Can't wait to share this good news with you girls!! Last two weeks ago, I have been introduced to new products from Candour, that is this 3 miracles revitalize hair care series that originally made in Korea. Now is available sales in Malaysia, and all other Asia countries too. I am the few lucky people to able to hands on this goodness and experience the 3 seconds miracle for my hair. To summarise, my hair condition has been bleach and color for more than 6 times for the past two years. 

Don't get fool by my thumbnail photo because this is another weekend outfit post for Christmas. Can't believe that Christmas passes so quickly and now we are welcoming the new year in less than a week. December is such a busy month for me where my work, blog, and relationship life is really busy for me.

Finally here to post about my Singapore trip with babe Carinn! It's been like almost a month ago since w go there. This will be a very long post with all of our photos and photos I took during my trip to Singapore. I guess I consider lucky where the day we went around there's no rain and the rest of days just keep raining non-stop. I am happy also to be able to go to Singapore for a work trip!! Let's move on to our trip.

Can't believe time passes so quickly that Christmas is here so soon. Christmas is always my favorite festive season of the year. It marks the last festive season of the year and this year I together with all fellow butterflies to celebrate our last party together in 2018.

The Butterfly Project Christmas Party 2018 
Venue: Chubbeecloud, Damansara Uptown
Date: 8th December 2018

It's Christmas now and finally I can blog about my first Christmas outfit I take at One Utama. During this Christmas, they have a Kaleidoscopes playroom at the center court old wing area. I have been wanted to come here to see their Christmas decor as well. Thanks, Nicole also for hanging out with me the whole day and taking all these pretty photos for me.

OMG guys I am so excited to share with you guys about this GOT7 media kit that I got from THE FACE SHOP!! In this media kit, I got to know GOT7 Top 3 favorite products from THE FACE SHOP. I guess you have seen from my blog thumbnail. Now let's read on and check out more details about their TOP 3 favorite products! 

Yay finally gonna blog about my most anticipating post!! So me and Nicole we plan for a boba milk tea date together. Not sure about others but both of us are a fan for boba and everything with boba just be extra yummy and delicious. 

As the school holidays and year-end holiday season draws closer, Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia’s premier theme park is gearing up for a grand festive celebration like never before. From 1st to 31st December 2018, Sunway Lagoon’s “It’s Wipeout” holiday celebration will feature exciting activities and events planned for visitors of all ages. 

Milder, for your skin,Richer, in benefits

That's how the quote for secret nature brand. Using only the mild ingredients from the clean and pristine conditions of JEJU land offers a tremendous amount of skincare benefits. The richness that comes from nature is endless and overflowing. We should always depend on the healthy natural environment for our health and happiness.

I love how conscious a brand that only looks for natural ingredients for their skin care products. Read on to learn more about the brand and how their products gonna help you and me. 

I finally blog about this outfit that I have been wearing months ago!! I bought this top during my Bangkok trip and I really love it. I think that's a period where the rainbow outfit is on trend. This top is super bright and stands out when you wear it. And Yeap! I hope I get your attention to read my blog post here.

Here to share another beauty product I use from ALTHEA!! Besides some of the skincare that I use daily, like toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. My weekly routine for my skin is detox and clean my pores using a mask. There are so many different kinds of masks that I have to give it a try, and despite being always so busy on schedule I prefer using peel off masks or even face mask that is quick and absorbs to my skin. 

Renovation are always on the work every now and then whether it is a residential or commercial properties. There are many reasons to do renovation works; to upgrade their old housing development board unit (HDB) in Toa Payoh for rental purpose, to replace the electrical points of the old landed terrace houses or to upscale the new Build To Order (BTO) house interior design. Before embarking on your renovation journey, be clear on what you want to renovate before conveying your ideas and plans to your contractor or interior designer. There are some trendy ideas for renovations to consider that you can convey to your contractor or interior designer. 

Congrats on Hair Color Expert for their 3rd branch opening at Plaza Berjaya. I am really happy and excited that I can visit their salon that is so near to me! Plaza Berjaya located at the exact opposite of Berjaya Times Saure. If you are taking the monorail, you can just go down from the opposite side. Or you can park your car at Berjaya Times Square and walk over too, super convenient.