My first time trying Fruideday Healthy Water! I always heard a lot of good review on dried fruits water, it looks so pretty too whenever I saw people enjoying their dried fruits in their water bottle. Finally, I am able to try dried fruits myself, thanks to Fruideday! 

Some of the benefits you should know from drinking Fruideday Healthy Water, FruideDay pick the most organic and healthy fruits to start with! They clean the fruits with organic and fruits wash to wash away the chemical on the fruits, the fruits next go through the process of low heat blow dry for about 15++ hours, this is to conceal the nutrients and fiber in the fruits throughout the process.

Time for a Korean BBQ Buffet on my blog again! I am a huge fan of Korean BBQ, and hopefully one day I am able to visit Korea and enjoy all the BBQ meal as much as I like! Since my dream to visit Korea is still a long way to go, I can easily enjoy really yummy and affordable price of Korea BBQ at Korean BBQ House which is currently located at Kota Damansara and PV128. 

If you are just nearby either one of their branch, be sure to drop by and enjoy a 1 hour and 30 minutes of the Korean BBQ buffet with only RM29.99!!

Ohai time for a break and post about the Weekend Outfit Post in my blog! I almost forget about this outfit, just to heads up I didn't shoot a lot of outfit look with my new hair look. Since the hair coloring that I choose can only maintain for about 2 weeks, which I requested it because I was planning a beach getaway soon, and the thing with the sea water is it will wash away your color bleaching very fast. Therefore when I go for the hair coloring, I bring out the concern I have and they suggest me to go for a short term hair coloring. 

But if you still want to see the purple hair color, you can always approach and I can show you the inner part of my hair which is still purple! If you interested to know where did I dye my hair, you can read here for more info.

Is time for a healthy and organic post in my blog! Living healthy is not easy, we get so busy with our work and life. We sacrifice time for work and family and most of the time we neglected our body health. To prevent this from happening, let me introduce this health product brand - Lynnity,

Lynnity (Let the Farm be your Pharmacy) believes that plant is the best way to support good health and always desire to discover the planet's natural wealth of superfoods and share them with everyone. Lynnity continues to push the boundaries of innovation with an uncompromising commitment to authenticity, exceptional taste, and unique, functional phytonutrients ingredients. 

The biggest PJ's Songkran take place in Stratosphere at the Roof last Sunday! With the best local lineups for hip hop, reggae, funk, garage, deep progressive house & EDM in da house, what's more fun than all the party and music. We also get to enjoy ourselves for Water Balloons war, Battle Ground, Beer Pong, and Bongzilla, Watergun fight, not only that they served BBQ and food too.

By the way, this is my first time joining though, pretty excited with swimwear changed and towel prepared too. Follow me through the journey of the PJ's  BIGGEST Songkran Festival! Be ready to get wet and have fun. 

Here's some great news for all of my readers, KORNNA Malaysia has officially opened their latest counter at Parkson, MyTown Shopping Center on 8 April 2017. 

‘Making Feet, Hip & Happy.’ KORNNA is the new icon of casual footwear for the young and young at heart. Every color and style are born from the passion of our designers to express your personality, mood, and attitude. 

Hello guys! Time to do a hair update for my hair, this time round I visited Jeff Lee The Hair Company as they offer 20% off for all hair coloring services! Having discount hair for hairdo definitely is a bonus marking for my current hairdo progress. Just read on in this post to see what hair color have I choose in Jeff Lee The Hair Company.

Not only that if you get hair coloring + hair treatment together you can easily get 25% off for both of the services together too!

Let's welcome The Touch opening at Sunway Velocity Mall! The Touch is an all new Concept studio-academy-salon-retailer in KL. With a 1500 square feet premise in the heart of KL City, it is created to mesmerize clients with a total beauty experience, and to deliver the best image makeover experience. 

Staffed by talented beauty professionals, The Touch is able to provide hair styling, make-up, photography and express manicure services, all under one roof. The team is committed to having you Look Good and Feel Good.

Fave Touch 
Clients are able to be pampered from head-to-toe, they can choose to immortalize their transformation with a permanent memento.

Color Touch
Clients are encouraged to indulge in color play at our studio to discover for themselves the rainbow hues that will both excite and delight.

Natural Touch
Everyone can experience completes the beauty experience by showcasing the various forms of beauty brands, mostly is made in Malaysia brands, regional and international brands new to Malaysia, even some of the exclusive brand to The Touch, that is focusing on using only the best ingredients to bring health and vitality to the user.

PRO Touch Houses
An academy that offers an extensive range of courses which include fashion makeup, bridal makeup, special effects, face & body painting etc.

Feeling kinda demotivated in work recently, due to workload and changes in my working environment. I mean changes are always good, but I feel that I need time to breath through all the process and obstacles. Just hope for the best and will try my best out of it! I actually love to really go through my random thoughts whenever I start my weekend outfit post, hope that you guys don't mind it.

With my wedding coming in, I need to stay calm and be cool about it! Back to my weekend outfit topic, today outfit is mainly about army green which is currently in trend now in 2017. I manage to grab few of my favorite army green pieces, such as skirt and bomber jacket.

Back to a product review post, today will talk about the 3 steps deep clean skincare set from Neutrogena! What do you determine as deep clean? Do you know the correct steps for deep cleansing your face? 

I never really bother and even care for the deep clean process until I start to work in my recent company 2 years ago. Usually, after back home, I will proceed with only face cleansing. I skip the steps of removing sun block or any dirt and impurities that on our face after spending the whole day outside of the house. It was until then I know how important and the correct way to deep clean our face, I become hardworking take care and cleanse my face daily after I back from home.

I am glad that by using Neutrogena, the deep clean process makes it really simple as 1, 2 and 3 too! These 3 products that I'm gonna review today is basically focusing on Normal to Dry Skin Condition. Follow my review to learn how to achieve Happy Skin 24/7 by using Neutrogena Deep Cleanse Set! 

Time for foodie post again! This time round I will be blogging about Lunch Boxes! I believe for those who are working in an office you will always facing trouble to actually find a place for lunch. Even me sometimes get bored of eating the same food every day in the office.

Fret not, today will share you guys some of the awesome lunch boxes where it was prepared with no hassle, yummy, healthy and affordable too! Only available now at Canteen19!

A weekend outfit on a Wednesday again! Today outfit will be a really colorful outfit which I kinda like it, as usual I don't always wear new outfit immediately. I got this top during last year I guess? I remember last time I used to be crazy buying clothes in batches haha! I stop now due to using a lot of money in my wedding. But recently crazily buy a lot of clothes from Taobao, still waiting for the package to reach. Okay please don't judge me. I really love the feeling of receiving the parcel, I mean who doesn't haha!

Back to today outfit, this top was kinda deep V for me! Well, I did some sewing here last minute, but it doesn't really see much from the photos here. 

Ohai I am back recently caught up with a busy life and this time round I will blog about a website that just newly launched which is the Lightbulb Apparel. Lightbulb Apparel Co-Founder Dexter Cheong has unveiled the vision of "Lightbulb Online" and the experience of bringing alive the online t-shirt platform.

If you wish to customize your t-shirt and you don't know where to start, you can always visit their website and scroll through the clipart, font, the design that you want. You easily achieve and actually do your own customized t-shirt too. What if I just need 1 customized t-shirt is it acceptable? is it okay?

Everything that you concern Lightbulb Online can help to solve it!

Lightbulb Apparel is established apparel company making personalized t-shirts and uniforms for organizations and corporations with no minimum order quantities. Their clients include The Body Shop, Fitness First, KPMG, Tupperware, Petronas, Michelin Malaysia.