Hi guys, finally finish my long post edit all the photos about AF1Theory Launching at Hundred% Lot 10 during last 2 weekend. Too many photos to edit because I got a personal photographer that night. I finalize a video in the end of the post hope you guys enjoy watching it and subscribe my channel.

Thanks for the invite to the launching of  the comeback of the 1982 Nike Air Force One (AF-1) with a new name - 2014 Lunarforce One. The event is held at Hundred%, Lot 10, Level 3. In conjunction with the media launch, 27 pairs of plain white 2014 Nike Lunarforce 1, customized by 27 local personalities into a work of art will also be revealed on the day itself.

The event itself was really crowded and the registration counter was lined up by many people who come and witness the launching of Nike Lunarforce 1. Hundred% is a store that sold Nike sportwear, streetstyles apparel and sneakers. If you wanted to get a nice pair of sneakers for yourself just drop by here at Hundred%, Lot 10. 

Me with the backdrop.
Greatings all~ Finally will blog about a workshop I attend on the 18th of October. Thinking of should I type this post with chinese because this workshop is talk by Dr Hsieh from Neogence Taiwan. He speaks and explain in Mandarin during the workshop. This Dermo Science Lab is organised by Sasa, Malaysia. Thanks to Sasa Malaysia, you can get your skin routine right with expert beauty lesson and learn how to create your own serum. 

The workshop I register and attend is about Neogence new product, Neogence C+ Whitening + Revital serum. Hence, I got the chance to create my own personal serum base on our skin base problem! 

The beauty workshop is just located at Mid Valley, North Court(infront of AEON).
Hi peeps, today will be blogging about this LIEBSTER AWARD that I got nominated by Sin Yee(http://www.childish-paroles.com/). Thanks for the nomination and is been my honor to received this award. Thanks SIN YEE!!
Hi peeps, any vegetarian fans out there? Recently know this healthy restaurant at Lot 10 when I went there for a media invite. This restaurant really surprise us in their food and design. Although I am not a vegetarian lover but I still love to eat vegetables as long it is tasty and healthy.

Many of us know that eating vegetarian is a healthy lifestyle. But not many of us fond of eating vegetarian because we are get used to our meat lifestyle. I love fried chicken alot, LOL. But sometimes we just have to try some vegetarian food and the taste is really delicious. Nowadays there are many modern vegetarian restaurants, you can enjoy delicious yet healthy vegetarian food. Simple Life restaurant is really a elegant and relax restaurant. If you just pass by but not notice their board, I bet you wouldn't know that this is a Vegetarian Restaurant.

Simple Life, Healthy Vegetarian

[OOTD] Crop x Snoopy Cardigan

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Hi peeps, while attending event last Saturday. I dress up a bit and surprisingly love this look a lot. Is different from my previous style and I never try this look before. I bought the snoopy long cardigan for quite some time. But I still didn't decide what should I wear or match with. That's what girls problem too, you bought many cloths hence you still have difficult time to think how should I wear those cloths, lol. 

One thing I love about Taiwan Fashion diary is, they always buy cloths that can match together in one particular online shop. Meaning they bought top + bottom together at that online boutique. Since I am not a rich type girl, I don't usually bought a lot cloths from same online boutique. If and only that boutique having sales or really selling cheap cloths only I will bought a lots clothing.

Enjoy the photo and please ignore my fat belly.

Love this candid!

Bonding time @ Canyon Paintball

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Hi peeps, will gonna blog about my paintball post that I played last 2 weekend. It was mainly a fellowship between our church worship team. Yeah, you're right by shooting, LOL. We have 42 of us who were joining the paintball game. We have some others from our church Care Group member to join and even pastor. Sounds cool right, haha. We gather there at 1pm and we went to Canyon Paintball at Bandar Utama.

Briefing and waiting for others.

Feeka Coffee Roaster @ Jalan Mesui

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Hi peeps, a short food post here for this week. I still haven't post my food post this week and finally I have finish edit Feeka photo. We went to Feeka last 2 weekends. We went there for dinner and some relax time. The lighting inside Feeka is not very nice because mostly my photos is from my handphone and my baby new handphone. Hope you guys don't mind reading =))

Feeka Coffee Roaster located at Jalan Mesui. The design is actually terrace house but renovated to coffee house. You can find many nice coffee, pubs and hotel at that area as well. Try to go that area with friends, because that area have alot of foreign worker there at night. Feeka also serve breakfast that recommend by many bloggers. Since is dinner time, we didn't have heavy food.

Yadah Skincare @ Hermo

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Hi peeps, recently bought home Yadah Skincare from Hermo. Yadah been my wanted to try skin product because I have heard good reviews about their product. Their bubble cleanser is one of my favorite from Yadah. Since my daily skin product have finish so I decided to buy Yadah skin care product.

Yadah came out two series 1 are Yadah Moisture Care and Yadah Anti-Trouble Basic Caring set. I bought Yadah Moisture Care because wanted to own a soft and moisture skin. I even bought their sun block, because their sun block is not sticky or greasy feel! That's what I love it about. I still wanted to buy their Yadah Special Care Line Collagen Ampoule & Yadah Anti-Trouble Spot. Because mostly have fine wrinkles at my eyes area and hormones acne pop out and I have finish my Acne Spot product.

Hello Kitty Bubbly World

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Hi peeps, finally have some time to write my Hello Kitty post that I shoot last month. Last weekend we just stay at home, plan our flight and trip to Bangkok!! Finally we plan out and decided our flight to Bangkok, can't wait to been there and need to start planning now. Any nice place to introduce? Been finding interesting places to visit at Bangkok and feel excited and anxious because can't wait to visit all the nice place at Bangkok.

Have a really fun paintball with my church WAME team. The excitements and anxiousness is really can't be describe, haha! To much fun and happy bonding

Back to my post, I finally own this Hello Kitty Bubbly World after waiting for months. Let me tell you guys how I get it. At first when this series of Hello Kitty is out at McDonald Singapore, I was so happy because this series is WAY TOO CUTE to resist! I want it so badly and too bad is not out at Malaysia yet :(( But my baby manage to cool me down and told me Malaysia will soon out this series as well. So I have no choice right but just have to wait. Secretly my baby manage to contact my aunt that stays at Singapore. She helps my baby to buy it online when this series start to sell at Singapore McDonald websites.

But I have not been told and somehow my cousin accidentally ask me about this matter. Only I realize and I was really touch and happy at the same time. I received this set during August. It has been at My auntie house for sometime, when she came to Tangkak. She bring along and puts it in my cousin house. My mum went back to her hometown during Public Holiday and she took it back to KL and pass it to my baby! What a long and harsh journey my Hello Kitty set have been through. 

Meet all the lovely and cute characters! See how Bubbly they are.

Chillax Time @ Coffee Societe

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Hi people, Happy Friday to all of you. Weekend is here already, do you guys have any plan? Last weekend was a fun one because get to spend time with my loves one and friends. October have been a busy month because my loves one birthday fall in this month. 

Last Sunday, most of us eating dinner at church. After dinner we decided to come Publika for some nice and  relaxing chill out. I still haven't really walk through Publika yet. There are too many cafes and restaurant for hang out. Is a really recommended place for dinner or chilling despite it has many food choices. We wanted to try Coffeestain but ended up we are here. Love the environment and ambiance here as well.

Coffee Société

BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas

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Ohai!! Another food post is out, I still have like 2 food post to post. But all the food is really highly recommended because you can search online about it. Although babe once ask me, why do you review cafe that many bloggers have been review before? But To me, I still find writing blog is really a happy things to do. Writing and sharing is really fun! 

I really thought about why must we blog for the sake of earning money? Although who doesn't love money? But I treat blog as my hobby and although I set myself to update 3-4 times per week. But doesn't sounds like a work to me? But I find joy in writing blog and it doesn't stop me. I still can find time to update, and weekend I will be enjoying my fellowship with friends and my loved one. 

Last Saturday we went to Breadfruits after I saw some nice introduce about this restaurant. The area is still near to us and within 15 to 20 minutes journey we can reach Sri Hartamas area. This place still have a lot nice food to dine in, I'll guess I will visit here more after work =D

Breadfruits - Fruits and Bakery

Food Spree @ Petaling Street

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Hi guys, I have few food post going on and hope you guys can enjoy reading it! Been to many cafes last weekend until my stomach has not digest clearly, sigh. So back to this September food spree at Petaling Street. Not really taste and ate many nice food here because mostly we had try before. I wanted to come back here is because I have not been here for quite long time. But we just mingle here around and just manage to visit this old porridge shop Hon Kee. I always like to eat porridge because it was a healthy food although the taste is not very heavy. But that's what I love about porridge. Simple yet healthy.

Our first station was the porridge, there are more nice food in Petaling Street too. But too bad we didn't manage to try all. You can easily search it online about the good food at Petaling Jaya. We manage to try this porridge, their chi cheong fun and muachi. Of cause, Coffee Amo is at here as well! If you wish to read post about coffee amo please visit here, Tea Time @ Coffee Amo and my shooting post at Petaling Street as well - [OOTD] Boyfriend x Street Look.

Tea Time @ Coffee Amo

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Happy October peeps! Time passes so fast and we just left 2 months and 30 days till 2014 ends. What have you guys been doing? What have you archive in pass 9 months? Haha, real serious question right. But if you guys have something that you have been wanted or wanted to do. Continue to work hard and archive your dream. What I love about year end is where teacher can finally rest and go holidays! I been save my anual leave and wanted to use it all at once. wait for me HOLIDAY!

Coffee Amo have been real famous these days you can saw it from Instagram post. Coffee Amo is really quite noticeable among the old building at Jalan Sultan. Because their shop is quite new and cafe is a place that many young adults love to hang out at. Coffee Amo is upstairs they have a really sky blue signboard on the stair. When we went in the cafe, the place already have many customer. We stay there for around 2 hours and it was full house. I mean full house until we have to leave since we finish our drinks and cake already.

The cafe interior design I really love it, and I thought of maybe we can shoot some photos here as well. But too bad, the crowd really non stop. Coffee Amo also famous with their 3D latte art. If you search many review about Coffee Amo, you can see many 3D art work by their barista. When you saw these cute 3D latte art, how would you drink because they are just so CUTE! 

hi peeps, end my September with my OOTD post at Petaling Street. Never really done a street shoot before but this experience was really fun and really thanks my baby to help me shoot all these pretty photos. It's been a long time since I visited Petaling Street. Petaling Street have a lots of memory of KL town. I love to been here with friends when I am still in secondary school. We always hang out here, eat the good food here as well. Petaling Street is a place that many foreigners like to go as well. The place is always crowded with a lots of people too.

Since I am not working on Saturday, I decide to plan 1 short food trip at Petaling Street. Although we didn't search and ate a lot of good food but the shooting was fun as well. I start to experience the awkwardness posing in front of many people you don't know, haha! Shooting in the street really need some courage to pose! The outfit I choose to wear is a Boyfriend shirt that I just bought recently. Is my first time trying this kind of outfit because recently being affect by Taiwan fashion, they love to wear comfy cloths such as boyfriend shirt, harlem pants, boyfriend jeans and even loafer. This look is really different than my usual style that are sweet and cute look. Time to to look cool and comfy with boyfriend shirt. Can't tell you guys how much I love my outfit in this shooting! 

I hope to try out more of those comfy clothes and when I just went out for the shooting I got a parcel from the Taiwan website. I meant to wear it for it for my shooting, but nevermind I can save it for my next shooting. Hope you guys enjoy the photos and really thanks for my wonderful darling. Since he is a photographer I always trust him for shooting me until so pretty!