Today will be doing a short post about ICE CREAM!! I bet it was everyone favorite when it came to Ice Cream. Lately there was this Macaroon Ice Cream that everyone is craving for. It started with a FULL PINK Truck and they start selling Macaron Ice Cream. Negative Celcius start with this super cute and creative Macaron Ice Cream and its seem like it was a HIT till now. I can always see Instagram post with their lovely and cute Macaron Ice Cream when they buy from Negative Celsius.

Negative Celsius - The Most Special Ice Cream (choose to make a difference)

Morning lovely! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead. I was still busy in weekend especially Sunday. Today I guess I will be blogging, editing and maybe do some shooting at home. This blog I will share a little about this Rooftop Secret Garden at 1 Utama. 

I'm not sure if you all heard of this Secret Garden or went there before. So since we were thinking to have some shooting and I have not been to 1 Utama for months. We decide to come and visit this Garden. We did abit research because it was on the Rooftop but how to go up there? Where was it located? I don't even know 1 Utama have Rooftop? LOL

Haha! Even so, we really get lost though because we thought all the lift is able to up UR meaning Upper Roof. We know that we suppose to take lift near HSBC (info from 2012) but we saw the UR Lift we just went up and went up to the Sport and Outdoor Activities of 1 Utama. If you know where I mean, lol. We call the customer service of 1 Utama but nobody answer but the lift that Opposite HSBC is the correct lift. You will saw outside the waiting lift there are many plants and wall is deco with nature wallpaper. Immediately we know we waited at the correct lift.

Hello to all my friends! After the Raya Holidays, I just realise that I have not been blogging for almost a week. During the holidays, I rarely touch my laptop. I spend time with my relatives and read some nice novel. I just feel like wanted to stay away from social media and have a peace of mind. After the holidays, I fall sick, with flu and slightly cough. I feel my body was so heaty inside and I just feel like wanted to just laying on my bed.

Now I am not fully recover yet but going to have my another lookbook video up! Now every month I will have my weekend outfit compiled together in 1 weekend outfit video. Nevertheless, here's some of the photo I took with my outfit.

Hi my lovelies, a skin care review post is up! I am a girl who really love skin care product. My boyfriend always ask why am I so hardworking because I have to apply skin product day and night. My answer would be, If I am not taking care of my skin now, what will happen to my skin 20 years onwards from now? Will you still love for my skin be old and wrinkle?

I bet every girls out there know how important to apply skin care product and even cleansing was a really important step for a healthy and glowing skin. Thanks to Clinelle letting me to have the chance to review about their new series CaviarGold product. It was like a life saver for me as I love firming product so much and especially eye serum. I been suffer with my dark circles and puffy eye for quite some time.

I got this 2 new Baby for my skin care routine.

Hi my lovelies, thanks for all the wishes that you girls wish for me. I was really happy and grateful for all the late wishes! Today post I will be blogging about DIY Nail Gel Art by My Vika Malaysia.

Ever wish to do your own Nail Gel Art by yourself or even by the your loved one. I never knew that it was so easy to DIY your own Nail Gel Art with My Vika Malaysia. My Vika is from Korean, design by Nawon Lee, a korean designer who passionate about nail art. She design many really pretty and chic nail art. My Vika even have their own Ultimate Nail Kit for your own DIY Nail Gel Art.

Vika High Tea Party
Venue: Jaya One Pop 
Date: 28th June 2015
Time: 2pm - 4pm

Hi lovely, this week was a hectic for me as I was really busy with my church activities. It was been so long since I really join and help out in events. It was really tiring and fun as well. I am no longer that age that can always stay so late night. Sorry that I will be neglected my blog this weekend. But there's more fun and joy to share my post to all of you guys.

This year was my 24th Birthday and birthday seems not that important to me any more. I only wish to be the together to the one I love and with my little family members. I am not much a party people, but important is you are being loved by people around you. I still feel bless with loved and bless by people around me. 

Hi beautiful, today I will be blogging about Blogging 101 Workshop that I went on 20th June 2015 at The Canvas, Damansara Perdana. It was a workshop that organize by The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers. I was really excited with this workshop as I wish to meet my bloggers friend in this workshop. 

We have 4 special speakers in this Blogging 101 Workshop. We have Termina as our Emcee of the day and Aaron our Comedian of the day.
Hi peeps, another food post by the end of weekend. It has already pass half of the year of 2015. Many things had happened in the first half year. I have a lot of happy and some unhappy memories too. But June is the happiest month as I had celebrate my birthday and our anniversary love date together. I will be blogging about my birthday soon!

I still miss Bangkok and their food! I am here at Bangkok Beat Bistro to enjoy my Thai food cuisine here.

Bangkok Beat Bistro 

Hi my lovelies! I know I been lacking my fashion updates because I have some problems with my editing software. I am still improving and learning through my editing skills. Hope can get more inspire by watching different lookbook video from other blogger.

This time I am filming crop series in my fashion lookbook. This time I just film 3 outfits in this video. The first outfit I wear my crop with my stripe cut in dress. Its just inspire me to have a video about crop series lookbook. I know not everyone will wear a crop with a dress. But because I need to cover up my flabby arm that's why I decide to wear a crop with my dress.