Hi peeps, gonna blog about my super love 18th Monthsary on the last day of March. hahaha! I postponed quite a lot of post and my Kk trip from last year until now also really upload the photos, lolol. This time our monthsary dinner was a bit special because we are gonna try some new food. Western food is a bit boring because we always eat also ma. So this time we are having monthsary steamboat at PV128 in a new Charcoal Steamboat. We reach there around 7pm and there was no people there also since is on the second floor. Not many notice this new steamboat place too!

No matter where we spend our monthsary or whatever Anniversary that we are gonna celebrate, what important is the Love that we have and able to spend time with Our Loves one.

I-Pmart Gadget Online

Saturday, March 29, 2014
hi guys, super super late post about Ipmart blog post. T^T Many many apologies to them as well because they have been email me on few weeks ago and I delay their post until now I look back only realize the voucher date is just two days before. Let's have a short brief and introduction about Ipmart.

What is I-pmart?
i-Pmart Corporate Goal is to embrace our Vision - "To be the Preferred Global E-Partner providing solutions to bring Convenience To Your Life" and our Mission is "To build a CONVENIENT and COMPREHENSIVE Online shopping place, at a price people can afford.", ipmart.com continually look for new ways to innovate with a commitment to constantly listen to our global customers in order to understand their changing needs and provide them with excellent "Value for Money" products and services.

Furry + Neon match

Friday, March 28, 2014 in ,
Hi all my lovely readers my #sharonootd post here again. Recently bought a furry beige sweater from 360 degree last week. I always always wanted to own a furry sweater for myself. Furry sweater always brings out the cute and soft girl look whenever you match it with any bottom. I saw many other blogger at least own a furry beige / white sweater for either a casual look or cute girl look. Because white and furry stuff always is the meaning of purity and cute. So I have been look for a white furry sweater quite sometime and eventually find this furry sweater in beige color from 360 degree. But I am still waiting for my romwe rose skirt to reach my house and can't wait to try out this super cute and girlish look. 

Randa x Hello Kitty

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 in ,
Recently saw one of my Favorite blogger Cheesie upload a photo of this Hello Kitty Shoe from Randa, Japan. I was like overwhelm because Hello Kitty is always always my favorite cartoon when I was a small girl till now Hello Kitty still be my top favorite cartoon as well. I always will turn crazily mad when I saw anything things with Hello Kitty. I think cloths or shoes I will be more exaggerated. But sadly I didn't have a lots of hello kitty cloths but have a lots of the plushy from Mac Donalds collection lol.

It's hard to find Hello Kitty shoes also, but you can still saw them at sneakers or converse shoe. But how about appear in a more girlish and more elegant on heels or wedges? When I first saw the photo I was like walao super nice and pretty because is really hard and never saw a Hello Kitty Heels anywhere also lol. But too bad this Randa is at Japan argggghh can't really own it here also. Maybe have to go Japan only can buy == But hell when can I have the chance ler!! Although the shoes is a quite costly but I think in a lifetime should be okay right....

Hi all my lovely peeps!! Finally get to change my blog header, haha! Chinese New Year has pass for months and I can really find a suitable photo for my blog header. Hence I ask my baby boy to help shoot a very simple #sharonootd and photo for my blog header.

Is my first time at Burger Lab. Hey, burger is also one of my kind! My Burger Lab is a very famous burger shop around Petaling Jaya. But I didn't try before and after lunch on the last Sunday we decided to go Burger Lab for some yummy burger! Quite excited because going to try some famous burger with my Church friend. I was still very full because our lunch still haven't digest yet lol.

Weekend Sharon OOTD

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 in ,

Couple selfie of the Saturday Lunch

Food @ Toowoomba Deli & Meats

Thursday, March 13, 2014 in ,

A short post about food post at PV128. Went to this restaurant on the 6th of March just last Thursday, hoho! I not sure about you guys but just near my area there is this 1 famous steak house selling deli and meats with affordable price and their steak is way too delicious!! This is my second having their steak here. The surprise of the food is always make me feels so exciting! haha This time I will try to introduce this special Deli & Meats restaurant TooWoomBa.



Prepare for more photos

❤ Review ❤ Kito Beauty

Wednesday, March 05, 2014 in ,
Hi guys, another Beauty review I wanted write long time ago is about Miss Hana Beauty product. This beauty product once was quite famous among the online beauty product. Right now this product still quite appealing in any beauty websites also ya. I am using their eyeliner product because their eyeliner product is very famous. Their water proof is super effective and is review by many others blogger too. When I use and try it on my own the result was quite amazing! Was buying most of Miss Hana product at Kito Beauty! =D

This post is more on the trying of their lip gloss ya. I'm finding myself start to like using lip stick in my daily make up already. When I saw they are having the new lip gloss, I was keen to buy it home and try! But before putting lip stick or any lip product. We have to first scrub away our dirt around our lips that we cannot see. Because my lips was very dry and with crack lips and that make me very headache every time I wanted to put on lipstick. When you have dry or crack lips, the lip stick color will turns out to be very ugly and show out your dry lips. Thinking of it kinda disgusting also lol, so what to do!? I really hope that my lips doesn't dry up or crack lol, wanted to have a smooth and pretty lips.

This is trying to repair and gain my lips confident lolol!!

Another short food post here introduce by our Dai Gor Justin after the concert. haha! I am thinking not to combine this food post with the previous post so this food post is separate write lol. Although is a short post of food but the food was super nice and jeng!! We are all happy with the food.