October Mivva Box

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hi peeps, I know that I am super late post with MIVVA box post!! I'm so SORRYY~~ Because now I am more busier than before because school holidays is coming have to rush few paper works and training~~ Weekend is still SUPER DUPER busy with WORK load =( No time to Shopping!! If I am with my darling, I just have a simple relaxing dinner with him only~~~ ARGH!!Hope School Holidays can arrived soon!! So that my workload can be lesser =P Still got two weeks since, The time pass so fast I never imagine that I be in my school for whole 1 yea teaching, it kinda proud and feel like you have establish something important in life by teaching =D

Okay back to topic T^T This is the last month I subscribe Mivva Box =( Suddenly my house have 3 empty boxes pack inside my room =P haha. Every product I get from Mivva is really a SURPRISE because you will never know what you will get each month you subscribe. haha. This month Mivva Box is more onto bring Snow White skin .I super love thequote of this theme, Do you believe that Chinese say that 一白遮三丑?? Somehow I do believe with part of the theory, If you have a fair skin, you will have to protect you fair skin from sunburn, if not you will get freckles and scars when you are old. How about me? I have normal skin tone like most Asian Girls, but have slight uneven skin tone on my right cheek =( and dark circles that I SUPER HATE!!

Shopping @ Novela

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Am thinking to write a post introduce an Online boutique that I super LOVE!! Besides the cloths that they sell, I think that the model is super pretty also!! I already buy their cloths for twice I think, the owner is so nice and pretty. Not forget to mention the cloths that they are selling are cheap and nice quality as well. I think ther business start to grow so well already since there are 10K of like for their page~~ Congratzz ya~ To Novela. I just wanted to share my like to that boutique since I first bong chan from them =D

Most of you guys know, that I am a purple lover, and now the fashion is more on pastel color. So the purple trend become a LAVENDER color!! This color is super lovely because it is more to cute and lovely . Lavender color is more to light purple and bright color. I love Lavender also, I mean the real lavender in real life. I even photoshoot with it!!
Morning peeps, is a super late post. I am getting lazier to blog liao T_T Sorry for my laziness, please forgive me~ I started to think how about next year? I will be moving to a more busier school life, how about my blog here? I really hope that I could have some time to blog about my life here, so that can be my memory for life =D Can't stop the passion here LAR!! Of cause I hope I can be a successful blogger and fashionista but the road is kinda difficult for me. But this can't stop me for continue blogging except my laziness~~ Shoo shoo please go away ya~~

Back to topic, see this M on the cute butter~~ is from MCD breakfast, it was so cute right~~haha
Hi peeps, finally I have time to blog about Churp Out 2013!! It's my first time joining this kind of event. I am so happy and thrill because this event you can met a lots of other bloggers !! I am a super big fan of any Famous Blogger online, such as Bobo, Lumi, Jessica Chaw, Melissa Poh, Cheeser, Audrey as well!! I am so excited can't wait to meet them on that day.Sad to say, I am working on this Saturday as well, so I can't be there as early as 11am LOL. I reach Setia Alam, Setiawalk at 2:30pm. Haven't Lunch yet, so we headed for lunch at Wong Kok. After lunch, I even go for Gong Cha before heading to Churp Out just outside Setiawalk.

16th Months of Love

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holaaa, each month 18th is a special day to celebrate with my precious because is our months anniversary  Because my school is having exam, no OT for a week!! But i bump into the aircond guy and wash my 2 aircond for 5 hours until I am late for today date ~~~~~

Never mind back to topic, we decided to have our monthly date at Pavilion. I have not been there for quite some time already lol. Today we have our movie date also by watching Special ID by Donnie Yen. As usual  KL city is always jam! But luckily although we are late, I still manage to take bath and ban leng for today xD 

Movie starts at 7:15pm, reach there around 6:30pm. OMG!! We still manage to have sushiiiii at Sushi Tei together before the movie too lol. Hahas

Forest Fairy at Ulu Yam

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hi peeps, if you guys have notice my facebook you will know that I have recently done my another photoshooting with my darling~~ haha. 15th October is a public holiday, Hari Raya Haji. I always choose public holiday to do shooting, because is the only rest day I have. Although maybe you will thought photoshooting is kind of tiring, but for me is a fun activities that I can make up pretty to let my super darling shoot me, haha. I take it as a relaxing time back to forest to enjoy nature xD

It's already pass 2 months since the last time we are having shooting. Also the same title and forest feel, but both is different shooting. This is more to nature and forest feel =D

Cake + Burgersss

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Okay, babe birthday not stop on his birthday date only but until the 13th of October xD After church, we went to cafe nearby. Most important is near to a Bakery Shop, we went to Smashies Burger located at Jalan Genting Klang. Although it been a while since this restaurant was open, this time is just my second time here. =D Woolaaa~ Am not burger lover xD

A couple selca of the day, Guess my babe know what's going on later hor! xD

Escape Plan at KLPF

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Hii, just back from Haji Holiday and realize that I have few post haven't update here. Here start ma 1st blog post about KLPF( Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) on the 12 Oct 2013 at Mid Valley. We straight went there after my work=D

Celebrating 40years Timberland brand at the Concourse.
Hola, today is 1010 my super bii darling birthday!! So happy today, after work will be celebrating his birthday ~~

Today is a raining day =( Although we try to go Paradigm straight away, Damansara always JAM! In weather like this sure will be a bad jam lol. Anyway we jam for 45 minute, I just zz on the car , too tired ~.~

This crossaint is so NAISE with the egg mayo, is a hot + cold food.

Sunday Foods

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ello peeps, this week lunch will be eating at somewhere nearby our church.But it is in the mall, because due to the weather was super HOT. We decided to find some where with aircond =D LOL So we are heading to KL Festival Mall to have our lunch. Headed to BBQ Chicken, not that I ever heard of LOL, Nvm I just follow only xD

Selca with my dear Micheelllee

Forgetful is me x.x

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Just a simple post about my life, lol. As you guys know I just finish my masquerade event, I meant it preparing things in last minute sometimes really just pissed me off xD I bet when things doesn't went smoothly human are just really tend to get angry and pissed LOL Everyone do have a patience limit that we always hold on to our angry and one day it will burst out like gunshot. PIANG PIANG!! and you die all the way LOL

Friend fellowship

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Late post, today is the after masquerade event post. I wake up late although I already set my alarm!!lol But still went to church LATE lol. Super paiseh!! After the service end, going for lunch at Thong Yi restaurant. This time is with a bunch of friends that I love them so much~ lalala. At first we thought we got 20 ppl join us for lunch, but is not turns out to be just 10 + of us =D

Is just what we do =D Selca time. With Stephanie , Michelle and me =D