ello peeps, having a tough weekend because of this event. Everything kinda last minutes and we been rehearsal and setup for 2 days, and each day end on 12-1am, LOL. Since I have already have heavy eye bags, plus few nights of 熬夜 seriously cannot tahan already. Finally after few nights of preparation, the night have come. =D I have work also!! = = beh song lol, so I reach church quite late also around 5pm only reach. Soweee, all of us have to make up and get ready at church also lol! So kinda rush for girls, especially spend more time on make up and set hair~ Some of us even go to saloon ler, haha. I did not lol. I have special stylist at church xD (jk jk*)

The crowds start coming by 6:30pm and we are kinda of rush because the setup not really complete yet!! LOL, Super gan jiong style already. I have to put the candle on the staircase,  Me and Kendrick is the deco and he is away to fetch his gf. After everything is done, is around 7pm already. We are free to hang out around with the crowds. One of the main thing I don't dare to speak to outsider because of my broken English, i tend to speak Chinese fluently. = =

Okay, story times =D

Registration counter . Choosing your mask =D

EJR State Competition 2013

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Today will gonna blog post about last weekend what I do~ Except going to church and hang out with friend. State EJR Robotics competition is just on the 22nd of September, FINALLY is here~ because I been training them for 2 months and this day finally arrived LOL. Everyday training will be from 3:30pm-5:30pm, if is school holiday we'll be having training for 6 hours maximum per day @.@ 

Training is a long and hard journey to go through. One need to have a lot of determination and hardworking to learn and improve in training. Since is a tough work for adults, how about just a 8 years old kids? LOL Back to the topic then, I can't really say that I am a very good teacher or very good in any of subject or even robotics. I just teach them what I know and tell them how to do. Of cause they will know nothing in the beginning but could be genius after the training =D After all the hard works and training, as a teacher we just have to let go and let them do their best in the competition without any regrets.

Beside training them, we have to work on that day itself to help out the event. I am on stage where the when the prize ceremony starts, so mostly the starting event I just walk around and see how my student doing =D Our Kl competition start at 1pm. so we asked student to come early. Their box set and laptop are with me on the stage, while morning I been working too, wake up at 5am T_T

Taking photo while I'm free, My partner is busy with the registration counter.

Chicken Hot Pot 重庆鸡公煲

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ello peeps, no post about weekend because due to work!! Hate working on weekends, but no choice since its work! But I'm gonna post about what am I working on the last weekend, hmmm. Okay, back to topic, having a food post too!! I think since this week I finish work at 4pm, I can back home early and have some nap. Dinner can be more pleasant as well =D Today back home nap and went out for dinner at a new restaurant that biii say we never try before.

I was okay lar, let's go~ I couldn't recall which restaurant my bii mention also lor = = haha. But this restaurant is located just at the shoplot at Wangsa Maju LRT. Since is still new, I can't find the real address and phone number of this restaurant. But you can always go to their websites for more info =D

Chicken Hot Pot 重庆鸡公煲

Found this picture logo when I search this restaurant and bumped into a blog =D I didn't take the photo of the shop LOL, self slap* So decided to look the logo online =D

Mivva September box 2013

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Hii peeps, first time write about this beauty review. Hope you guys won't mind and read patiently ya, arigator gozaimasu. I got to know about Mivva box is basically from some of the blogger I really admire. After read quite some of the review about Mivva, I finally decided to subscribe it for 3 months LOL. You can get free points too from Mivva when you subscribe the Mivva Box. Isn't it AWESOME!? So I have start subscribe for 3 months, from August, September and October!! I actually have prepare the photo for August Mivva Box but I have no time to write =( But decided to start with SEPTEMBER MIVVA BOX - GLOW GIZMO !!

heyo peeps, its 18th of the month again, hope you guys won't feel bored about my blog post about this special day xD Is our 15th month!! Although it's look like aiya still got a long way to go lar~ But no matter how long we been together this special of the month is a MUST celebrate, I think go watch movie, a simple dinner together is enough for me =D 

We are having a sweet dinner after my work. My darling even went home take bath and wear until so leng zai =D haha. Bii say I also wear very pretty to work too, prepare for today already ma. =D Bii actually want bring me to True Brew Cafe that he thought was at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, but as we drive around that area, we can't find where is that cafe. Instead we bump into another restaurant, Sassorosso Italian Restaurant~

Finally got a chance to have Italian food xD

When I first step in, I was amazed and the environment was super romantic and relax feel =D

ello, today is 16th of September, is a Malaysia Day, hoorayyy. I think many people is happy because is a HOLIDAY not because is Malaysia Birthday. LOL, okay, the day before means the Sunday Night, I am having slight flu, cough and 热气 T___T I am having nap before I sleep on the night,so basically I sleep around 11:40pm →.→My bii is worry for me and ask me rest more until tomorrow morning, we even look for med that I can eat. Got too many med put together without stated which med is for which sickness, so we even go through wikipedia LOL. Anyway just eat one med for flu only and head back to sleep. Have to say sayonara with my love one too ~~

Okay, back to topic, =P Since today is holiday, I sleep until 8:30am, still consider early right? LOL No choice already, normally working wake up time. We decided to go Mid Valley since I really want to go Bangsar. Not really been to Bangsar area, I knew that there are many good and nice food around that area.

hOLA, its weekend now. Sunday - another serving Sunday for me =D Wearing black today with peplum top, Jess is back to our church!! So happy to see her back, she is having work event at KLCC today. She is asking us to go there to see her event, Is Harley Davidson 110th there are at KLCC now for their stop. Since we got nothing to do, so we decided to join Jess event =D

#1 Our selca during lunch =D

hello peeps, I been wondering and thinking should I do this post or maybe I post up later!? Because wanted to catch your attention here I scare you might be forget about this event too, lol. Am I over thinking now? haha. Back to Topic, as you guys know I am joining in Young Adult Group, Anakainos. We are having a Masquerade Event on the 28th of September. For publicity purpose, we have been having a short photo shoot session at church on the last Sunday. So here are some of the sneak peak and photo of us. We are changing our profile picture of wearing a mask, that suites our theme. =D

Kendrick will be our Photographer of the day.

Here's one with Allecia, credits to Joseph( my biii) I always think that when I am not smiling I looks super weird lol. haha

hello peeps, back to food post again. Because Now I have my boyfie fetch me after my work =D Super happy also because beside morning I can see him, after work also can~ So usually we head straight for dinner just near our house =P 

I think mostly the gang to Ipoh having ipoh symptoms such as: Miss Ipoh, Miss Uno, Miss foods, Miss there de kaya puff, miss everything about it LOL. Me ne, just feel very tired and not enough rest although have many sleep = = hahas

26th August 2013 First is Dessert Time from TONG PAK FU

With food post again, but this time is different having this food with my lovely friend, Pamela. My darling is having a wedding job at Sekinchan. =D Pamela is so nice to fetch me after work at Damansara and we headed to Paradigm Mall for our lunch and shopping spree.

Usually you guys know that, Everyday that has to be a question to ask, WHAT TO EAT? This is a common question that everyone will be asking, no matter with friends or family ~ But same as Pamela, we are both fan for Korean Food and Japanese food~ So as we still figure what to eat, and we decided to go for Japan food, sushiii xD Because either of us wanted to have noodle or rice that have many carbo ~

Here we are at Watami, Japanese Casual Restaurant. I just went this restaurant for the second time =D If not really notice I would thought that is the first time I been here lol, is in 1 Utama.

It's First day of September, yesterday mostly they slept at 2:30am and wake at 7:30am. Time for going to church, everyone is still tired and lazying around @.@ So it's a bit late when we reach Steph's Church ~ Because unprepared of going to a Church, Mostly girls just wearing shorts so have to borrow long pants from Stephanie =D 

#1 We are soo LATE!! xD

Sorry now only continue my post to Ipoh, been thinking is it okay to separate my Ipoh trip to few post? LOL Because I have too many photos to upload LOL!!  I still got 100+ photo waiting for me zzzz

Okay, back to the trip lolz, after a visit to Kellie's Castle. I thought they wan  to back to Steph's house but instead decided to have a coffee break at a Kopitiam~ Unfortunately the Kopitiam close and we have to choose this NAM HEONG OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE to drink. Although me and my boyfie is not a coffee lover, but that's nothing wrong to have a try right? haha So we got ourselves a hot white coffee, I am still not felling well  →_ 

#1 The White Coffee and The Kopitiam =D Ipoh really do famous with their old town white coffee 

elloooo, continue our trip =D Due to much photos so I decide to make it few post about my trip~ LOL Although just 3 days 2 nights >0<

We are heading to Kellie's castle ~~~ So happy because I also wanted to go there xD I think besides eating, go jalan - jalan also very important too!! Is just a 30-40 minutes to Kellie's Castle. What are we doing in the car, Me basically just sleeping on bibi arms =D LOL Woman sickness ARGH!!! Super sien zzzz =目

#1 Not to forget, the SUN is super HOT!!! @.@ We actually got like is there necessary we need to go there because the sun is way to HOT! LOL But we got ask for umbrella lol, so we walk by umbrella LA! hahaha

Holaaaa~~ is weekend again and gonna post some interesting stuff happen in MA life~ I been wanted to go Ipoh for so long (did I!?) LOL Anyway, me and my church friends are planning a Ipoh Food trip this weekend 31st August 2013. I am so gonna join this with my boyfie!!! Is my first went there and because one of our church friend live there as well, and beside we need to pay for our transport and food, we gonna stay at Her house for 2 nights and it was so naise of her to let us stay at her house >.<

We start our journey to Ipoh on Friday after Prayer meeting around 10:15pm. What we not expected is the Jam to Ipoh LOL. We got 3 cars and 5 girls 5 guys going to Ipoh. We reach Ipoh around 1:am+. We headed straight for our first station of our Food Stop. Actually I really don't have any idea where all the good food are, but thanks to Justin our dai gor bring us to!

Our first stop is coming for this 烧肉档口 Siew Yok xD Looks super nice don't know how the taste will look like~