purchases. Today, iPrice is available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and the Philippines.

Doesn't it sound great? Since Zalora and Lazada is Malaysia famous online shop. Not only you can shop at Zalora with reasonable price but with iPrice coupon code you can get additional discount from your purchase. So the price is just getting cheaper with coupon code from iPrice.

Ninja Joe @ Laoyat Plaza

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Hi peeps, weekend is here again how are you going to spend your weekend again? I still have a lot of restaurant and cafe haven't been before. I am really grateful that with this FnB Edition Worthy Book I have more choices to choose and dine!

After working life started, I am back to my busy working life. Weekend is still my relax and chill time. During this time, we will surely went to cafe hopping and shopping. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you could hear Chinese New Year song in most of the shopping mall already. 

Hi guys, my first outfit post of the year. It was a really short post because I was really busy and have no time for rest and blogging. I have delayed many post that I have to find some time to really rest and figure how to write the post. I wish I can have more time for my blog. 

The most easier and fastest post mostly will be fashion and food post. Editing photo of cause have to use up some of the time but I try to do it when I got the time. Hope I can quickly post up my post. 

Recently there was a deep bored feeling in my heart, is just feel like a heavy stone inside my heart. I can feel it everyday. I just don't know, maybe I just don't want to face the truth of working, the truth of facing reality again? I pray for a better way for me to face the problem I have. Hope everything will be fine when the day start.

Today outfit will more to pastel color. I think I tried the combination before. Each time the pastel color combination never fail me. I still love the soft color combination.

Artisan Roast Coffee @ TTDI

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Hi peeps, how are you been in this year 2015? Back to work and school is going to start soon!! Another year going to start and I know many of you should have already plan ahead what your resolution or your target for the year 2015. How you guys spend your New Year Eve? Enjoying with friends or just staying bed? 

In this New Year Eve, me and my friends visit Artisan Roast Coffee at TTDI. My first time here and my first cafe hopping of the year! I remember I told my babe that we have not been to cafe for some time. This New Year Eve, I am celebrating with my Anakainos gang. Before celebrating, we went to have our tea time at Artisan and dinner at Bangkok House. It was a really full filling and fun day spending time with them. Although it was really exhausted because we stay up quite late after the count down too.

Love the quote so much 

New year 2015 Resolution

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Happy New Year 2015! This year first year post is about my New Year resolution of the year and some of my thought and thing I done in 2014. A quickly go through about the resolution I want to achieve in 2014.