Hi peeps, my first time writing and sharing my style collaborate with Glassesonline. Is my third time received email from them and I was quite happy because I can collaborate with them! I tend to know more about them through this collaboration and I think is my pleasure to work with them! haha

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Sweet Kitty Weekend

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Hi my fellow readers! I am going to start my OOTD post now ya, haha. Is my first time writing a OOTD post on my blog so if anything part of my blog is not good enough please do let me know! So that I can improve next time, hahas! I decide to wear this dress on the last Sunday. Tell you guys the truth that this dress I have keep for quite long bought it since last year not sure when already, wtf. But hopes it not too late to wear it now! haha

Just few days ago I got my Kitty bag as well, so I thinking why don't I pair with my dress and my new heels as well! Basically the outfit goes with Black and White theme, because my kitty dress is in white color. I actually thought of wanted to pair with a kitty stocking as well~ But I scare it will be too much so I didn't wear it lar~ Maybe can try the kitty stocking next time. I really love Kitty Pattern a lot because I love KITTY! They are so cute wad!! Especially Hello Kitty~~

Vintage Chinese New Year

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ello peeps, having a Chinese New Year theme shoot again on this year. Last year we have this shooting as well but that time I am not so into blog haha. But now I will blog about it my CNY shoot this year. What do we need for a CNY shooting? A Cheongsam is a MUST! But Cheongsam is one of a hard cloths to find especially youngster nowadays didn't like to wear Cheongsam even my MUM lol!! So we did have some hard time to find a suitable Cheongsam for me to wear and shoot. We search on web but I always doubt their sizes so we didn't successfully bought it online xD So we have to do some homework such as going to shopping LOL!

This time we did not want the red theme again because last year we bought a red hot Cheongsam already. Like this picture shown below, haha. 

So this year we decided to go for pink or white color for this year CNY shooting. We went to Time Square after my work on Thursday. Oh ya, last year Cheongsam we bought it from there as well! hehe We went to the same place and look for different Cheongsam but eventually don't have any Cheongsam that we like. haha We didn't give up but continue look for it at Time Square. I can't say how lucky are we within just 20 minutes we manage to find a shop sells a LOTS of Cheongsam there! The price is super reasonable as well! We are quite thrilled and I try quite a few Cheongsam also and find one that I feel is very vintage soft and ladylike! Just RM59 only~~ hahaha

We did find handphone cases for ourself in buy 2 free 1 promotion! how lucky are we xD But just before the shooting day, I actually fall sick with slightly fever + flu + sore throat. I was wtf am I sick suddenly!? I didn't even like catch a cold or get into rain, my throat was just like normal without any sick sign then I suddenly get cold + flu in the middle of the night. I still go to work larr...with coffee some more then after I busy until 4pm. I suddenly feel body weak and fever already!! wtf

Hi peeps, is another monthsary for us! I always feel so happy to be with my darling boy so much! Everyone say that is my luck to have him and know him in my life. I think is absolutely true, I did told my bii that  Everything that is make me now, is all because of you! I really can't imagine life without him because we were meant to be together.

Actually I don't want to mention this but every small details is important to be remember ya. So I will blog here as well, so
Back to food post for now, is just a simply food blog. Since last Tuesday is public holiday due to (don't know who birthday lar) so our cg is having some programme for today. We will be playing badminton in the morning and cg in the evening lastly we be having a wonderful dinner gathering at Jalan Pudu restaurant.

Our day is fill with meaningful activities, I am not a good badminton player but after few times train by my darling boy I think my badminton now should be able to catch up, haha. But my darling and some of the guys are playing super hardcore badminton. Girls is just having badminton fun + sport lol. Lunch we eat quite simply because we have to prepare our stomach for super nice food for dinner.

We are having a nice cg gathering at Justin's house. Ended our Cg at 7pm and headed for our dinner place for the night. I not sure how our dai gor Justin find out this restaurant but when I search on the web is look like Sek Yuen Chinese Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in KL. Since year 1948, it is now still standing still, serving their customers with lots of good legendary dishes and dishes full with 古早味. I was like wahh, no wonder we meet up with some uncle there and ask how come we youngster know this old restaurant with GOOD food! haha
Bellooo my lovely readers, you all can know what I will be blogging about by reading the title ya. This workshop although I am not the lucky 10 to join their workshop but I still attend to show my support to them!! Both of them is always one of my favorite fashion blogger. They are so pretty and one of them is already a mummy of one cute fighter and another is mummy to be in few months. Hehe..actually I miss the chance lar because I didn't email to join in time. 

At first when I saw the workshop is going to end like on 8th of January. I feel like giving up maybe their workshop will be more private gua. But my darling bii told me differently lar..he say shouldn't be private in small room de. They have the changing session. I was....hmm..correct wor... so I finally make up my mind to go Isetan Klcc to support! Heyaa~~

We went there after my work at school. A bit rush and I did saw Audrey and her hubby at Tong Pak fu when we are on the way to foodcourt for lunch! My darling say go some nice place to lunch, but I want to finish my lunch faster and go see them ma. So I decide have pepper lunch express to eat! But a bit regret because the steel plate is too hot. I also use quite some time to just blowing my food. == wtf

A bit late but when we are just reach, they are just about to start! So thrilled and happy to see them both~~

Lunch @ Watami and Niko niko Onigiri

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Omg!! Gonna start another food post about japanese food again. Haha..this post will have a lots of yummy food photos so make sure you fill up your stomach before you start to read! Because all the food photos will surely make you hungry!!

I am a big fans of JAPANESE FOOD. When I am hanging out with my hang gai kaki we always craving japanese food. No matter sushi or ramen we always love japanese food! But we always stop by at Sukitte and there always line up with a lots of people so we have to choose other Japanese Restaurant lol. haha

But not to worry Pavilion does have many nice japanese restaurant to choose! We bump into Watami again. I always love their restaurant and food also. Because the food was nice and affordable as well!

Because there is 3 of us we are trying their hot pot for 3 of us. Actually it is perfect for 2 person but since we are not that eat a lot that type so is still enough for us!

Tokyo Kitchen @ Times Square

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Long time didn't post food post here, trying to write some food blog for this week. This place we went last year December. I felt in love with this place because of the interior design. That day we are going to watch a movie at Time Square. We decide to have lunch at there too but places to eat is been a question for us. haha But we just saw the name only and we decide to look for their restaurant and its turn out to be quite a nice place to eat.

Tokyo Kitchen, since the word is start with Tokyo I bet you guys know their specialty in hor!? Japanese food lol! Due to short of time, we actually didn't spend longer time here. But we did some meaningful stuff here also lar..want to know more what things that we did? Continue to read lol! haha
Hi all!! Now I want to introduce another nice place for photoshoot also! Hope you guys like my Doraemon post that I just finish lately. Now I am going to introduce another place as well, this place I saw it at facebook. I just bump into their facebook place and find that this place is very interesting! I just tell my darling why don't we headed to that place so that I can have another nice place to tell my readers! =D

This place is full with 3D's Art on the wall, all were draw on the wall. I quite like their work because it was really quite 3D and looks real enough! haha. I always love to visit places and have fun with taking photo. I think I'm quite addict with it and I got one perfect boyfie as my photographer la. =D teehee

Here start my post

When we first reached our parking, we just saw this our first drawing on the wall.. I am not tall enough to really sleep on the pillow right. xD

My last post about Doraemon Expo, is quite a fun and tiring day for us because I have take a lot of photo and so do my darling help me take a lot too! haha I think he should be the tired one xD Plus, my friend is here and I feel kinda paiseh when they are around. After the merchandise area, there is one small station of the game station. We didn't spend some time playing because I was quite tired and many people there as well. But the booth are nicely decorate and the prize is quite nice!

Let's the photo tell the story!! =D

Hola, hope I can start My DORAEMON post before 2013 ends, but somehow I have too much photo to edit and I will separate to few post. I try to minus down the photo I uploaded here and if you guys want to see full album you have to go through my facebook =D haha

When did I went to this expo? is on the BOXING DAY! We wake up quite early because we scare jam and too many people went to the expo and we can't take many photos de! But when we reach before 10am there already have poeple waiting outside to went in. As for the ticket ya, no worries you can buy it on the ticket counter at VIVA HOME! So ya, The Doraemon expo is at Viva Home. When will the expo end? It will be until 23rd of March 2014, Means you will have 2 months and a half time to plan to go there! haha

Start with the big blue doraemon board!