During last 2 weeks, I have been invited to join the Finale of Slimplezy Challenge that is organized by JONLIVIA. So what is this Slimplezy Challenge about? This is the first time ever major challenge sponsored by JONLIVIA® to pit 20 people against one another to a fitness goal and healthier lifestyle! It was a 1.5 month of Slimplezy Challenge for the participants to sweat out and also able to win some exciting prizes for the top 3 finalists!

Never in my life so in love with wigs and actually learn and watch videos on youtube too. Wigs is a really great option when comes to styling and doing a different style of makeup look too. You can't be bothered changing hair color each time for different makeup look or cut or trim your hair whenever you like. In this case, hair wigs will be the solution that you needed.

Why Wigs?

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post, but the views and opinions stated are of the author alone.

Recently I have gone to one really nice and pretty new cafe at Publika. Not only the cafe serves delicious serving but also it was a great place for a chill date out too. MANDALA  Cafe and Bar definitely a fusion place for you to not only dine in but also get to enjoy some of their house wine serving and cocktail too!

Let's just go through some of the must try and recommended dish at MANDALA Cafe and Bar, Publika. Since Publika had numerous cafes for you to hang out with friends. But I would definitely recommend MANDALA for a simple and nice dinner with friends and your loves one too. 

Yes!! I am back for my face of the month post after stopped for the last few months. It was a busy few months for me before 2017 ends. Now to start fresh again and hopefully I can maintain this post once every month. I need more inspiration too to create different makeup and eye look for my post. In the future, I will like to invest some lightning to show more details of my eye makeup look too.

For today theme is this Spacey Eye look, thinking of names is the most difficult part whenever I blog about my Face of the Month. Surprisingly this eye look color has the same color as my hair too!

Chinese New Year is all about the celebration of the new year and is a season for blessing, so I gonna prepare my mood for all the exciting moment with lots of wonderful food, gathering with friends and family and lots more. The thing I like the most is the reunion dinner time with your own family, everyone will gather in together and reunion again during this time.

For those who still don’t have any plan for where to have your family reunion dinner, I will like to introduce you Dynasty Restaurant which recently had converted into a pork-free restaurant, you can discover innovative and exciting flavors creatively put together by award-winning Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin. A wide selection of authentic and delectable Cantonese delicacies are available from the A La Carte Menu and a complete range of delicious Dim Sum to please every palate. 

At Dynasty Restaurant, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs are all set to immerse your senses with Festive Menus that capture the finest flavors of Cantonese cuisine from 2nd February until 2nd March 2018 in celebration of this Chinese Lunar New Year.

A short weekend outfit post on a busy weekend. Definitely the busiest weekend I had to kick start my 2018. I have not been sleeping early during weekdays too. Even though when I know the need of going to bed early still my mind won't follow or listen to me. In the end, I will be sleeping at 1am or later. 

Can you believe that my Christmas outfit is shoot right after Christmas, haha! Basically, I just spend my Christmas at Kluang and JB. Which both places do not have any nice Christmas decor mall to visit. After back from there, we have been to Pavilion and Mid Valley to enjoy some Christmas decor before 2017 ends. So yeah, today outfit shot mostly taken at Mid Valley and few shots are at Pavilion. 

Do you wish hands on the highest sunscreen protection Mist Spray and to use it Anytime and Anywhere you wanted? This might be your most preferred sunscreen choice too! Introduce new launched Clinelle UV Defense Ultra Protection Mist Spray SPF50, PA++++ will be the first UV Mist Spray with 5-in-1 protection against UVA, UVB, Blue Light, Electromagnetic Radiation and Pre-Mature Aging. 

The only sunscreen product dedicated for face use that offers the highest level and most complete protection to shield against outdoor UV rays from sunlight and indoor UV rays emitted from technology gadget. 

I believe that everyone deserves to be loved and also to receive gifts and present from your loved ones! Although Christmas festive season has passed, Valentines is coming in just less than 1 month! I bet every year all the couple will be having a headache and start to think about the gifts that they are going to give to your another half.

In today post, I will blog about this 18K Gold Jewelries from Aurora Italia. Aurora Italia is a premium jewelry brand that specializes in hand finished jewelry made of high purity gold. They have a wide range of charms and accessories. Not only that it was curated for ladies, but there are also charms that guy is suitable for! So just read on and see all the beautiful charms and design from Aurora Italia.

Before 2017 ends, The Butterfly Project have our first ever staycation with the butterflies at The KL Journal Hotel. Thanks to Traveloka for this wonderful opportunity for us to able to enjoy this short staycation before 2017 ends. This is a really great experience for us butterflies to gathering and has fun together among our communities! I would say this staycation is another level up of our journey with The Butterfly Project.

During our stay, we are staying at the KL Journal Hotel located at the center of KL. Within walking distance, you can walk to Bukit Bintang and Pavilion area, also it was really convenient where there's monorail for you to travel to some tourist spots too!

I am back again with my weekend outfit post on my blog! I have been slacking since the second week of the year. Scrolling a lot of Taobao looking for more outfit inspo and house decor inspo too. Although I have not been updating any post here, it was mainly because I been drafting one long post for another upcoming post too. I guess it has been stranded my frequent of updates my post here.

Since I have finally finished that long post and I will be updating another short weekend outfit post to keep my blog alive. And Yes there will be another long blog post coming up next too. Before that, I will like to update you guys about one of my favorite outfit I wear for the last month of 2017!

House is the essential necessity for humans to get sheltered and safe. In Singapore, getting Housing Development Board (HDB) flat is one of the milestones in every Singaporean’s life but there are ways to generate side income from owning a HDB flat in the matured estate like Tampines or Queenstown. With right strategies, you can get your HDB to pay off your monthly installment or mortgage repayment costs. What is the rate of return for buying a HDB flat?

Given with these conditions (assumptions and estimations):

HDB flat price: $500,000
Initial equity: $100,000
10 years of loan tenure
Average interest cost of 4% 
Rental yield of 4%
Average of HDB price appreciation of 6%

During the 1990s, historical rate of HDB flat appreciation is 6.85%. Now, we set the average HDB price appreciation at 6%.

Initial costs are projected at about $12,600. Buyer’s stamp duty of $9,600 for $500,000 HDB flat, estimated $2,500 legal fees and $500 for valuation fees. Given that the initial equity is only $100,000, this indicates that they must take a loan amount $412,600 from the bank. Meanwhile, maintenance cost for the residential property is estimated about $6,000. With property price appreciation, the rental income is set to align with the appreciation. Although it might not be true the rents could remain sticky. Property tax is calculated as per the AV of the HDB. This analysis implies that the internal rate of return (IRR) is 12.67% which means that the investment in HDB gives you returns of about 12.67% annually. Click here to calculate your affordability.

In this analysis, there are three main factors for the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) which are HBD price appreciation rate, rental yield, and interest rates. The biggest driver of returns here is probably the HDB price appreciation, this determines the ending terminal value of your HDB. As for the rental yield, it is the second helper that brings the return. You can call this as an assisting hand that pushes along returns, the higher the rental yield, the higher the overall returns. Lastly, the third factor is interest rates. It is particularly important as the loan you took to finance the HDB or condominium you have purchased. The incremental of the interest rate would not be on your favorable side. 

HDBs are indeed set to give you a higher returns. But, be warned that the high returns’ of HDB were based on historical numbers. Property prices increase over the years since our grandparents’ generations. The biggest question now is will HDBs continue to appreciate in value at 6%? And will the interest rates continue to stay? This is really a subjective answer depending on the current economic situation. 

According to National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, here are some potential HDB buyers are looking to buy HDB flats with Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) but to dismay, Singapore Housing Development Board has clarified that not all old HDB flats will be entitled to SERS. Although we are hoping for some returns especially in the mature estates like Tampines. There are some concerns that some buyers are willing to fork out higher prices for older flats in hope to gain from SERS. A friendly advice for potential buyers to choose carefully the HDB flats and let’s not put high hopes to get disappointment in returns.

But don’t be disheartened from this, there are some ways to gain some returns. Let’s take for an example, a 30-year-old couple combines their monthly income of $5,000, looking to buy a resale HDB flat in Tampines stay near their parents. With the income ceiling fixed by HDB, they are entitled up to $75,000 grant off for their resale flat prices. With this, they should be easily afforded a flat with a lease 90 years. Then, 35 years later, the couple is now aged 65 years old and the remaining lease of the flat is 55 years. With that, the grown elderly couple can choose to sell their flat and ‘right-size’ to a two-room Flexi flat with a shorter lease, this is to enjoy the Silver House Bonus of $20,000 in cash and use their sale proceeds for retirement. Apart from that, whoever prefer to stay in the flat are able to apply for Lease Buyback Scheme. They may sell part of the remaining lease back to HDB and they also have the option to rent out. 

In conclusion, HDB flat is not only a good home for returns but also a safe for future retirement which the HDB is trying to achieve for all HDB house owner. 

Till Then.

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How time flies and we are now in 2018! Although I been seeing a lot started to share their recap of the year 2017, instead I will still be doing it on my blog. Which I can always read back and refer back to the coming years too. It's been a while since I write a long blog post on my blog. I guess I do not have the energy now to spending too much time in thinking and drafting a pot. But once I started, I can't stop writing and typing.

For the start of the year, there's not many updates and new things that happened as well. I pretty sure works and my life are pretty chill for now. I can't wait to explore new things and projects that will be coming soon too. So what about you? Are you excited for a new year new life experience?

Can't believe we almost reach the end of the first week of 2018! Since I been on leave for the entire week on the last week of 2017, when I first back to work I did feel my work kinda rusty and I have been not sleeping early too even though I am back to work. Therefore, it's been a kinda tired week for me to kick start my 2018. I will be going to bed after I finish this weekend outfit post!

I will be working on my recap 2017 and resolution 2018 soon! I bet it will be a long post for me to write. A quick intro about this lacey dress, I bought it from Taobao to wear it to my friend's wedding in November 2017. 

Happy New Year guys! So my first post of the year will be about beauty review. I got this really pretty makeup and skincare from Gold Sparkling Box. It was one of their beauty boxes series from ALTHEA itself. They come out with 3 Sparkling boxes during the festive season, that is Red, Gold, and Black I do know that festive season is over, however this box is specially curated not only for festive but to any event you wish to attend like, wedding and girls date out. It was one of the emergency sparkling boxes I would say, because during any last minute event plan with a friend. This Gold Sparkling Box is the perfect sparkling box you need, for you to stay pretty and sparkling whole day! 

What is Althea Beauty box?

Althea beauty boxes are curated by the fairy team in Seoul. There will be 2-3 thematic boxes every month! It was prepared in limited quantity and each box contains 5-12 full-size beauty products depending on the theme and value. The best part about this beauty box is there is no commitment for subscriptions, just buy it if you like it!! Discover some new k-beauty product inside Althea Beauty Box. But the downside is these beauty boxes are limited in quantity (while stocks last) on a first come first serve basis.