Another outfit post to end JULY!! I will be busy for the month of August because of the post that I need to post on the fix date they set. Can't even imagine how could I do that and by weekly too. Kinda regret accepting this but I have no choice and have to force myself to do it no matter what. 

Even though I'm not sure whether the fact I doing so many things for my blog did I ever get appreciate or even people are reading all these post or not? This kind of feeling really makes me feel tired all the time. Maybe I should just take some break time and stay away from my blog for a while.

Gosh that's all for my ranting. I am thinking I should do this more so that I don't keep all my feeling with me.

Aloha guys!! Finally I am here blogging about Realash, I been pending this post for the longest time ever. But its never too late, and hope you guys enjoy reading my post. I even start doing my First Unboxing Video with Realash. 


REALASH - Eyelash Enhancer

REALASH is an innovative enhancer whose mission is to fortify, increase density and lengthen your eyelashes. The serum regenerates lashes in a very short time. Its formula has been dermatologically and opthalmologically tested by specialists. It is highly recommended by users and beauty bloggers. REALASH will add volume and length to your lashes and enhance their overall appearance so they will look simply gorgeous!

Finally will blog about my Day 3 Itinerary of my Tokyo trip. I been thinking how should I start my post because Tokyo DisneySea is a really big place to explore. To be honest, I didn't really go through each of the game at Tokyo DisneySea because of the crowds. The crowds was super crazy and each of the game station requires 1-2 hours of queuing. If you really really want to try out all the game station at Tokyo DisneySea would recommend you start to line up at their entrance at least 30 minutes before the official park opening. Opening hours of the park will be from 8:30am to 10pm everyday.

In this post I will share on base on my own experience exploring Tokyo DisneySea in 1 Day. If you are really Disneyland die hard fan, you could even book a hotel at Disney Resort you can reach Disney Park within walking journey. You can even get their annual passes too.

A quick updates on my weekend outfit for last month. Just realised that I owe too much weekend outfits post for my blog. So many outfit I would love to share here. This week basically I will blog as much outfits I could. And my Tokyo Trips is so delayed!!

This is what I wear during CanonXRilakkuma event. I also wear this outfit during my trip to Pulau Perhentian. Basically this is the beach outfit I would definitely wear. Colors of my outfit are quite earthy and natural.

Continue my cafe hopping during my 4 year anniversary with my boy at Tiny Temptress. I been wanted to visit this cafe since I saw few of my friend visit this place. Finally we have some time to explore cafe at Bandar Baru Sri Petaling. They have many cafe to explore and I haven't really try their waffle cafe too! Wish I will be back here someday.

Tiny Temptress is a really cute cafe which I really like. If you like pink and all the girlish stuff, this cafe definitely will be your favorite hang out place.

During the last weekend, I went to to a Launching of  “Anyone can be a Property Millionaire” Reality TV Show at Capri by Fraser. During this event, I met Dato' Sri Gavin Tee which is a highly experience entrepreneur and consultant in property investment. He is also the founder and president of Swheng Tee International Real Estate Investors Club. It was quite a new experience for me to attend this event because I have totally zero knowledge about property investment. It gives me a lot of ideas and knowledge about property investment, and Dato' Sri Gavin Tee definitely a inspire for young people who wanted to start property investment.

If you are new to property investment, but don't know where to start? Fret Not because there will be a Reality TV Show - Anyone can be a Property Millionaire which you can have a real close to the issues that everyone will face when they want to start invest. No matter who you are.

Hey my lovelies! Today I will be sharing some exciting and happy news to all of you. If you guys have been reading my blogging journey you will know that I frequent shopping at ALTHEA Website. And now ALTHEA has turns 1 years old already. I feel that I been with ALTHEA for years shopping with them.

I can't believe is only 1 year shopping together at ALTHEA!! My friends around me always ask where can we get really cheap but authentic Korea Skin Care or Cosmetics product? I will always tell them ALTHEA Korea is the Best K-Beauty Shopping experience! Within 10-15 days of working days you can have your product shipped directly from Korea to your doorsteps. 

Not only that they always give the cheapest prices for their product but they also provide lots of fun, trendy Seoul exclusive beauty products for you to unboxing! With the Best price in town, Free Shipping over RM150, 30 Days Unconditional Return and 100% Authentic Products from Korea!!

I have been a loyal fan of ALTHEA, What are you still waiting for!!

Searching a Job in Malaysia is not easy. According to The Sun Daily Malaysia, there are currently 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia. The number will not be decreasing but will continue to increase. Due to the economy in Malaysia is not really good, our MYR Rate drop and some of the company even start to fire people due to need of cutting cost of their company. 

Since the economy and with the inflation as well, and salary not even increase that much to cover all the inflation in Malaysia. This makes graduates even hard to look for a job in Malaysia.

Been to a few cafes last month, since its our anniversary and my birthday month. Basically last month I enjoy a lot of good food with my boy! Will start of with Minamotonoya Cafe first. Well I know that they have new menu coming soon, but when I visit their cafe the new menu food is not yet out. Feeling kinda disappointed but is okay I still manage to try their famous Mizu Mochi!

I hope it rather not feeling weird to have anniversary celebration by doing cafe hopping. But that's what I wanted as well, don't have any other dining place I wanted to go. I mean spending together with your loves sound great enough right! You doesn't have to go fancy place or any high end place just for the celebration. 

Hai lovelies, back to another beauty post about Magic Water. I rarely use mist for my face but I have one mist from Tony Moly. Although I got this but I rarely use, because I am not use to using water mist on my mist. To be truth I am quite a lazy girl, sometimes is not that I don't want to do or I don't have the product to do it, mainly just because I am lazy.

But in Chinese, there's a phrase saying that in this world there's no ugly women but only lazy women. Well that's some how apply in me hahahaha. After I get this Magic Water product by Wecomed. I start to experience the need of mist and water on our face. Especially in dry and cold weather at Malaysia, staying indoor with aircond can cause skin dehydrated and dry skin.

Hi lovelies, kinda miss out to share my Pulau Perhentian trip post! Actually this trip is quite spontaneous and thanks to Bosch & Lombs we got the FREE 3 Days 2 Night stay at Alunan Resort with Breakfast. We didn't prepare like under water pouch to captures any baby sharks, turtle and fishes when we go for snorkeling. Kinda regret but nevertheless I still manage to enjoy throughout this trip and seeing all the creatures under sea is really memorable and exciting.

After visiting Pulau Perhentian with all the Sun, Blue Skies and the sound of Waves every morning, it actually make me quite addicting and missing every part of this moment I stay at Pulau Perhentian. You see beaches and sea has this kind of magic will make you wanted to visit more and more beach.

Its been a while since I update my weekend outfit, been wanted to a OOTD series but thinking a theme is not easy. I just want to share my current obssesion that is the Choker Top fashion. I always love choker and tend to shop a lot of cute and unique choker accessories. When the Choker Top start to go on trend, I was totally fall for it. Until now I have total 5 include the 2 choker top I gonna share today, but still I bought 2 from Taobao waiting to receive it perhaps after Raya Holiday.

This post I will share 2 different style of the choker top, The left side top will be more stylish and consider trendy design because somehow looks like pyjamas top trend. As for the right side, comes in sweet pink color which I really like.


Direct from London's West End and Broadway the international hit show made its North American debut with an 8 week tour throughout Canada and the U.S during spring of 2015.  The infamous show that has been seen by over 2 million people worldwide is introducing a brand new show for the 2016 touring season! 

Annerin Productions brings you the show that you never got to see The Beatles ever perform.  Relive the past from Ed Sullivan to Abbey Road, with favourite hits including Hard Day's Night, Day Tripper, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Twist and Shout, Get Back, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Strawberry Fields, and imagine the reunion that never was… 

Recently I have try a new supplement that is BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron thanks to Hawooo Malaysia. I am not a supplement girl, but I realise that my body lack of many proteins and vitamins because of my unhealthy eating lifestyle. Not that I wanted that but I always eat at office food court basically all are serve in Malay and Indian food only. The food mostly are quite heaty and I love to eat fried rice from Mamak stall. 

For dinner wise, I always eat at home with minimum oil cooking vege and other dishes. Last time I use to avoid eating chicken, but after I start to work I love to eat fried chicken and spicy food. I have less intake of vegetables, fruits and fish. I decided to try on this BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron to help to regain my lack of protein and vegetables intake.

Gonna do a quick update on how I spend my Birthday last week. My boyfriend has plan all without my concern. I keep asking since a week before, he keep don't want to answer my question directly. But I always like to keep asking him until he feel annoyed and begging me not to ask him anymore. Nevertheless, we actually celebrated my birthday early since my birthday fall on weekdays. Which I never really care to take leave.

Birthday is just like any normal day to celebrate my birthday and my born date. Feeling grateful to able to born into this world, thanks to my parents. I am still growing healthy and happily everyday. Thank God that I be able to breathe everyday and able to enjoy my life to the fullest with the one I love. 

I believe that every girl has their own skin care routine of the day. Since when I am in high school, I was actually quite active in school activities. I join PBSM and we have marching competition that required a lot of practice. Since its our first time joining marching competition, we nearly practice every day after school around 2-4pm where the sun is way up the sky.

Guess what I got a really DARK and uneven skin tone after joining this competition. Even since then, my mum encourages me to try applying sun block or whitening skin care product to regain my fair skin. Even applying whitening lotion that time. My first skin care product was all about whitening product.

Whitening is also part of my skin care regime now. I am thankful to my mum that she actually helps and guide me to use skin care for our skin. Since women tends to aging and mature than men, it was really important to start taking care of our skin since young. UV and Radioactive around us can cause more harm to our skin too.

I understand too no matter how many brightening product you use on your face, that the black pigmented will still remained.