Hey people, by the time you have read my blog post I have been in Japan already. This time I just spend time in Tokyo area. Next time I will be back visiting Osaka and Kyoto as well. This trip I bring a lot of cash with me as I wanted to shop non stop hahahaha. Oh well, back to this outfit. Sunday Worship serving always comes with a dress code that we should wear on stage. This time will be Pink, Purple and White for last Sunday Easter.

On the 12th of March, I have attend blogger conferences with Chef Wan at BMS Organics. We get to meet Chef Wan and take photo with him as well. All the while I have heard a lot of good reviews about BMS Organics, which serve healthy, organics and mainly vegetarian food. 

Hey all is my weekend outfit post again! Been a really hectic whole week for me because nearly having OT since last weekend. Barely rest and manage to squeeze time out with friends and event. Because the OT came in last minutes and it was a really tiring one whole week, its been like forever since I have OT at work. Juggling my time with work, overtime, blog and rest. Now my back is aching because using too much laptop all the while, even back home night also busy blogging.

Beauty post up! I am not a user who use lip balm alot but the problem is I have a bad habit of biting my lips once it was dry. After biting I will have to put on lip balm to let my lips feel moisture and heal faster after the biting. I know that if the habit of biting lips does not change it doesn't make any different even if I keep wear lip balm all the while.

He Tai Shun have been open at PV128 for quite some time which I have not yet visit there until last weekend. So it was quite random and since I plan to go for a haircut before my trip. Yeah and so we decide to give this a try. Turns out it was a Chinese Seafood Restaurant which are mainly only Cooking Fish as their main dish. Sound interesting? Just follow till the end of my post.

Hey everyone, is another weekend coming. I will be busy again during this weekend as well. Well I'm trying to sort out my time with my love and my luggage. Turns out I don't have time to back my own house to pack my luggage I guess. Meaning I still have less than 1 week to settle my outfit and luggage preparation for my coming trip.  

Hope that I can take more OOTD shots during my trips for you guys, you can follow my social media for more updates as well.

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I have noticed a lot lately that people are wearing denim in more ways than just jean pants. Denim rompers, jumpsuits, skirts, and even dresses are becoming very popular in the fashion world. Even if you’re not sure if it is your style, I think if you find the perfect denim garment to fit in with what you already wear, anyone can successfully pull of the denim trend.

Hey people, how's your weekend going? I have well spent my weekend with my loves one too, staying home relax myself with my favorite anime. Sometimes don't let yourself get too busy with a lots of things to do, instead spend some times at home, reading, cook something for yourself and enjoy the moment doing the stuff that you like too. 

Applying mask can be really relaxing and enjoying too. I love to spend time applying mask to pamper my face, to give more moisturize to my face. Especially the weather now in Malaysia, super hot and dry weather, even in aircond room it can cause your skin to dry up quickly. Hence, today I will blog about this 3 mask from My Secret Of Beauty. My secret to have beautiful and moisture skin.

Hi guys, its TGIF again. I guess I will be update my outfit post on Friday because is the time that people are super lazy at work. Because is gonna be weekend again! My luggage preparation for travel is now loading 30% of it because I still waiting for my new clothes to reach my doorstep so that I can bring it along with me. 18 days more to go!

Today outfit will be more on super casual and comfy wear. Why is it because is my favorite culottes again! I got it in my current favorite color, khakis! I just fall in love with this color recently because I feel it was much mature color and different color to try. Grey and Khakis can be a good matchy color if you would love to choose a color beside from White and Black.

Happy Wednesday everyone! First time blogging about hotel review in my blog. Thanks to my dear friend Adeline who invite me along with her. We got to sleep over together, talk non stop and do some crazy things together too. I guess this is how BFF do things together. 


Hotel Richbaliz is the 1st EM ® certified hotel in Malaysia. Construct with eco friendly micro organism solution for cleaner air. Delivering a healthy environment for guests and employees.

This laid-back hotel is 6 km from the Hindu temples and shrines at the Batu Caves and 13 km from the Putra World Trade Centre.

The cosy, relaxed rooms and suites feature Balinese decor touches and contemporary glass-fronted en suite bathrooms. All offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screens, and tea and coffee making facilities. Some rooms have 4-poster beds. Upgraded quarters add minibars and complimentary breakfast, while suites have sitting areas. Room service is available. The hotel has a casual restaurant/bar featuring concrete floors.

Hi all lovelies, its been a while since I blogged about food here. Went to Nana's Green Tea during the last weekend with Adeline. Guess what we are both Matcha lover that is why here this is perfect Matcha Date together.

I guess everyone heard about Nana's Green Tea before right, but this is the first time I dine in and enjoy their Match Green Tea dessert. There are many franchise around Kl and Selangor area. But at One Utama, The branch here served a lot of varieties of food, including set meal, drink and of cause their signature Matcha dessert.

Its been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit, I been feeling a bit lazy lately to dress up myself during weekend. Been quite busy during weekends also lol, I haven't pack my outfit for my coming trip also. Can I have like 48 hours for during weekends so that I can settle all my pending stuff that I need to do?
I finally got the chance to wear this super pretty dress I got from Poet Weare Fashion last week I plan to wear during my Valentines Celebration. But things happened okay haha. I fall in love with the dress because of their beautiful applique details on the neckline. The design was super pretty and there are so many pretty details in this dress as well.

This time I will blog about a really interesting product that is Korea's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology - Syringe of Skin Booster. It was my first time encounter with this product and it was a really interesting to know that we can use this skin booster now in Malaysia also. Wanted to know what's the benefit and function of this skin booster?

A syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks. It is greatly hydrating, smoothing, moisture whitening and classifies to cosmeceutical grade skin care product. Besides that it has silky texture, refreshing and easily absorb to our skin.