Hi there my lovelies, finally a sponsor post from Hishop product! When I look back to my post, I realize that I have not been doing many beauty post lately. I will try my best to do more of beauty post as I already have the photos but it just need some to edit all the photos. Please give me more time because it was totally not enough time for me. Saturday have to work half day at home and went for a movie in the evening. Sunday have to spend half day to church and can only start my personal time during night time.

I hope I can have more than 24 hours a day for me to use. So that I finish editing video, do my blog post, relax more, watch my favorite drama and many more things that I want to do! haha

This was my first time doing nail sticker on my own! I saw many nail sticker online and never try them before. When I first received I was really surprise because I never try this before and afraid that it might difficult to do it. But it actually so easy and I swear I was doing this the first time. I was quite surprise that because Hishop actually know I like Hello Kitty and sent me their LoveNail Hello Kitty set for me. You can learn from the video I recorded in the end of the post.

Finally I can write this fashion post, I have keep the post for 2 weeks and finally I can share with you guys! I have my first lookbook video by the end of the post. Hope you guys can read patiently until the end. This is my second ripped jeans and it was light denim color. The first ripped jeans I own is in dark denim color that I bring and wear it to Bangkok.

This time I want to get a light color denim ripped jeans and did a little DIY on this ripped jeans. I use pearls in different sizes and sew it on the jeans. I saw this design with pearls on the ripped jeans in Taiwan Outfit apps. I really love the design plus I also don't want waste too much money to buy cloths from Taiwan.

Finally I came across this online boutique - Blaqmagik  LVRS and they sell the ripped jeans with the color and design I want. I quickly bought it home and did a bit of DIY on it. Turns out I am quite happy with the result. I decide to come out with a video and lookbook series about this ripped jeans!

Yo another cafe post is up! When I start working I tend to arrange my blogging time quite often and I was really enjoy it. Is not like I treat blog as my part time work but I treat it as a place of sharing. Thanks for your love for me and thanks for your time reading my blog too. You will find that I spend more time on blogging too!

I have many post that I wanted to share to you guys but I do not have many time to really do nice editing. Video was one of the part of blogging that I hope to learn. I wanted to produce and edit more nice video. But editing usually need a lot of time and a better laptop. Many youtubers always use Mac software for all their video editing. 

I am still looking a good video editing software for myself. Any good recommend? You will find that in this post I have video recording my day at VCR Cafe. It was like since last year that I been wanted to go this cafe. At first I thought it was quite hard to find and go, but to my surprise the cafe is super easy to go and spot LOL. Its not too late to went here though!

Cafe Bar.
After a few food post all the way, a fashion post is next! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend as tomorrow is gonna be Monday! I was enjoy my weekend yesterday at Guardian Makeover Nu Sentral. I can't believe the waiting and lining up have to be so long. But luckily the make up and hairdo was a quick one, I love the look and we even did a photo shooting too.

This time I would love to introduce my love to jumper. I always love jumper in denim, whether it is with long or short pant, or even in skirt design. You will find it the jumper was super cute and casual to wear it. The first look I didn't put any make up and I know it might scare you guys off. I have really serious dark eye circle and eye bag. 

Hola, I am at Kluang during the May holiday and I get the chance to visit 1 of the cafe at Kluang. I was being treated well and enjoy the few days holiday at there as well. I am really thankful that I can meet many new friends and have a touching fellowships with them. We even been to one cafe so that I can have a food post journey for my blog at Kluang. 

This cafe is a racing car theme at Kluang. Kluang now has change a lot and they have a lots of cafe and good food already. I even read through a blog that introduce good food at Kluang too. I was very excited and although the car theme is not as fancy as I thought. But the environment and food wise I really enjoy it.

Brick walls with 4 racing cars photo.
Hello lovelies, I am back here for more cafe post. Start to working already and the transport thingy really quite tough but that's not gonna stop me from working. Its just the start and I hope I can be a really good girl about it, haha. This cafe I went was last month with my friend and I was really excited about it because it was like ages since I went to a cafe for breakfast. 

Never really heard of La Casa before and the cafe was actually quite inside and below the new condo Verve Suites area at Mont Kiara. There are just 3 cafes just besides each other. La Casa is just one of the cafe. I took many photos inside the cafes and I really love their environment. So cosy and relax with all the wooden furniture and they have really spacious area of dining.

Another outfit post with Wardrobemess. Just like I mention in the previous post that I bought outfit that actually can wear many different outfit. This is the another outfit style I really like. Crop and Culottes actually looks good together. Why do I say so?? You can find the answer when you keep reading 

Hi my fellow friends, tonight will be another food post up on my blog. Actually I have many food post wanted to share and ended up I totally forget about it. Now is May already only I realize that I have many food photos haven't edit and post. Am I starting to grow older and tend to forget things easily. These few days tend to facing my laptop almost 12 hours and my eyes is killing me. But weekend is here, I can rest my eyes away from the laptop screen.

This post is about the newly open Dining Loft area at Pavilion. I been wanted to go there once they has open. You can just go up to the Level 7 on the elevator just opposite of TGI FRIDAYS.

Hola! I know I am super late but nevertheless I still want to share about it. Just like other people, we also went to see the Avengers movie size figurine model in real life. We came to Mid Valley on the weekends and to be honest it was super crowded. But the Avengers fever keep burning and everyone came here to see the Avengers figurines model.

If you guys know, Avengers: Age of Ultron finally release on screen on the 21st of April. You can see life size Avengers figurines at the Center Court of Mid Valley Megamall. All these figurines only be shown until 19th of April only. You can't see it now at Mid Valley but I will share all the photos I took at there, it was a awesome exhibition and the figurine is really so cool and feel so real.

Even the main slide door also follow the Avengers fever.

Mr.Dakgalbi @ PV128

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Morning peeps, finally a short food post is up. Is a new Korean Restaurant open near my neighborhood. It has open for few months and I have been there for few times already. The korean dakgalbi they prepare is really delicious! After the first time I dine in there, I have already addicted with their dish. The spiciness of their Dakgalbi is really strong and appetizing. The spiciness that I like will be from Korean Food and Thailand food. 

Hi my lovely friends, today post is about shopping haul cloths that I brought from Wardrobemess. I been scrolling their websites for quite some time and I never have the chance to buy their cloths as they are from Singapore. I have finally found few pieces cloths that I really like so I decided to just go for it.

Basically every piece I bought is all my favorites piece! Wardrobemess sold many basics wear and I really love it. Basics wear is just super convenient to wear and it just matches perfectly with pants, jeans and skirts. Basics wear is just like everyone favorite because it also can be wear in different styles that you want. Quality is also very important for basics wear, because comfy is what we love to wear. The price will decide how good quality is their clothing. Some other brand that I love their basics wear will be, Zalora, H&M and Uniqlo.

In Wardrobemess, I have bought total 5 pieces of clothing and it can match out with total of 4 to 5 looks that you want. But I just manage to show out 2 outfit that is my favorite. I have another long maxi dress but I guess show it next time.

Look 1

I been delay this post for weeks, because start busy during May onwards. So usually when I reach home, I was either too tired or I just scrolling my facebook and instagram. Sometimes blog post is not easy to write out especially when you are tired and no inspiration. If I was really tired but I still want to blog, it will be more on fashion post or blog about post that I like. But if post like sponsor or review post, I will usually draft out my post and write it as my part time blogger life.

I went to this Cleo #WomenofWorth High Tea & Workshop on the 18th of April at Chinoz in the Park with my friend. Thanks to her invite I get to go to this workshop.

Hi my fellow friends! Today gonna blog about another outfit I collage with MLB Baseball hats!! Is was my first time doing fashion collage with hats, but what's not to love about hat? It helps us keep away from the hot sun and in the mean time it can accessorize our outfit. Although I am not much of hat lover, but to find a suitable hat is really important for us. 

Why do I say this is because not every hat is suitable to wear and not everyone like to wear hat. Sometimes is depends on the weather or whether you are in the outdoor or indoor. Mostly we wear it during outdoor when there are hot sun, at the beach, go for picnic and many more outdoor activities. Physically some people don't like to wear hat because they think wearing hat make their head looks bigger. That is why looking for a suitable hat for a suitable event is really important for us.

In this post, I choose 5 of the MLB Baseball Hats from Fanatics and collage it with different accessories and styles. [Wiki] Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization that constitutes one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. It is the oldest league of the four. 

In Fashion, there is no rules like Baseball hats should be only wear it during playing baseball. But since it was still a hat that is under category of ACCESSORIES.I have match the my top 5 favorite MLB Baseball Hats in my own styles.

New Era L.A. Dodgers Fitted Hat Royal Blue
Hi my fellow readers, I shall continue my Day 3 journey post at Cha-Am. The second place that we visit after Santorini Park will be here at Swiss Sheep Farm! I think many will wonder how our transport here at Cha-Am after the van. We took a cab outside Santorini Park to Swiss Sheep Farm. The road outside Santorini park is actually a highway and  it was quite hard to catch a cab. But thank God, we got 1 teksi and got to share with another couple as well. They are going to the newly open Camel Republic just slightly further away from Santorini Park. We did drop by there as well, as the place is still new is a good time for us to explore also. But Camel Republic really can't convince us to visit, so we just continue to stick back our plan and we visited Swiss Sheep Farm.

The journey to Swiss Sheep Farm from Santorini Park is around 10-15 minutes car journey

Today will write a short post about a restaurant we eat at Santorini Park. I love this restaurant and you can say that the price of this restaurant is quite cheap compare to the other restaurant. The environment is really comfort and suitable for family dine in too.

2 banner infront of the restaurant.
Hi morning my friends, how was your long weekends spend? I am quite a happy girl now since I am away from town for few days. But holidays is going to end soon and is time to get to work again. 

Here's my first fashion post of the new month. We left 1 month till we reach half of the year. Although in these pass few months, I am still in a miserable stage. Not sure what should I do in my life, working for? Money? Or doing things I like? But God always plan ahead of us. I am thankful and grateful that I have God in my life. I spend sleepless night thinking about my life and pray to God.

Stop all the ranting ya! Gonna go through my first fashion post of the new fresh month!! A mint and fresh outfit on a Saturday weekend.