TGV + Beanieplex at 1 Utama

Sunday, July 28, 2013 in
Bello guys, only free to blog on weekend lol. Weekdays is so BORING because of working!! LOL

Today blog will gonna be TGV Imax and Beanieplex at 1 Utama. Anyone been there before? I think the Imax already open for quite some time but me and boyfie just know like just last month =.= Then we add 1 more Pak thor place for us to watch movie =D Because 1 Utama just 20 minutes journey from our house =D

My #ootd =D Am wearing blue couple polo with my boyfie and with a NEON short pants from Kitschen ~

Life is full of obstacle

Friday, July 26, 2013 in
Life is full of obstacle. Is depends how you settle and overcome all the obstacle coming through.

This week I am having massive stress no matter from my work and other stuff. Communication basically is one important rules you have to learn in life and society like this. Once the communication break off something bad will probably happen such as: you feel uncomfortable with him/her, quarrel with one another and maybe you will see her/his back you will hate her/him forever, etc.

I kinda HATE to be a organizer or the main person in charge.(oh lol who will willing to) Because there a LOT of stuff you need to plan and figure it out. Especially when you are alone to handle all the happening stuff. If there are someone who can share my worry and give opinion that will be too great. (Maybe in a dream i guess)

Person in charge have a lot to in charge,such as arrangement of time to suit everyone to come for practice accordingly, arrangement of carpool , or complain from the Elder. LOL I hate owe people favor when we already asked them to come and join. But sometimes thing aren't all we expected to be, each human have their own thinking and perspective. Sorry if I have hurt anybody, including my students and my friend. I been very stressful to handle all these problems and the opinion that other people give to me.

Cry a bit due to stress and most probably because my hormones. But luckily I got one big guy who stood by my way and support everything I do in my life. Super sweet and caring of him =D

My biii even ask me to pray about it, haha. Guess I need to cool down my heart and concentrate more on God and how he gonna help me to overcome all the obstacle. I will be a TOUGH girl though +D

Weekends not end yet with my blog~ Sunday is here I am serving as usual =D super blessed with my talent. After church service, today we decided to go Mamak for lunch ~LOL

My without fringe hairstyle =D

Saturday out with Pamela

Saturday, July 20, 2013 in
Pamela actually date me to Louyat because she need to buy 1TB HD that is fire wire for Macbook =D So My boyfie fetch us go there and we pass by Zanmai. We decided to have our lunch here since we have quite some time didn't went to Zanmai. 

The Sushi Zanmai located just beside the main door, opposite to Mac machines =D

Hey peeeps, as you all seen the title you all will know me and my darling been together for 1 year and a month. No matter what happen between us, our loves still stay sweet and love forever. =D

Today BIII is going to bring me to 1 Utama to have a sweet dinner which I don't know which Restaurant he will bringing me to =P

He fetching me home and have a bath. Left the house around 5:30pm~

Selca time, wearing blue singlet with a skirt I super like it!!

bello peeeps, is weekend time start blogging again =D If you guys really stalk my blog recently I have not been in good mood though =P Anyway It's time to move on, Our sweet love still continue =D 

Today blog will blog about my Super cute minions shirt =D My first time Feet Pedicure~

Today is saturday, no work today. Just simple stay at home, blogging and Facebooking ~ My darling car have to go service too! He help me go to pos to take my Minions shirt =D So here it is, the packaging was sooooo cute ^6^ Minions head.


Thursday, July 11, 2013 in
在你想要放弃的那一刻,想想为什么当初坚持走到了这里 。

很明显就是自己懒惰罢了 = =


啊呼, 啊呼,啊呼



Ultimate Ham Birthday =D

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 in
hola, late post here =D But anyway still wanted to post this =D
Today is One of  the Ham birthday xD So me and my bofie to join this SUrPRise party~~

Monday is my 学校特假, so I'm super in a holiday mood staying at home. Wait my darling come fetch me to KLCC to the surprise. And I know that we been planing quite some time and the place is one of the troublesome wan >.< Anyway plan still went well. After darling fetch me , luckily no jam!! Smooth as usual just a little jam at the tunnel and Tun razak. We reach KLCC around 7:30pm. There are other who reach there early waiting at the food court xD 

My ootd xD Actually decide to wear short and t-shirt~ 

Minions fever at Pavilion

Sunday, July 07, 2013 in
Hello peeps, hows ya weekend going on?
Me as usual went hang gai at Pavilion~ haha. Today church service end a little bit late, although today is combine service from 10am-12pm. After service end bii need to go Trader's Hotel to fetch his dad back home. So I have to wait my darling fetch me back at church 

We reach Pavilion around 2pm, and was craving for food because we still haven't have our lunch yet ~ We went to food court today and bii say this western cuisine not bad so we decided to try it~ 

My spaghetti ~ Fettuccine with beef and mushroom =D

ello peeps,as you know I'm a teacher, so basically this celebration is kind of special for me =)
Today Our company Dynabook have invited us to Restaurant Shabu-shabu at Puchong. We will having a small celebration for Teacher's day~~

After Having sports day at My school, I back home nap until 4pm only get ready for dinner. As you guys know Puchong is a place that Jam everytime!! But Biiii say he know one small road to Puchong through Bukit Jalil. So we reach there ard 45minutes. Am so late~ because this dinner start at 5pm =P

Selca at car, wearing this super Jumpsuit from Curve Boutique~ Their quality are superb~ I love it a lot!!

Sorry If keep disturbing you guys
because its 3rd day already and my birthday mood still ON-going
Because of my babe darling lo~~
He super sweet and care about my thoughts and feeling =D sweet of him xD
By the way, he just can't stop surprising me all this~
I also don't know how my heart can tahan with all his LOVE surprise for me~
But who don't like surprise LER~~
So I'm glad I have this super love me boyfriend to do all this for me =D
I will love him and sekz him gao gao with all my heart ~

Back to the topic, hehem
After Rainie Yang concert, we back Kuala Lumpur the next day.
Because we were VERY tired, so we skip church >0< so bad huh
So we have a light breakfast at Genting Highland~
Start journey around 11am+
Just the half way, my biii suddenly drive very fast until I cannot stand ~
I a bit frustrated and decided not to bother and SLEEP~!!
He say want to cut Q~ because the bus was driving very fast ==!!
We reach back KL around 12pm
Somehow I smell ratsssss