Hi peeps, we have less than 36 hours and 2015 is here! Have you all ready yourself for the brand new year to start? Although the end of 2014 has gone through a lot disaster and sad things happened. But all us Malaysia was praying hard for a better 2015 ahead of us.

A really simple outfit post on Christmas day itself. The #Christmaseotd event was a blast and we almost slept at 2am that night.  Since I am having headache that night, we are really late to church. This is the outfit I wear on that day. Although we were already running late but I still manage have my reindeer hair tie up. 

White top and red pants perfect for a Christmas outfit. 
Hi my fellow readers, just got the news that whole Malaysia starting school will be on the 12th of January. So we still have 1 more week of holiday till school starts. It was like half a good news and half a bad news for me. Since I know I have not rest enough due the trips and Christmas event, with the 1 more week holiday I can sit back and relax at home. But I still need to go to school for deco and some paperwork too. Still I have 1 more week till I meet with my students again! The bad part was my work schedule will surely be the rush one, since we have postpone 1 week before the school starts.

Pray hard for all of these disaster. The missing flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and the floods among the country. We know that God has protected our country for the 5 years without any big disaster. But this year with all these disaster, the prophecy became true. We will continue to pray for Malaysians for God protection for us and bless Malaysia!

Gonna have some short update what I do during Christmas eve at Mid Valley.

Christmas @ Pavilion

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Hi peeps, its really been a busy weekend for me because of Christmas! But everyday was a bless and happy day for me. I was busy with my church event after travelling back from Bangkok. The event was a blast and end with an enjoyable night of blessing too! Although most of us didn't get to rest well and fully committed  in this event. But all the good works does pay off! 

I think we are definitely so #YOLO we didn't rest much and we went straight to Melacca on 25th midnight. I can't believe how our body can stand all these craziness that we been nearly slept late all these nights. Thanks God for all his blessing and we are able to back to KL and continue to serve tomorrow Sunday! I am gonna finish this post before I dozed of.

This year Pavilion Christmas Decorations can say the most grand I ever see.
Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is just around the corner. How you guys will be celebrate in this festive season? With friends?family? Since I am a Christians Christmas have been a meaningful festive season to me. I loves present, Christmas tree, Christmas Carol and Jesus! I will be busy with church activities and exchange gifts. I actually love it a lot! This special festive season actually brings me joy and love.

Not to say I still have some post haven't write yet. With all the busy schedule I can't believe that school holidays is going to end soon. Like previous year, I still love to visit mall and see all their Christmas Decoration. The first mall I'm gonna visit and blog about is 1 Utama!

This year theme will be the Animal Woodland Wonderland theme.

To my Darling Baby Boy

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哈咯,又要用华语写文章了。每次写华语的文章时都是写些关于心里的想法,我记得以前我常常会写我们一起甜蜜相处的日子。但是日子久了,我很少在Blog写些这样的东西了。原因是宝贝说因为部落格是公众的,所以不好一直给人看到我们甜蜜的照片,接下来就是自己也一直在为event, food和product写文章。然后其实我都一直想写关于你的文章,希望你看到也不要介怀。因为无论如何,我还是想写这篇文章。

Food Panda Malaysia

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Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is just around the corner and have you decide on your Christmas Dinner with your family or your loved ones? If you scare of traffic jams during this festive season, or afraid the restaurant might be fully booked too. Afraid not, because with Food Panda you will not face all these problem! 

What is Food Panda?

[Foodpanda] is an online food delivery service that makes it easy for customers to order food from the best restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home. With more than 500 restaurants to choose from, Foodpanda makes food delivery in Malaysia faster, easier and more convenient. Customers can order food from popular international chains.

The cuisine list on foodpanda is quite tempting too. Customers can order wide range of cuisines like Sushi, Indian food, Malay, Middle Eastern Food or western food. Thirst-quenching beverages can also be ordered from famous places like Chatime, Starbucks and Denise Wines. Ordering fast food at home has never been this easy. Order from Burger Kaw Kaw or Papa John's, it'll be delivered in no time. Got back home late from work? Many restaurants like Cubes Pizza provides food delivery in Malaysia after 11 pm.

Sound so tempting right? You can order when you are at home or even office too! Wanted to know how you can make order and let your food deliver to your house in no time?

Hi peeps, a short outfit post of the month. I hope the photos didn't scare you off since this what I am wearing during normal weekend. Not really specify in any make up or wearing contact lens. Is just me, the original of the part of myself. I am not a very pretty or thin girl, just have the love for fashion and cloths! This month is surely a busy month for me. Many happy and unhappy things happened, but life still go on. Here are some of the outfit I wore last few weeks.


Hey guys, I am back for more food post after 5 days getaway to Bangkok. Can't wait to show you guys the photos I took in Bangkok. I will try to arrange and start perhaps before school start. 

Ever since I buy Worthy Book FnB edition 2014/2015, I can always flip this book and look for yummy food whenever I went to a mall. With Worthy Book I can always enjoy yummy food with free deals and discounts!! How great was that! If you wish to buy this awesome book edition you can simply look at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected myNEWS.com outlets in KL and Selangor.  

The 4 special deals you can get if you dine in at Three Little Pigs with Worthy Book.
Hi peeps, a super delayed post and videos too!! I went to Viva Circus Festival on the 29th of November. Although that night was a raining and I was late too! Because like normal Saturday night, raining and was rather jam at that time. Just when I reach, they have already started the performance. As I am late and hungry, can't manage to take videos with all these awesome performance they bring to the audience.

Many audience were they to support and see the performance. Everyone is amaze with all the performer skills and performance. It was indeed a wonderful show full of surprises and love. The performance was for 2 hours and all of the performance practices use a lot of time just wanted show the best of them. Give them your applause and support Viva Circus Festival!!

Hi peeps, is gonna to another weekend of December. I can't bear how ties flies and soon Christmas is here and so do 2016 year. I hope I can have more time in blogging because I been busy with Christmas and Holiday in this month. It was a really happy and full filling month for me. I get to know many new friends, get a new mirrorless camera, and go to Bangkok soon!!

Opps, stop my ranting first and I will start to blog about the wonderful makan session with Worthy Book Team at Din Tai Fung, 1 Utama. 

[Din Tai Fung] Din Tai Fung was originally founded as a cooking oil retail shop in 1958. As the consumption patterns of cooking oil started to change in the early 1970's threatening the survival of the business, Din Tai Fung was transformed to a restaurant in 1972 serving Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Dumpling).

The New YorkTimes, 1993, rated Din Tai Fung as among the top ten restaurants of the world, the only Asian Restaurant on the list. The Pavilion branch has been voted as the top Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. in 2013, Din Tai Fung was ranked No 1 in the "101 Best restaurants in Asia" list, released by US based food website, The Daily Meal; and world's second best chain for travellers by CNN.

Utensil prepared at Din Tai Fung.

Baan 26 @ Changkat, Bukit Bintang

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Today will write a post about Baan 26. A Thai Seafood Restaurant & Bar located at Changkat Bukit Bintang. They offer a great range of Thai. A bar during night time as well. First time here and try a lot of delicious Thai food here. 

The menu at Baan 26 has pretty much what Malaysians loves, the essential Thai dishes likeTom Yam, Thai Fish Cake, Spring Rolls, Curries, Pandan Chicken, single dishes anddesserts too!

Menu of Baan 26.
Morning my fellow readers, is been a long time since I update any beauty post because I was really with work. Since I am having holiday now, I can actually post many post that I keep postpone. Candy Skin has come out with a new Velvet Matte Lipstick during a few months back.

You can imagine how long I been postponed this post. I keep wanted to post about it but really no time to do it. I bought 2 of it, one is for my mum and one is for me. I didn't get to show you guys the color I bought for my mummy since she haven't start use yet. I choose a slight dark and orange for my mummy  La Pâquerette 雏菊 and for myself I wanted to try some bright and sexy lipstick color I choose L'aubépine 山楂花 .

I will show you guys the L'aubépine 山楂花 velvet lipstick color I choose for myself.

Yo peeeps, finally I'm back with my food post. Been to several new places for good food and it's time to share with all my readers! We went to Avenue K last Saturday and we have a chance to try Simple D food. This small restaurant serves really special dish that I think you can come and try! Although this restaurant is small in size but the place is still crowded during lunch hour.

Beside by the normal dish, they serve coffee and dessert too! You can enjoy RM4 of any dessert with the purchase of any coffees 12oz & above.
Hi peeps, it was my first day of holiday. I am really excited about this holiday because I have more time blogging and online. I can start to plan my holiday trip and I need to survey around a new camera for myself. Any recommended since I am still looking and asking too. Hope I can enjoy my 3 weeks holidays and spend more times with my loves one!

I wanna share to you guys about the workshop I attend last week during the Viva Circus Festival. I attend 2 of the workshop organise by them. The Broadway Jazz Dance and the Poledance fitness. The workshop was at the Blackbox and Whitebox of Publika. I went there straight after work and had a light dinner before I start.

Base; Cott counter.
Hello my fellow readers, I been invite to an event last week. A special invitation to an evening of Dining, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness on the 25th of November.

In this special event, we get to see a showcase of apparels from PUR Jeans, alternative &amp, new age health tips from Genesis Holistic Spa and witness the magical herbal properties of Alqvimia from Spain. Besides that, we get to know some skin products such as, ISKIN, Lip Addict, ILash, Ihair and Ibrow. It is my honor to know more all these product and be a part of this event. 

We have Genesis Holistic Spa, M2 World Brands and Eliya Studios here with us in this wonderful evening,
Hi peeps, gonna blog about super excited offer and deal that you can just easily get by getting worthy book. Worthy book is s a food guide + voucher booklet that gives you RM '000s worth of meal discounts, deals and even freebies at some of Malaysia’s most popular F&B eateries – ideal for your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones!

I finally got 1 copy of worthy book FnB Edition 2014-2015 on hand. I am so excited and can't wait to try all the good food in this new edition worthy book. Wonder where to get it this awesome book deal, I will let you guys know by the end of my post. I have written a short post of introduction of Worthy book, you can read it in my previous post here.

Last weekends, we went Times Square for some shopping and movie. As I am growing older, I still love shop at Times Square because you can shop pretty and cheap clothes here. But not every girl nowadays still can accept and shopping here. When I am back here, I notice they are many Malays shopping here and some of the boutiques actually sells all the Malays long dress and skirt already. I was like seriously.......

But I still love to shop some of the boutique here and hope to really shop all the way. Maybe with friends next time.

Kim Gary @ Worthy Book FnB Edition