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In this post, we went to two cafes in Damansara, and I couldn’t decide what cafe I should put in the title. In the end, I just stick with cafe hopping at Petaling Jaya. Today post will have a lot of photos, please bear with me ✌๐Ÿป

Last Christmas outfit post! I just back from a short trip to Ipoh, and now wanted to finish my Christmas outfit post for 2021. Hope you like this last outfit post of the year in my blog ๐Ÿ˜ 

Coming and taking Christmas photos at Pavilion KL is my every year must-do during Christmas time ๐Ÿ˜‚ This time I was finally able to wear this green top that I bought last year. I can’t really decide on the bottom and I stumble upon this pair of pants then I just bought quite a last minute. Here’s the outfit look that I wear to Pavilion Kl.

I’m gonna rush my Christmas outfit post this few days. I got a few more blog posts to write that I think I will still blog on even after Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‚ Here is the little red dress that I buy and wear during this Christmas. The red color is my favorite color when comes to planning a festive outfit.

Back to my recent favorite color of white and green combination ๐Ÿ˜ This is the most recent swag outfit that I have purchased. I will treat it as an impulsive purchase as I have bought their entire makeup set and outfit together, haha! But it can’t stop my love for checkers, green and white color outfits. 

My first-ever Christmas outfit post is here! Ever since the MCO restrictions are loosened, there are so many events invited and my plan and outfit planning got messed up. I have been wearing this same outfit for two different malls and events. Even my Ig post planning is messed up too but it is ok I still want to share this outfit in my blog.

Finally last post from Langkawi ๐Ÿ˜‚ it’s been a hectic schedule for me since the start of December. All the gatherings with friends and family, the last campaign of the year, and all the festive celebrations, have really exhausted me and I haven’t even started my Christmas outfit post here in my blog ๐Ÿ˜… After this last post about my ootd at Langkawi, I’m gonna rush out my Christmas outfit post.

Back to my weekly weekend outfit post! Can't believe we are 2 weeks for the lockdown and it will still extend till the end of June. I definitely miss going out and being somewhere else rather than just stay at home. Can't wait for the vaccine and we all able to go out freely again!


Back to my favorite outfit post, in this post, I will show two diverse looks that so comes out with. One outfit is the cute and feminine outfit that I usually wear out, and another one is cooler and swag outfit with my lounge pants.

Happy 2021!! Can't believe that 2020 has already passed and here we are welcoming 2021 now. I hope everyone stays blessed and healthy. Even though the pandemic is not yet over, but I really hope that we can back to a normal routine soon. Where everyone works as normal, we can hang out and travel again.
I really miss those times and could have never thought that we have been cope with the current lifestyle for almost a year now. 

I do feel responsible as I still travel across the state, but now we are trying to stay at home as long as we can due to the number does not look good. With the Chinese New Year coming soon, I don't think we can have a normal gathering like we always did. During my leave, I took some time off from work and I went to Johor and Melaka during that week. I have enough rest and somehow leaving my own house just somehow change and uplift my mood. 

I tried not to post too many outfit posts at a time but this is what can post in my blog hahaha. I need to be more hardworking to take more photos for my beauty product so that I can update my blog too. While taking ootds is definitely much easier because I can take it when I'm outside and it's the current things that I do when so head out. Shopping malls are so crowded and we just prefer to go to cafes with lesser crowds.

Have a pastel weekend you all! I can't believe that Covid-19 start to affect our life so much now and really hope that everyone out there stays safe and stays clean always. Hope that everyone can stay positive and alert during this sensitive time. For today's post, I will share two pastel outfits that I wore. I have been loving to wear a skirt outfit because I always wear jeans on weekdays and the weekend is the only day I will be more carefree.

It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit. This time I bought a pink blazer set and style it with a simple white tee and my new white sneakers. I have been eyeing this pink blazer set for quite some time. 

Back to my weekend outfit routine, it been a while since I blog about my outfit too. A quick update of my life, still busy as usual and has been growing fat due to stress and work trip. Hopefully, I can be more determined to exercise more before my Vietnam trip! Now that shopping in Taobao, I will tend to look for dress or bottoms that can cover my fats. 

Time to back on my weekend outfit on my blog, for today look is this pink and grey coordinate. I recently do wear a lot of this color combination for my outfit. Not the normal color I will choose to wear, but both are my favorite color as a color selection. 

How's your weekend? I have the busiest week schedule for the entire week, go to Singapore for a week of Work Trip. Later on back home for a full body checkup the next morning. Luckily my report shows that I am healthy with a slight excess of body fat and eye pressure is high due to eye in front of handphone and laptop all the time. Thank God for good health! I surely have to do more exercise and rest my eyes even more too for my next year resolution.

It's been a while since I share my weekend outfit here on my blog!! This time around I will be sharing this monochrome stripes outfit with my babe, Carinn. We went to the Robinson Store opening the last few weeks and we manage to plan out our outfit on that night too. Not forget that we took a lot of outfit photos together that I want to share it here in my post.

First Outfit post in the month of September! Today outfit is another favorite outfit of mine in the month of August. Can't believe that is September already and we have less than 4 months till we say goodbye to 2018. Nothing much happens in 2018 but there are some losses happening in my life. I won't say that it is something really matters or important to me, but maybe this might be something really dear to other people. 

But let's not mingle in our loss for a long time, let's move on and appreciate what has God prepared for us now.

Been so restless the past few weeks that I am no longer super active in my blog! So here's to another outfit that I really like. On this day I attend one event that introduces some Japanese brand beauty products, therefore you can see my outfit is pretty cute and Japanese that day!

Back to my short weekend outfit update! I have been wanted to share this outfit through my social media and finally here it is. This entire look is by far my monthly favorite outfit. It comes with all the 90's vintage vibes that I really like. After sharing all the photos in my blog, I will share this look on my social media too. Can you guess where do I shoot this look at?