Adidas Blogger Cup Q1

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Hi guys, I'm invited to be a part of Adidas Blogger cup. Adidas is hosting a competition related to FIFA World Cup that is the Adidas Blogger Cup. To celebrate the event of the summer in Brazil, Adidas is running a quiz competition for bloggers and readers. But firstly I'm gonna teach you guys how to enter this awesome competition and win some goodies for yourself!! If you are a huge fan of Adidas this is a good chance for you to win Adidas Jerseys back home. Here some simple steps to join this and win the jerseys!!

Btw I'm proud to be in #adidasBloggerCup

1) You have to answer total of 8 question in the blog entry post you participate. I will update each question on Thursday and Tuesday until the contest end on June 24th 2014.

2) Each question are given 5 days to answer.

3) Don't afraid of the question because it's gonna be super easy! Because I'm giving you guys some clue on to answer the question.

4)  Please ask many of your friends to join this #adidasbloggercup at my blog. Who knows you might be the lucky one to walk home with one(1) world cup jersey from the adidas e-commerce store. 

Clue No #1 The answer to Question 1 is located behind the Germany jersey. Click on the link on the picture above, finger crossed**

Click HERE to answer

Lastly, you guys just need to submit your answer on the apps above and my blog name will be Good lucks to you guys! Tchau and see you guys soon on next Tuesday. 

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Tea Time at Caffe Bene

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Yeah, continue my tea time at Caffe Bene after Uncle Jang. We decided to come here because since Caffe Bene is near why don't we came here for our 2nd round of gathering. Is my second time visit to Caffe Bene if you have been reading my blog. This time I hope to try their snack. I heard that their Waffle is quite nice also! So this time we have order 2 waffle, 2 bingsu and drinks for ownself. Amanda introduce their Green Tea latte for us since we didn't try out their drinks last time.

All the waffle choices show at the counter. Guess which one is the nicest? Btw We choose Tiramisu and Choco Nuts flavor.

Uncle Jang Journey

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Hi peeps, back to food post again. This time we go for Korean Food. I think many of yoy guys have heard Uncle Jang before already right? This Korean restaurant is once famous and everyone will went to taste their cooking and sauce. I always have known this restaurant and wanted to try very long time ago. But I never tried before lol, somehow there are many Korean restaurant in my neighbourhood already. 

This time I finally have the chance to taste it! I really didn't know that Uncle Jang located at Solaris area as well. So the place is not that far and you can enjoy Uncle Jang. Is better to ask few friends along because their food portion is quite big also. At Uncle Jang, you can only enjoy their famous Dak-Galbi dish. This is their specialty in their restaurant. Besides that, they just provide some Korean soup. Don't you guys will feel that why does their menu only have Dak-Galbi, because once you eat it then you understand why! haha

Hi my lovelies today gonna blog about my visit to Room8008 at Times Square. I known this shop through Instagram and many Malaysian Artist have been to this shop to try out their cloths for event. I been follow their instagram for quite some time. I know they have sell many nice and cute clothing there. I been wanted to visit their shop at Times Square. Recently went to Times Square just wanted to visit their shop for shopping!! 

Their shop is at Level 7 and was quite at the corner. I wonder how long have it been here at Times Square? I really didn't saw this cute shop before. The shop was very cute and pinkish design. I think it will catch all the girls attention! Not only girls, I saw some auntie and ah ma also keep stop and staring for this shop quite some time too!! The place was not that spacious but just alright for lovely customer to shopping and trying their cloths. Their staff is supper friendly too, keep introduce their new clothes for us to try. Basically all their cloths mostly come in pastel color and some monochrome color. The skirt are all with lace and soft sweet color. I loves it so much!! I have pick some nice cloths to try also, let you guys saw some cloths that I try on that day.

Hi guys, back to blog review about Mr Lens! First of all want to thanks The Butterfly Project again for selecting me as the butterflies for this post! I have heard Mr Lens websites before but not really click into their websites and scroll through.

What is Mr Lens?
As from the name you know that it is a websites that selling contact lens ONLINE! I know you guys have been shop cloths online, gadgets online, shoes online but how about contact lenses!? I don't know about you guys but I know that are some people afraid to buy contact lens online because scare about hygiene or even scare about exposed under sun or the postman simply throw stuff aside. But you DON'T HAVE to worry because truly I tell you guys. I have already wear their contact lenses for a week and definitely no problem for me!

At MrLens you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface.

MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too! 

Currently our portfolio of products available online are contact lenses, cleaners, sunglasses, perfumes, Gillette® razor blades and Oral-B toothbrush heads.

Hi my all lovelies! Back to my outfit post #sharonootd. I still thinking to have 2 outfit post per month. But all these have to see my baby okay to shoot me or not la. Finally I finish my busy work by this week and at least I am not stress already. But think of it next year I have to hit a higher target then I will feel like crying. Anyway I did try my best and outcome seem pretty good and I satisfied with the result also. I will still continue with work and have to stay up late at school already. It will be like 12 hours at school already. Nowadays keep sleep late at night, every morning seems so difficult for me to wake up. No nap time for me also when I back home. LOL! Yesterday was Teacher's Day, I have no idea at all that was Teacher's Day I mean the official date since our school celebrate on the 26th of May. I still received 2 cards from students and I feel grateful and thankful at least I still received something. 

This time outfit post is quite a challenging one because we are suppose to go Empire Damansara for shooting. But due to too many people we didn't manage to have photoshooting, but Baby say we can choose 1 day super early morning to come here again! But nevertheless, we choose another building that near to Empire Damansara to do the photo shooting. I have no idea what the building name, but there was guard there wanted to chase us out. We also didn't care and find a secret place for shooting. The shooting is still very fun and I enjoy very much. I start to love outdoor shooting although sometimes is very tiring. As usual Kuala Lumpur always rain during evening time. The weather is gloomy on that day too, after the shooting both of us walk to the car with umbrella that we bring! 

Hi peeps, I have few post about food is on my list! Hope that didn't bored you guys =D This time will blog about my food journey at Boat Noodle. As you guys know the power of websites is so powerful that. This small restaurant is quite famous among the instagram lol. So I am that kind of people that when some food is going on there, I would like to have to try it myself. I went to Boat Noodle last Saturday with my baby. This restaurant was at Empire damansara was newly open and just furnished. The building is still new also and was spread through the websites about the beautiful and colorful umbrella hanging up. They will change the color of the umbrella too, try your luck to see whether you can saw colorful umbrellas!

Hi guys, blog about foodie again!! This superb place we went is after the warehouse sale. I just noticed that at Jaya One there are many nice restaurant lol!! We can't really choose where should we have our lunch. Usually when I saw Korean or Japanese restaurant I will always told my baby lets eat Japanese food lar~ But my baby will like you seriously haha! Ended up he say this Coconut House have a nice environment for us to enjoy our lunch.

When I step into this restaurant surprisingly the environment was very nice and relaxing. I will show you guys the interior design of this restaurant. 


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Hey peeps, I start to think did I blog for myself or just to let you guys outside read my life all about. Although I do hope that many people out there can read my blog post. But some how I come to a point what is my purpose of writing blog? Slowly I think the purpose is actually only for myself, feel so selfish lol. I start to get back that I actually loves to write my life story as a online diary last time. I blog about my life and slowly I tried to blog about food and my outfit coordinate. People tend to forget what their purpose of their life? Purpose of study, of work of blogging of cause. When you forget the purpose and everything feel like is a WORK for them that I should to do that because I need money lolol.

But heyyy I still love photograph a lot. No matter in taking photos and be in the photo. Why I do that because I wanted to share to you guys what I experience and what I see in my life. All these photos is a remembrance for me. These photos help me keep my memory on that particular day because everyday I experience happiness and I met many new friends and people when I attend event. So my purpose of writing out my every post is that I hope to share my happiness to you guys~~~ and I still keep my blog as my online diary and when I am getting old I can still read back my life all about lolol. 

I can't live without music and I get to use of hearing music on my blog. So I decided to put back music for my blog. But I lack of having some nice English music for my blog. So if you guys have any nice English song please do let me know so that I can hear and I will put it on my blog lol. hahas! I am thinking of upgrading my camera to a better camera as well. Still searching and haven't really hand on the ZR1200 that I want.

Back to my post today, will going to show you guys what have I really done on the 26th of April. I went to the last week of the Twenty3 Warehouse located at the Pop, Jaya One. I went there during lunch time. Their warehouse sale has been here for the whole month of April and I wanted to visit their warehouse before they ended this Bazaar. The Pop is a new building good for event and if you want to sell your online cloths the place would be suitable for you too! 

Hi lovelies all, will show you guys my Hello Kitty Outfit I wear it last few Sundays. I admit that I really wear until very stand out. I will let you guys see the photos that I took on that day also. Hello Kitty is my favorite cartoon of all. I have this Hello Kitty Stocking since from last year but didn't have the chance to wear it. I know I have many clothes sill hidden in the cupboard waiting for their chance lolol. I also have this Kitty Top that I bought from Foruchizu as well! Since I decided to wear the top so I decided to match with my Hello Kitty stockings. I have stockings addiction as well, I have 3 stockings I bought from Night Market that I haven't wear also. I tend to wear cute with stockings lol.

I wear this whole outfit with a skirt at first. But it kinda short and I decided change to white shorts later. I think I kinda over dress up and whenever I went people will look at me like I am wearing something weird lol, haha! That day we even have lunch just near our church because we are having practice for our Anakainos Break Free. Today make up I just draw eyeliner and trying to draw a thick eyebrow but seem to be fail because my baby doesn't like my thick eyebrow == He will keep tease me that I look like crayon Shinchan T^T

Hi my lovelies! Will end my April with my another post about my #sharonootd post. Recently skorts is such a hot fashion right now. I got myself 1 pair of skorts from Phat Culture. That time I am looking for a white pants and saw that white skorts is a good choice also. At first I do not know what is Skorts actually? I think many of us will thought of what's the different between Shorts and Skorts?

Skorts - A skort, sometimes called a scooter or 'skant', is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front (from wikipedia)

Shorts -  they are a shortened version of pants, which cover the entire leg. (from Wikipedia)

Basically Skorts means is a pair of short hidden behind a skirt lol. But skorts nowadays come in many design not like the old design just plain skirt. You can find some origami skorts, wrapped skorts, pleated skorts even romper skorts too! There are few types of skorts as well that is Sport Skorts, School Skorts and Denim Skorts. I am still thinking to go for different color of skorts maybe denim or pastel. Still searching to see where can I get affordable skorts xD