Another favorite post of mine which is about lipstick! I was really honored and grateful that I get to try this 5 beautiful semi-matte first lipstick from G9Skin. All these semi-matte lipstick comes in really smooth and rich texture which definitely worth invest and try!

As per my previous post about liquid lipstick, this kind of bullet lipstick is still on my favorite list. When I first apply using this lipstick, I totally lost control on the application on my lips, haha! After few trials, I finally got back to pace and apply it like a pro! Because this First Lipstick from G9Skin is so easy to apply because of its smooth application on my lips.

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friend out there! I can't believe holidays had ended and guess what I have done during the holiday, going out celebrating my birthday and do some cafe hopping like the usual weekend we did. After back home, I will have to just rush post, edit photos and all the post-deadline are by end of June. 

I am exhausted that even during my rest time at home, I will be busy editing photos and updating my blog. I was so stressed until my hubby doesn't even dare to come near me or even talk to me. I wonder when this stress life ended!! T_T

Time for some skincare post on my blog! Today will blog about this new skincare product I been using before my makeup, that is this white in whipping cream from G9Skin. I admit that I always fond on those Korean Actresses who have a really fair and flawless skin. 

This time round I have the chance to try this whitening cream to enhance my skin tone to more brightening and healthy fair skin. Read on to know how this cream has helped to enhance my skin tone

Hello welcome to my new post segment call the Face of the Month. Is this post, I will play around with makeup and share with you guys about the look I create. I hope that I can do this monthly to share around my favorite makeup look of the month! 

Makeup is really fun to play with! With only 1 eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brushes, you can easily create and blend with the makeup look you like. In this post, I use W.Lab Eyeshadow palette and Unicorn Eyeshadow Brushes to re-create the Face of the Month. I would love to thank you W.Lab and The Wanderlustthings for sponsoring these beautiful products to all Butterflies during our 4th Birthday Party! Without further ado let's start this post with all pictorial steps.

I am here blog about my recent favorite Matte Liquid Lipstick I got from The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party. I have been sharing a lot on my insta story and my Instagram. Not to mention since then I use all these 4 colors matte lipstick for almost all of my weekend makeup looks ever since I received these babies.

I have been really onto matte liquid lipstick since last year. I abandoned a lot of lipstick formula lippies and move to the new era of matte lipstick. One thing that I obsessed into matte liquid lipstick is their colors was start off with more to earthy and nude colors which I really like. Wait the truth is, I never thought that I can pull off those nude and earthy color after I first try it. I use to love coral or red color lip color after I turn my heart to matte liquid lipstick. I adore nude and earthy color even more. If one day I would like to re- purchase any bullet lipstick formula, I will only go for red or even blush pink, nudes color too!

Another must-try product from Physician Formula! I was really happy that this Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation was finally here at Malaysia. I watch and read some of the reviews about how good the product is. Not only that I fall in love with its packaging when I first saw this product!!

Since I am a huge fan of Cushion Foundation, I would love to own this and give this product a try! I did take a lot of photos of this Cushion Foundation because of its super duper cute blue packaging. So please bear with me.

Happy 4th Birthday to The Butterfly Project Community! It's been a good old 4 years that this community grows, I can't really remember how long I been with The Butterfly Project but I remember my first blogging project is the Havaianas blogging review. 

I am always being proud to be a Butterfly and I admit that I have grown a lot within this community. Not only that, through this community we get to knows a lot of PR and more blogging opportunity with all the other butterflies too. I am glad that each year we all grow stronger and become better together. Joining The Butterfly Project makes us feel that we are not alone in this blogging community too. Thanks, Mamasan Tammy Lim again for this wonderful community. 💗 

Hello, today will blog about a recent makeup remover I've been using. I believe you guys have heard of makeup remover oil, makeup remover wipes, makeup remover lotion. Today product is a remover lotion but is also an upgraded version of makeup remover lotion. Not only it helps remove makeup, but also helps protect and moisture our skin.

This product is available in Taiwan and receives a lot of compliment and reviews from customers and even model too. Let's read on to see the products benefit and function.

Hello back to my usual weekend post of the week! It's been a while since I update my weekend outfit. It was rather delayed and late update on my outfits and my hair progress too. Follow my page @snowman1314 and Instagram @snowman_1314 for more current updates!

Today updates was a vintage flowery dress I got from one of my favorite online shop, When I buy this dress I wanted to wear it to my Lombok trip but I didn't. Dress like this is the most convenient outfit I love to wear.

Here's to my Must Visit Hair Salon at PJ Damansara. PJ Damansara is not only famous for cafe and foods but also there are few salons around that definitely worth visit. PJ Damansara has been growing a lot and you can saw there's a lot of new cafes and hair salon around too.

Read more to know which Hair Salon at PJ Damansara that you must visit when you are here. 

Ohai guys, time for some travel updates! If you have been following my Instagram or any social media, you would have to know that I been to Lombok last month. A really short itinerary that I would like to share with you guys in my post. 

Btw it was my first ever girls trip with my college mates, our relationship is not too close but not too distance either. This plan was totally a random trip. Since I have not been traveling since my Japan trip, I definitely miss travel so much. 

Hello peeps, back to the usual busy lifestyle with work and blog now. I kinda miss my blogging days and now I am back. I was feeling more contented and happy to have this kind of sharing and interact moments with my readers. This time round I would love to introduce this Phiro Back Support from Jonlivia.

Jonlivia is a famous brand of Sweat Belts and Slimming pants.Their purpose of inventing slimming belts and pants is because fitness and slimming now has been the trending of the community. Also, we tend to opt for faster and quickest way of slimming down due to busy schedule and lifestyle. Hence this is how Jonlivia has quickly become the tool that helps and aids the community to slim down easily and faster way. If you interested to know more of their products, feel free to visit their website here.