So I have been crazy over off-shoulder recently and I bought 3 off-shoulder top from Taobao too! I have this love-hate relationship with the off-shoulder top. I love it because it shows my most slim part, hate it because it was hard to maintain the off-shoulder top to stays on your shoulder!

I believe every one of us facing this issues when you are wearing off-shoulder top. This year you can find many off-shoulder comes out with tube design top with tube design sleeves too. I find this design rather promising and special too! I bought 1 white and this blue off-shoulder top from same Taobao Shop.

Happy Wednesday! It's have been half of the week until the weekend. Have you start to plan for your weekend activities already? Definitely need to check out Caffè Bene Malaysia where you can satisfy your weekend brunch and dessert craving!

 Not only that in this Seasonal Special, Caffè Bene Malaysia comes out with Melon Smile series will definitely bring your bingsu craving to a new level of sweet chilling sensation bingsu!

Gonna start my last post visit to Odaiba during my Day 4 journey at Tokyo! If you have read my previous post, you will know that I visit Tsukiji Fish Market here and Odaiba City here in the Day time when I am in Odaiba.

I manage to end my Day 4 visited Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari which will definitely be my unforgettable journey visit here. Want to know why I said that! Read more to know why! If you happen to visit here often, you will definitely understand what I mean.

Another Cafe Hopping session last month with my love. This time, we are exploring new cafe at Bangsar. After my event at Bangsar South, we went straight to Breakfast Thieves just slight ahead from Bangsar Village. I never been to APW Bangsar before, I now know that Pulp & Co were there too! It's a place for Coffee Lover.

Not sure have you guys heard of Breakfast Thieves? It was a cafe newly open at APW Bangsar for a few months ago. It was quite a hype when it's first started, so how do I know about this cafe? Through Social Media and Blog of cause! I even read a blog that this cafe is overrated, but for me is half and a half.

Psssss Read my post for more info.

Ohai my fellow readers, today will be blogging about a beauty product that you will definitely not to miss it. I have the chance to try out THE THERAPY Range from The Face Shop. It was my first time collaborate with The Face shop and trying out their product. 

All the while The Face Shop is always known as the brand that shares the benefits of nature. The natural ingredient harmlessly permeates deeply into the skin, a formula that allows the essence of nature penetrates into the skin. I love how The Face Shop always shares the benefits of nature. It gives confident to us, customer to use their product. As we know that, the dust and impurities from the air can harm our skin. Is important to protect your skins from all the harmful UV Light, impurities, and dirt.

Today I will gonna share some of my shopping experience via Ezbuy. I've been a faithful shopper and buyer from Ezbuy for 3 years and still continue on. So far there is non-unhappy shopping experience with Ezbuy. I love their service, their website is super user-friendly, you can find so many affordable products from Ezbuy.

Why do I use Ezbuy? I used to love Taiwan Fashion and when I first encounter Ezbuy is they can help me to buy outfits from Taiwan fashion website. Since then I can't stop myself shopping through Ezbuy. From this year onwards, I even start to use Ezbuy to buy clothes, bags, accessories and even shoes too!

Upon the homepage, you can start shopping by browsing the category of the product.

Gonna update my lookbook during KLFWRTW2016. Basically I just wear only Black and White for all the 3 days shows that I attend. I realise that I should try more other color such as Dark Blue, Army Green, Denim Blue outfit. Time for some shopping!

I been looking outfit to wear to KLFWRTW 2016 and decide to go for Black and White. As it was the safest and formal color to wear. It's been a while since I shop for dresses and outfit online. Looking for last minute shopping definitely not a good choice. I try to look at my favorite online shopping platform but mostly it was pre-order and no stock.

First of Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all of you here! I'm so excited to continue my Tokyo journey in my blog. You can check out all my previous Tokyo post here. Continue my Day 4 journey after Tsukiji Fish Market. After I visit the market, we decide to visit Odaiba since taking the Metro Line is nearer from here. We walk from Tsukiji Station to Ginza Metro Station. Ginza is very nearby to Tsukiji too. 

About Ginza

The Ginza (銀座) is Tokyo's most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes.

One square meter of land in the district's center is worth over ten million yen, making it one of the most expensive real estate in Japan. It is where you can find the infamous $10 cups of coffee and where virtually every leading brand name in fashion and cosmetics has a presence.

We didn't walk much at Ginza as it was quite a high-end places to visit. You can find many high-end brand and shopping mall here too. If you want to enjoy the high-end lifestyle in Tokyo, you can always visit and enjoy your day here at Ginza.

Any fans of Chu Lip here, as Chu Lip has just released 2 new colors to its new range Chu Lip Tinted! In case you have not heard of Chu Lip lip balm before, it comes in a trendy and stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula. I was kinda excited these new 2 color range from Chu Lip. I always heard about how cute their packaging looks like. 

Chu’ which means kiss in Japanese, is apt to the function of this lip balm. The sphere shape enables you to apply in just one touch, as if ‘kissing’ your lips. Its wide surface also allows you to apply a sufficient amount of lip balm anytime. 

A Weekend post to end my Weekend for this week. Been really busy and try to get as much rest as I could when I was free. Nap for 5 hours straight it's something I don't really do. Oh well, you can imagine how tired I am then, haha. 

Back to this outfit post, it will be slightly different than my usual outfit post. As I took quite a lot of pictures for that day event along with my friends. Today the main focus will be my Purple Lips Makeup Look for that day. Thanks to Kylie as she borrowed me this Anatasia Beverly Hills Purple Matte Lip color for me. Basically, I just rock the style with that purple lips look.

First time blogging about my experience with LAZADA. Guess what they are having Fashion Big Brand Sale in Lazada website now. Although I am not a branded stuff girl, but getting a brand that is authentic from the website is very important to me. 

I once have a bad experience buying branded item online. Once I received the product and I found out that the product is not authentic. I was kinda angry and frustrated at the same time. But it stated not refundable so I can only complain this issues to their customer service. It was a total disaster, I wasted almost 300 MYR to get the so-called branded item that I bought from online.

From this experience onwards, I am quite afraid to get and branded item online now. But recently I just know that in LAZADA, they are selling authentic product from few famous brand such as Puma, Nike, Carlo Rino, XIXILI, even Daniel Wellington too!

This is because LAZADA deals directly with the brands principal. Not only that, LAZADA has been given exclusive prices by the brand principle, therefore, the price on the site is lower than elsewhere. 

With this Big Brand Sale start from 5th of September till 11th of September, you can even get up to 85% OFF item from few of the brand I mention above.

Last few weeks, I been invited by Ketchup to enjoy this Zentangle session at Tedboy Bakery Bangsar. The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was my first tempt attending drawing workshop. 

Although I learn drawing while in my college, but it's been a while since I touch a pencil and quietly focus on drawing. I was quite worried that my drawing skill becomes worse. 

Another fresh product review I received from Mycare. It's White Formula Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Range which all of the products in this series contains at least 3 types of Patented Hyaluronic to help Transmit, Replenish and Retain moisture of our face.

I am a girl who really like moisture and hyaluronic acid skin care products. Because I love my skin being moisture for all the time. With the weather now in Malaysia, no matter you are in the outdoor or indoor, our skin tends to dry up and become oily. That's why it was very important to find the correct products that can help your skin to keep hydrated and moisture up to 24 hours per day.

A quick weekend outfit post to start my weekend for this week, I will be busy serving on Sunday. Will be attending friend's wedding coming weeks too. I am going to be there for a 3 days 2 nights short trip there too! Kinda excited and start to plan my outfit wear during the wedding already. 

Somehow I find my shopping mood is not that hyper already, not sure why. Maybe because of stressing over work and keep watch drama at home making me no time to go for online shopping. In another way, that is I feel lazy to go out for shopping too. Also when I saw the top that looks quite good for my style, but the mood of feeling to buying it is not that anymore! I feel lost and thinking why is this happened to me. 

My last product posts from Ecowell product. In this post, I will blog about their Liquid Facial Soap for their organic facial care series. Among all the organic products I have blogged about, I love this scent the most! It does not have the strong organic scent like other product but comes in really light and fresh scent too. 

[About Ecowell]

Ecowell Organics is a CERTIFIED ORGANIC range of personal care products for facial care, hair care and body care. Certified by ICEA and Made from Turkey.

Ecowell’s philosophy for skin care is simple. Create the best skin care products without damaging skin, health and the environment. We’re keeping our brand as close to the earth as possible using only certified ingredients from eco-friendly sustainable farming sources.